Klassic Kolbert: Salman Rushdie talks about literary criticism

Ugh, really rotten news for people who enjoyed reading Editor & Publisher and/or Kirkus Reviews; both will be eliminated as of the end of the year, according to reports released today. Please imagine me shaking my fist at Nielsen right now; I really am outraged on behalf of E&P editor Greg Mitchell and all the employees of both publications.

Regulars here at this blog know I’m kind of an old fashioned book person (the discussion we had over the recent Sherman Alexie interview told me I’m not alone), so I’m sure people will indulge me as I sing a little requiem for the loss of yet another publishing industry stalwart. In recognition of that, I’m reposting this old Salman Rushdie interview from May of 2007; Rushdie’s defense of mainstream literary criticism is worth another listen.

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Salman Rushdie
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Thanks for all the reviews and reports over the years, E&P and Kirkus!


  1. I love Salman Rushdie’s writing. I think Midnight’s Children is my favorite.

    • Ms Interpreted says:

      That is a good one. It might just be because it’s his most recent, but The Enchantress of Florence is the one I was thinking of the most often of late. He’s an outstanding author.

  2. The moment he signed the petition supporting the release of Roman Polanski, Rushdie ceased to exist for me, as did many other artists, writers, and directors I once had endless respect for.

    • Aw, sad! I think it just goes to show – wit does not predict judgment. I still think he’s a good writer, and I found the interview interesting. And I agree with MsInterpreted – the loss of these two under-appreciated publications is a tragedy for the literary world.

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