Six Degrees: Christmas Break Edition.

I’d like to officially welcome our newest Completist, Katt. With Katt on the Completist staff, we now have staff on *three* continents (Most of us are in the US, Jennie is in Europe, and Katt is from Australia)! We are so international here. We asked her to be on staff because, quite frankly, she was sending us so many tips and leads that we figured she could just bring you the wonderful news herself. So give her a happy Zoner welcome!

G’day Zoners and welcome to my first post here at No Fact Zone.

Amy Sedaris

David Sedaris

  • An Evening With David Sedaris.

    Saturday 16 January 2010 at 8:00pm
    State Theatre
    49 Market Street
    Sydney 2000

    Tickets: Ticketmaster.



Supporting our Troops Until They Make it Home

‘The Colbert Report’ Staffers [and Beloved ex-Staffers]

  • Mark Malkoff’s whirlwind Keys To the City project has nabbed him 95 keys! He’s talked about the project on CBS News, on NPR Radio, and has been featured in newspapers like the Metro and Our Prattville. Don’t forget to check out Mark’s YouTube Channel, where you can see videos like “Mark Wears High Heels“.
  • ‘Colbert Report’ warm-up comic Pete Dominick will be taping his live CD at Comix on Saturday, January 2nd.

Now it’s Time to Check in With Our Good Friends at The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart

Scott Jacobson

David Javerbaum


  1. Katt, thanks for an astounding 6 Degrees guide. Congratulations on your new Completist position!

  2. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Welcome, Katt! I really enjoyed your first report!

    That article about the Shani Davis comment was really interesting, though I take offense to the fact that the author calls Stephen “infinitely better” than Jon Stewart. I know we’ve all had this discussion on here before, and here it is showing up again. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t favor Stephen over Jon just a *little*, but that’s a really unfair comment to make. I think Jon is great.

    Speaking of which, thanks for posting that vid of him from the EW shoot! And I can’t wait to see the Kennedy Center Honors this time around!

  3. wildlymissingthemark says:

    great post Katt. although i don’t watch TDS, i still think Jon is brilliant. i really have to see the Kennedy thing,if only for his part in it. i can’t believe we have a prez who is a jon it-getter! after bush i never thought i would see the day.

    merry christmas if i don’t talk to you guys before then!

  4. lockhart43 says:

    What I wouldn’t give to go to that David Sedaris show! Love that man.
    Congrats to Rain for his Asian Television Award – I had wondered why Stephen didn’t mention him on the show earlier this summer in his Movies That Are Destroying America segment, because he had a part in the movie Ninja Assassin…however, I may have wanted him to mention it because I wanted to hear him shout “RAAAIIIINN!” again. ;)
    Oh! I totally asked my brother for What To Expect When You’re Expected for Christmas; I read 10 pages or so of it in Barnes and Noble and had to stifle myself – the book is HI-larious!

    Great post, Katt! I look forward to many more! By the way, thanks for the update on David St. Aubin – I live about an hour away from Goodrich (we used to play their soccer team) and I was beyond *thrilled* when I saw that video of him and Stephen! :D

  5. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Congrats Katt on the new Completist position! Great first post! Really loved hearing the good news about David St. Aubin.

    If I can just throw in one more thing. I was at home today enjoying a leisurely hour with Terry Gross’ Fresh Air when she had on TV critic Davd Bianculli to cite the best TV shows of the year. When he mentioned “The Daily Show,” Terry immediately chimed in with “What about The Colbert Report?” to which Bianculli replied “Well, Jon Stewart’s show deconstructs the media while Colbert’s show is really more of an act, but I love both.” I’m paraphrasing here and he didn’t really trash TCR at all, but I just wanted to emphasize what an it-getter Terry Gross is and how I appreciated her representing the Colbert Nation!

    • MaryLovesColbert says:

      Yay!! So glad to hear someone make the distinction between the two and not bash either show. =D

  6. thanks for the thorough roundup :) I really enjoyed listening to the David Javerbaum interview and how the Christmas special was produced. Oh, and was anybody else a bit disappointed with the SI article? I was hoping it would be a substantial cover story, where it was only like a page and a half. when i was finished reading it, i thought, “false advertising!” They were obviously taking advantage of the colbert bump, putting stephen on the cover, people like me and you run and buy it, and then there is only a small part about him to read…

    • lockhart43 says:

      I agree with you – I wish there had been more in the SI issue. I think if it had been a magazine like Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, we would have got more in terms of both pictures and the actual article. I don’t think SI usually does extensive interviews.

      Speaking of the SI issue, I just framed the cover today and it’s currently hanging up next to my computer desk :D

  7. and just to add to your international-ness- i live in Israel and count on NFZ to fill the other 23.5 hours of my day ;)
    oh and btw welcome to the completist staff!!

  8. Welcome, I’m sort of new here myself.

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