Episode 6001 (1/4/2010)

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6001 (January 4, 2009)
GUESTS: Erick Erickson
SEGMENTS: Stephen Colbert’s Skate Expectations: Kicking Ice and Taking Donations on the Slippery Slope Down the Icy Path to the Frozen Road Up to Vancouver ‘010 – Curling
VIDEOS: Monday, January 4, 2010

Yay! Stephen Colbert in high def! For those of you who don’t have HDTV’s (or have suckball cable companies like Time Warner that don’t carry Comedy Central in HD), the Full Episode view of the show on ColbertNation.com streams in beautiful, glorious high def. When I was watching the show at 6a, only the narrow-screen feed was available (on Hulu), so I missed the awesome thing over there and the other awesome thing on the other side upon my first viewing. Luckily, the ColbertNation.com stream was up in time for me to do the screencap, and I was delighted to see the coffee cup, and the box of Kleenex that wasn’t available in the normal-def version of the show.

The curling segment of the show was my favorite of the Olympic Tryouts segments so far. The curlers seemed really excited to be there, and Stephen on the ice was just beyond ridiculous. I did my best to transcribe the lyrics of the Rockin’ Curling Anthem, but I just couldn’t get that last line. Can any of you decipher it? Thanks to G. and A. for helping with the lyrics!

And am I the only person that really kinda wanted to punch Erick Erickson in the mouth a little bit? Stephen nailed him so hard when he was comparing people in our administration to Nazis. But then again, this really was like shooting big fish in a very tiny barrel.

Did you get to watch the show yet in high def? What do you think of the new set? What were some of your favorite moments of the show? And one last thing – YAY, OUR BOYS ARE BACK!

Also, when you’re watching the show today in reruns, feel free to sing along to the curling song featured in the segment.

The Curling Rock Anthem – “Curling To The Limit”
The ice is cold,
But your heart is aflame.
It’s time to grab your rocks…
And get in the game!

We’re curling to the limit.
We’re curling to the limit.
Yeah, we’re curling – quite possibly beyond the limit!

You’ve only got one broom,
Better sweep it with force.
Right now is your chance:
This Bonspiel is yours!

We’re curling to the limit.
We’re curling to the limit.
Yeah, we’re curling – perhaps even beyond what I referenced earlier as the limit!

  • Oh, then there was that one time I almost read these books.
  • But I think I’ll miss you most of all, box containing Gwyneth Paltrow’s head.
  • New intro word: Applepious
  • From now on, my opinions will be crisper, my anger more saturated, and if there’s a natural emergency, I’ll be panicking in Dolby stereo.
  • He booby trapped his sack.
  • Clearly our airport crotch screening procedures need to get tougher. I say we need invasive, full-body scans which prove whether or not you’re happy to see me. Evidently not.
  • Now all they have to do is design a bomb that looks like genitalia [pulls out dildo with bomb attached]. This thing, that is a death sentence. By the way, I am so glad we are high-def for this. Remember, bomb squad, cut the red wire, not the throbbing blue one.
  • But I didn’t make the team. The stupid, stupid team.
  • Curling is usually played in clubhouses where it’s often accompanied by heavy drinking. This occasionally leads to curling’s sister sport, hurling, which instead of using brooms, uses mops.
  • And Chris … the cute one.
  • Do you need your hands soft? Do you lotion?
  • You can’t touch your toes. I want to point out that you’re an Olympic athlete.
  • No way, that is sick!
  • Five dollars
  • I’ve got my broom, I’ve mounted it, where’s my golden snitch?
  • I can has cheezburger? No, no, don’t ask for a handout. I can has earn cheezburger.
  • All of those things I think are refreshingly bold.
  • Wait a second! Are you saying that David Souter is not a goat f@#king child molester? When did you go soft, sir?
  • I’m sure it was taken out of context here. Joseph Goebbels can mean so many things.


  1. Ms Interpreted says:

    I love the new opening credit sequence in a way that is both shameless and mildly disturbing — what fun! The new set cracked me up, too; would you believe my first comment (no lie) was “Huh … how understated”? And I meant it, based on the relative lack of crowding on the shelves, etc. That said the colors were bright enough that I considered playing with the color/brightness controls on my TV for future shows. I really didn’t expect to see that big a difference with the switch to HD, but man, Stephen looked unbelievably crisp last night. (And, if he worried about how he’d look in HD, I’m here to say he looked fantastic.)

    I also giggled madly when I saw the “extras” Stephen sprang for on behalf of his HD viewers.

    As for Erickson … meh. I find it funny that he feels he did well during the interview; I thought his obvious discomfort when Stephen was reading the tweets was pretty telling, as it was far from flattering or sympathetic to Erickson’s views. It will be easy enough for me to continue in my practice of not reading his site.

    I thought the curling segment was a hoot, though; it was my favorite part of the show. The curlers were incredibly good-natured about Stephen’s antics, and Stephen seemed to be — don’t we always say this? — surprisingly good at it. And, once again, I found myself shaking my head and saying, “Oh Stephen, is there nothing you won’t lick?” Hee!

  2. I enjoyed the interview the most, if only for the shoutout to lolcats. Stephen’s strange love for them is pretty damn epic. Mounting his broom was pretty good too though.

  3. I enjoyed the introduction to the new set- very “Wizard of Oz”! It hasn’t changed as much as I thought it might [glad he has the same desk!] but I didn’t see the outline of his wrist injury on the ground. The new design makes me anxious to get to a taping so I can see it for myself and take it all in at once. Stephen does look very nice in HD-it’s almost like he was standing in my living room! :)

    The Olympic tryouts with various teams has been great and curling did not disappoint! Stephen has such confidence (the $5 bet, team interview) it transforms any seemingly normal moment into a comic one (and you can see he is really enjoying himself)! I also want to give him the biggest hug at the end of each segment- when he doesn’t make the team…

    • lockhart43 says:

      “Stephen has such confidence…it transforms any seemingly normal moment into a comic one” – Couldn’t have said it better myself! I agree with you completely. If he had lost that $5 bet, it still would have been hilarious, because his ego would have been able to make up some ridiculous comeback or excuse.

      He looks so defeated after the teams reject him, and then when they play that music I just want to give him a hug! The fact that he had the curling stone follow him was too funny.

  4. cordgrass says:

    I didn’t think to try Hulu! There must be technical difficulties with the HD. I only had time to watch the opening sequence, the HD sequence and the bomber thing on the tiny videoclips before I had to go to work. Can’t wait to watch the full episode on iTunes!

    My, that screencap you have there is mesmerizing. But since I am at work, will wrench myself away!

    The opening sequence was so awesome in a Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian way! And the new set is just amazing, at least what I could see of it on the tiny tiny videoclips screen.

    • Yes, I was reminded of Narnia too. I love it when he makes reference to those stories.

      Also loved the majestic and graceful leap with the flag.

  5. i honestly didn’t think HD would be that different either, but gosh combining it with the new set, and a radiant Stephen sure made for an attractive show.

    so, so glad they’re back! :)

  6. I loved the Big Lebowski reference in the curling segment.

    • Um … I’ve never seen the movie. What was the reference?

      And this episode seemed to be chock full of references! In a good way, of course.

      • You must see the movie. In the movie one of the bowlers is named Jesus Quintana. He licks the bowling ball like Stephen did. Also when Stephen turned around and did the little dance move is also something done by Jesus in the movie.

        • The Big Lebowski has been in my Netflix streaming queue for a month – we just haven’t got around to watching it. I really need to do that soon.

        • I caught all that too! Hilarious! DB, you really should watch the movie. It’s a riot!

      • Ms Interpreted says:

        I’ll add my voice to the chorus of the “watch The Big Lebowski” song. I haven’t watched it in a while, but it really is a hoot. And this is coming from someone who used to get nagged about watching it all the time by a guy whose favorite movie it was — I expected to be underwhelmed by it. Happily, it’s hilarious.

    • laughing at nothing says:

      The Big Lebowski was one of the chosen play-a-movie-without-sound at my friend’s New Year’s Eve party. Several guys watched most of it while repeating in the script, which they knew by heart. I hadn’t realized the film had become that much of a cultural touchstone.

  7. I’m really glad they didn’t change the set too much. It just looks spiffier, without messing with the general idea of it all. It’s fun having a new opening too!

    The best part of the whole thing was seeing Stephen enjoy himself so much during the curling segment. I loved when they were pushing him and he was smiling away in that adorable way he does. I also thought it was pretty nifty that the Mall of America sponsors the curling team. My state is known for it’s shopping mall……lol.

  8. I hate when I fall asleep in the middle of TDS and wake up just as TCR is starting. I’m always confused and grumpy. And TWC can still gargle my mansack! *shakes fist*

    I loved the new opening! It was so over-the-top! Perfect for the character. And the new set looks very bright and shiny. The curling segment was hilarious. Erickson….. meh. Good interview, but like Ms. I, it just made me want to contiune not checking out his blog.

  9. lori cortiglia says:

    The Rocking Curling Anthem was pretty good, but did you know this is not the only song ever written about the sport of curling?

    You’ve got to hear the song written by Jonathan Coulton (friend of John Hodgman–surprised there was not a “six degrees of separation” thing here). If you are inclined to hear the best song ever written about curling (because there are so many) go here:


    Scroll down to the box that says “Thing A Week Two” and click on the song named “Curl.” Much as I liked the Anthem–this one is pretty good.

  10. The Rocking Curling Anthem was pretty good, but did you know this is not the only song ever written about the sport of curling?

    You’ve got to hear the song written by Jonathan Coulton (friend of John Hodgman–surprised there was not a “six degrees of separation” thing here). If you are inclined to hear the best song ever written about curling (because there are so many) go here:


    Scroll down to the box that says “Thing A Week Two” and click on the song named “Curl.” Much as I liked the Anthem–this one is pretty good.

    Read more: http://www.nofactzone.net/?p=19429&cpage=1#comment-350241#ixzz0bktQqbRd

  11. Hey all,

    I’ve been a HUGE fan of NFZ but never actually wrote a comment. But I’m still so excited from being at the show last night that I figure now is probably a great time to start– new year, new set, and in HD! :)

    Anyway, the show was amazing. It was SO worth standing in the cold for 3 hours. The new set is beautiful and all the staff members were so excited about it. Once we all got in the studio everyone was in total awe. The only somewhat sad thing was that they got rid of the chalk outline on the floor from when he fell (and maybe Stephen Jr.’s nest as well?) because everything is brand new… oh nostalgia. The curling segment was great, and I let out a sarcastic-sounding “woo” when the Erickson interview was over.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Welcome to the site Ali! That’s awesome you were at the show last night! I’m jealous to say the least :P

    • Welcome! And so glad you had fun at the show.

    • They really did rid of the outline? I thought my mind was just seeing things.
      That’s horrible. It was part of Wriststrong.

    • Welcome to NFZ, and thanks for stopping by!

      Did the seating change at all? It looks as if the interview area/stage has been stretched all the way out to like 3 feet in front of the audience.

    • Wow, thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :)

      Yeah, unfortunately they did get rid of the outline. It was specifically mentioned that they got a new floor, so I guess it had to go. It made me so sad… I wish they would have put a new outline in!

      As far as seating, I couldn’t really tell since I was on the opposite side of the studio away from where the interviews take place. They said that they fit an extra 30 people in for last night’s show, so it might have just been extra seating around there.

    • Welcome, welcome! Thanks for the insider info. Glad you saw a great show!

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Welcome Ali! Glad there was a Zoner there on the first night back. Do you remember any of the Q&A?

    • MaryLovesColbert says:

      Welcome to the site, Ali! How awesome that you got to be at the show for the new set!

    • Thanks again! :) It was really amazing. I had no idea there would be a whole new set too! It was such a great experience to walk in and see it!

      Q&A hmmm… Well, they were mostly the usual “can you get my friend a job” questions. But there was an interesting one about how it felt to play a serious role when he was on Law & Order a few years back. Stephen said that when he agreed to take the part of a document forger who killed someone, the writers were relieved since apparently they had wrote it “with him in mind.” Stephen didn’t really know what to think about that… haha!

      • ColbertGirl27 says:

        Haha! Thanks Ali! Well, I can see the intellectual part coming from Stephen and the devious part coming from “Stephen”:)

      • Oh that’s his performance on Law and Order Criminal Intent! I have that one recorded and haven’t watched it yet – maybe this weekend. Anyway I have to catch up with that because I’m a big fan of Vincent D’Onofrio also. Glad it came up!

      • bipolypesca says:

        I’m so glad someone asked that question! I have wanted to ask him about that part for a very long time. He was amazing on that episode, but he’s never done much else dramatic (without comedic undertones) since starting at Second City (I know it’s because he found he loves comedy, but if he did that ONE dramatic thing after his career began…). Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  12. The character of Stephen Colbert is perfect for HD. On my 42″ HD set, he was nothing short of majestic in the new opening! The desk being raised up on such a high platform makes me nervous, like one night he’s going to excitedly jump off on the way to the interview & break something again. The tiny Stephen heads behind him were a little creepy. I can’t wait to get back to a taping in the Spring to see how it looks in person.
    The outfit he wore in the beginning of the curling segment was cute! The man loves a costume! These segments continue to have me ROTFL & I can’t wait to see what they do at the Olympics.
    I was a bit bored by the interview because Erickson was such an easy “nail”, that I noticed the “C” shaped Central Park Resevoir. There are so many more C’s on this set.
    He’s so…crisp in HD ;-)

  13. lockhart43 says:

    I am loving the new set, and I loved the new intro as well! I have Dish Network, and don’t get the actual Comedy Central HD channel, so I don’t have it in widescreen, but I still have it in HD – I’m not sure why, but I’m not complaining because I love it. Stephen looks fantastic in HD, and so does his hair. :)

    The curling segment was my favorite of the Olympic Tryouts so far. The old-tyme outfit he wore for the interview was unbelievably adorable! As a lover of all early-to-mid 1900s fashion, I gotta say, Stephen looks wonderful in a newsboy cap. I was amazed, though not necessarily surprised, at how good Stephen was at the sport, and he can add curling rock to the long list of things that he has licked, hahaha. :P

    As far as Erickson and his opinions go, no thank you. I loved seeing Stephen nail him on those tweets he posted, especially the one where Erickson compared a person in the administration to Joseph Goebbels…it was enjoyable to see Erickson try to dig himself out of that and fail. I did read on his twitter page that the TCR staff asked him back, so I’m looking forward to future nailing by Mr. Stephen. :)

    Great show – it’s so nice to have Jon and Stephen back! Definitely looking forward to more Olympic segments! By the way, did anyone watch TDS last night? They did a segment about a Brit Hume comment about Tiger Woods needing to convert to Christianity, so the correspondents did a Buddhism vs. Christianity debate. It SO reminded me of the “Islam vs. Christianity” one they did for Even Stevphen…man I wish they’d bring that segment back. Just once. *crosses fingers*

  14. Gee, I wish I had an HD TV. *sigh* I do like the new set, but I’m glad they didn’t make any really drastic changes. I’m very happy that they still have the C-shaped desk, and I like that Stephen mentioned it specifically.

    Anyhoo… I loved the curling segment. Really, really funny. I’m not sure which part I liked most: Stephen licking the stone, or the remote-control stone. (Oh, who am I kidding, Stephen licking things is always hilarious.) But just to prove that I was still half-asleep when I watched the show this morning, I don’t remember seeing the new word in the opening, nor do I have any memory at all of the Rockin’ Curling Anthem. Major brain fail.

    But while I’m here, let me throw in a “woo hoo!” for the folks just a few miles up the road from me at the Plainfield Curling Club. Thanks for letting Stephen do his thing at your place!

  15. I’m disappointed, not in the show in any way, but that on the CTV high-definition feed in Canada, they STILL broadcast the episode (and The Daily Show) in standard-definition. It looked better than usual, but at least for my feed, it just made the jokes about the awesome things to the left and right infuriating.

    Pick up your game, CTV.

  16. Since I don’t have HD I didn’t get to enjoy the little things off to the side.
    However, I did enjoy the new intro. It was very fun and I loved all the words floating around.
    What I didn’t like is seeing his outline on the set is now gone. (From what I can tell. And from what Ali said.) And so is the bike path. The outline of Stephen was a big thing. He started a whole campaign about wrists because of it. It’s like he just got rid of something that was part of the history of the Nation and what they do.

    I’m glad the show is back. I just have to make another trek to check out the set and see him again.

    • Well, you could enjoy the little things on the side if you watch it again on colbertnation.com ;-)

  17. I’m so sad that I don’t have HD. Both the TV in my room and the TV in our living room are HD TVs, but I don’t believe we have the proper cable box to view HD channels. Because I went through every channel trying to find Comedy Central in HD and I was sad that we didn’t have it. It was really weird, because Jon and Stephen just seemed bigger, like the camera was zoomed in more. And I could just tell that I was missing some things off to the side, so that was funny when Stephen mentioned it.

    I’m going to have to check out the shows online so I can see what they look like in HD.

    But wow, the new set looks amazing! I usually lay in bed while I watch the shows, but as soon as TCR started I jumped out of bed and stood in front of the TV to get a better look lmao.

    The curling segment was amazingly funny. Stephen is just such a goofball I can’t even get over it. It looked like the team mates were having a lot of fun goofing around with him.

  18. I’m feeling nostalgic for all the things missing from the old set, which was kind of warm & cozy, and full of history. But the new set is actually pretty cool, too, and I’m sure new things will be added over time. HD (online) was soooo much crisper, and boy did Stephen look sharp!

    Best moment of the show was the remote control curling stone, especially when he was dejectedly walking off, and called it to follow him.

    Yay for new shows!

  19. Couple thoughts about watching it in Widescreen. That video bar with the Colbert heads all over it just cracked me up whenever I saw it–so much so that it drew a lot of interest away from Colbert and onto the bars and saying–this needs changed. While I’m sure the colbert heads are not gonna be on there all the time, it was just the first thing I noticed that irked me.

    The second thing that I didn’t really mind, but missed was the fake “The Colbert Report” at the very bottom of Colbert’s main platform (you know that marquee that was held on by duct tape =p ). It was very lovely American graphics on there, instead of that marquee (which I was very fond of and now it can even be real). I just felt that part of Colbert’s character is half Colbert half Americana. I coulda used just that tad more Colbert injection into the set with it being shown at the very bottom.

    Overall, it won’t take long to get used to the changes. They were minimal–I just hope that Colbert has enough room to go high fiving to the auidence in front of the interview area.

    Now onto the show:

    Loved the intro…it was the perfect way to honor the old set, and a great way to introduce the new set. The “bomb” that the Colbert Prop peeps put together was hilarious, especially when viewing the pixel-ation so crisp in HD.

    Curling had me laughing the hardest and was absolutely wonderfully done. Go team USA Curling!

    The Erickson interview: I’m glad Colbert handled it the way he did. He really didn’t interject too much humor into that interview–so I think overall Erickson will come off as a sorta a stuffed animal (and not in the cute cuddly way). He just seemed very stiff on stage and not very animated. Colbert did skewer him a bit, but not overly which I think was fair. He seemed much more to play a very fanboy role, and I think that’s why the interview came off flat for me.

    Great show and loved it!

    Now having said all of that, Jon Stewart had much more time to satirized last night and had me laughing my ass off. It was very very great show to start off the new year. I definitely have to say that the use of Props in both of the shows last night were wonderful! If ya’ll haven’t watched, its so worth the 22 minute watch.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I loved TDS last night, too! The first segment was AH-mazing – I was laughing so hard. And I liked the panel of correspondents they used for the Buddhism vs. Christianity segment.
      Hopefully after Jon and Stephen have had some time to adjust to the new sets and all the changes, they’ll do the first Toss of the New Year. :)

      • Oh I expect the new toss tonight(but maybe not). Im sure there are technological changes and perhaps the live feed won’t work properly. I believe they didn’t do the toss last night so that the unveiling of the new set would be a surprise.

        The correspondents part was awesome and Oliver was so goofy-but should he have not been wearing a suit lol. I liked how they mocked the stupidity of CNN’s panel of experts.

        Only thing I wish from those segments is that the writers (and I love them) just wrote basic outlines of where they should go and have the scene seem more spontaneous instead of read into the camera.

        • lockhart43 says:

          Yeah, I’m definitely expecting a Toss tonight, or at least sometime this week. I can only hold out for so long…I always look forward to them (especially when they break character). I think you’re right about them not doing one last night so that the new set would be more of a surprise.

          While I do love them, I do agree with you about needing more spontaneity during the panel segments. I usually laugh harder at the jokes I can tell were improvised, or at least the ones that are more ridiculous. That may be why I enjoyed Stephen’s segments when he was on TDS the most – his jokes were so ridiculously funny (every single segment he did during the Democratic and Republican Conventions in 2004 was absurdly hilarious), and you can tell he improvised a lot of them. I think Aasif’s lines were the best, though, especially his “because I’m now angry at a Jew line” in response to Jon assuming he would be in support of Islam, hahaha.

        • laughing at nothing says:

          John Oliver’s segment reminded me *so* much of Stephen as TDS correspondent. I hadn’t ever thought before that John Oliver was similar to Stephen — I guess it was it was the blue paint and wig with glasses. It was a hilarious, very odd moment of seeming flashback.

        • haha.. Wholeheartedly agree with Aasif’s lines. I think right now he’s the funniest as most Americans have more preconceptions about Islam. Also good analysis of spontaneity. Going off on a tangent though, I think that’s also been part of SNLs problem as well. Everyone just seems to know their lines way to well.. Part of the fun is watching comedians break other comedians straight faces. That’s sorta why I liked the debbie downers. It seemed like people always broke during those.

          John Oliver is goofy…and i just watched a screener for his standup special—and he is by far amazing.

        • lockhart43 says:

          I think out of all of the correspondents on TDS, the one that reminds me of Stephen the most is definitely John Oliver. His interview style in the field pieces is similar to Stephen’s, and I love his rapport with Jon. Plus, sometimes he’s just ridiculous. I love that. :P
          @ Roland: that’s actually part of the reason I don’t really watch SNL anymore…the lines are so rehearsed (or just too flat) that there’s no room for improv. There’s only a few people on there (*cough* Kristen Wiig *cough*) that I think are truly funny.

  20. friedthing says:

    I’m so relieved that the new set is so similar to the old one… just with more zazz! I was all worried, thinking about all the drastic changes that the Daily Show set has undergone over the years! But I love the new TCR set and opening, since both really kept the essence of the original versions. Yay :).

    • hehe–i remember complaining about it =) But their current set as it is now is absolutely perfect–if they want to change the set..evolve it gradually (which is what TCR learned from TDS’ transformations).

      We’re fickle creatures.

  21. The Avatar of opening credits, indeed. Can anyone make an animated .gif of it, or point to someone who already did? Like Avatar, I firmly believe this intro will change how others intros like itself are made from here on out. :D

  22. A fabulous show, as always. It’s wonderful to have Stephen back, having really missed the show this particular break. But my tweeps know I’m conflicted about the set. It soooo BRIGHT. One thing I loved about the old set was how secluded it felt, with the library-esque shelves and the deep navys and dim light, and of course with the smallness of the studio. It made the Report feel like a small, tight knit family thing. The Nation is obviously not small, but…I don’t know. The new set is so glowy, almost like a big plastic version of the old set. And I hate that a bunch of the shelf items and other details that have made a mark on TCR history are no longer present.

    But I do like the wide new screen behind the interview table, and I do agree that it was time for a new opening, and I really liked it, as well. The eagle animation has never satisfied me, and the new one looks much better.

    Still, as a purist, and never having been old enough to attend a taping, it stings to know I will never see the original set in person, especially after waiting so long to get the real Colbert taping experience. It’s a little disheartening.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who is conflicted about the brightness of the new set. I miss the deep navy blue colors. Hopefully I’ll get used to it after a while.

      I do love the new interview table, though…really the whole interview set-up is fantastic :)

      • It’s good to know I’m not alone in my views, either =) I guess we’ll have to get used to it, because hey, it’s not like we can just turn away!

      • It appeared to me that the table appeared a tad too short for Stephen to do his usual crossing his leg thing though.

        Who’s in your gravatar icon?

        • lockhart43 says:

          It’s a picture of Stephen when he was in Iraq that I may or may not have found on facebook. :)

      • mrtigger001 says:

        Hmmm… I guess I’m in the minority here, because I actually felt that the set wasn’t TOO different from what it was before. I was expecting this huge revamp, but it turned out to be a more conservative change, in my opinion anyway.

        • lockhart43 says:

          I do really love the new set. And I love that Stephen loves it. :) It’s just going to take me a while to get used to the brightness of it all.

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Yeah, I hear you. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but I can see why they felt anxious about changing it in conjunction with the HD switch over and at least they didn’t alter as much as I thought.

      I guess it’s nice that they are now able to fit in 30 more people in there as Ali said in an earlier posting, though it will take away a bit from the more intimate feel.

  23. The HD upgrade segment was hilarious. Because I view TCR online, the extra 15% view is really full of … nothing, absolutely empty space. So the sexy items bit was hilarious to me. It made use of that area at least. (Please oh please, do more with that, TCR.)

    The HD format makes him look smaller surrounded by nothing-going-on. I am getting less Colbert, visually speaking, though I expect to be compensated for that by a zoomed in Colbert – once I get to view the show on standard tv.

    I’m still taking in the opening credits. I gotta view that again. Shiny and sparkly all around, guys! Looking forward to the new year.

    • lockhart43 says:

      It’s definitely zoomed-in on standard TV, so you won’t be disappointed. The Daily Show is like that, too. I gotta say I’m really liking up-close Jon and Stephen. :)

  24. Glad you put up the song lyrics. Jason Baker continues to be the resident rocker! The new intro is cool but the new set is just ok. I like most of it but would change a few things. At least he didn’t really keep all of those faces up! LOL!


    • laughing at nothing says:

      On DISH we didn’t get the widescreen HD (on a 42″ TV!). Did Stephen keep up those swirling-color side bars (with or without faces) throughout his desk segments? Wow, when the camera momentarily pulled back I thought they looked like those colored liquid and glitter tubes used in kaleidoscopes. ;-D I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate with them there.

  25. WOW. The new intro sequence is intense! Really fits the character; it’s just so over-the-top.

    I’m mostly positive about the new set, although the brightness of it is a little staggering at first. But I just adore some of the new features, like the color-changing lit sign, the rotating “C” in the desk (man, that thing is hypnotic), and that pic of Central Park with the giant “C” lake (was it just me, or were the waves in the lake actually moving?).

    It also feels much more open and spacious, which I have mixed feelings about. Like Nukaleu, I kinda liked the close-knit feel of the old set, but I do love how different it feels while still keeping the same basic structure, so kudos to the set designers/builders there.

    • I just checked…yes the water is rippling in the background. Also regarding the brightness, it seems like its all digital and the tone of the colors are able to be tweaked.

  26. I always watch the show on ColbertNation.com, being in Europe and all, and the quality is just so much better now, it’s amazing. The sound seems improved as well. The new set is a little too bright for my taste though.

    Also, I’m impressed by Stephen’s Curling skills. He did quite well, actually. And I loved the Big Lebowski reference.

  27. stephen’s dad voice: “Jon, is there anything you wanna say to back to Jeff?”… haha. loved it :)

  28. laughing at nothing says:

    I read the words to the curling anthem and with the screencap underneath, the first thing I thought was Stephen looks like he’s romancing the stone. X-D

  29. “Would you be willing to repeat any of those with your face on camera?” Thank you, Stephen.

    I think I like the new set, but I do miss the memorabilia on the shelves. The new opening rocks. Thanks for mentioning that CC’s website had the full-screen view. Hulu didn’t, and iTunes was offering only standard def this morning. I finally got to see the HD gag.

    My favorite segment was the curling. It’s the first time I’ve seen the sport played. The remote control rock, in addition to making me laugh out loud, was a great way to set-up the sulky walk at the end. Maybe it’s time to watch The Big Lebowski again, because I missed that joke, although I did enjoy the Quidditch reference.
    I’m glad Stephen took the time to thank his staff for the new set (and pixillated prop!) before the end of the show.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Ahh I almost forgot about the pixelated prop! I laughed SO hard when I saw that! I loved that Stephen thanked whoever (I think his name was Brendan?) made it at the end of the show…I can only imagine what he said to his friends after they asked him what he got to do at work that day LOL.

      I loved that comment he made to Erickson as well – I seem to recall cheering at my television when Stephen said that :).

  30. Lady Nocturne says:

    Stephen licking anything usually leads to hilarious results. =)

    During the interview, all I could think of was Godwin’s Law (http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Godwin%27s_Law): the minute you compare someone to the Nazis, you lose the argument. I think this was a pretty clear illustration of that law. Seriously, nothing is like the Nazis.


  31. laughing at nothing says:

    Did anyone else notice that when the new HD show intro began, there was a “Presented by AT & T Mobile” (or somesuch company) pale-embossed at the bottom of the screen? I watch on DISH network.

  32. mrtigger001 says:

    I have an irrational love of 16:9 aspect ratio video, so I’m getting a huge kick out of the new HD episodes. It also meant that I enjoyed every minute of Stephen razzing folks like me w/ putting those items at the edges of the screen during the beginning segment.

    I voted for ‘Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’ purely because of the… ahem… ‘toy’ that Stephen brought out onto his desk, as well as his quip about what a great time to switch to HD.

  33. I have an HD widescreen TV, but Time Warner in NYC is still dragging their feet re Comedy Central in HD HOWEVER, they are promising it for January 27 or thereabouts. I haven’t tried to watch it in widescreen online yet, however I actually think the picture quality looks better even in SD.

    I loved the curling segment so much, Stephen was adorable/hilarious in the old-timey outfit and he really did seem to show a knack for the sport.

  34. Karenatasha says:

    I’m one who’s conflicted (about the set, not Stephen, of course). I love the crisp HD, but it’s so crisp that the busyness of the set can be very distracting. There’s so much brightness and constant movement of bars and stars in the side poles that it’s pulling attention away from him. That said, I loved yesterday’s curling segment–he is a brilliant physical comedian–and today’s play drawing on the high-tech board. So mock-CNN! I can’t wait till I see it all live; I have tickets for the 25th.

  35. He was sooo cute during that curling segment!
    And I liked “Where is the golden snitch?” hihi

  36. I absolutely loved the new set and the HDness of everything. Stephen himself seemed bright and shiny. And the new intro is incredible. The eagle as a flag is pretty amazing, as is Stephen leaping down with the flag. I’m happy that they did a Wizard of Oz-like transition from the old set to the new set. So perfect.

    I voted for the Curling segment. Everything he’s done so far with the US Winter Olympic teams has been wonderful. And he really can curl! He and the team seemed to have a great rapport. Like a number of you, I liked his old-tymy outfit.

    The guy from Redstate – blah. Stephen did a nice job with him, but like Ms I, it’ll be easy to continue not reading his blog.

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