Spoiler alert: Video and slides from the Olympic taping

Man, it’s getting to the point where we almost wonder what’s left for us to discover about this taping. Of course, that’s the joy of watching The Colbert Report: even when we think we’ve seen it all, those geniuses find ways to make us laugh in ways we never could have foreseen. More after the cut.

Here’s some funny amateur footage from someone who was at the top of the bobsled run when Stephen’s team was filming. I can’t embed it (sorry), but it’s the second video from the top.

They’re certainly all following Stephen’s instruction to “keep your eyes on my balls“; his, er … artfully enhanced “Ha ha! Dangly parts” are commanding attention. (Despite my tongue in cheek commentary there, please try to keep things clean in the comments, if only for my peace of mind — thanks.)

There’s a bit more here from the Baltimore Sun, with video. Fair warning on this one: one of the Colbert Report producers who was on the shoot noticed that the Baltimore Sun had a video camera there and expressed concern about it showing up before they could show the complete segment on air. Depending on your conscience, you might want to just read the story and skip the video in this one. Either way, have at it!

UPDATED: Here’s the part where I’m an idiot; I forgot to link the slides. Thanks for respecting the family-friendly nature of the blog!


  1. I’m having a VERY hard time functioning at work. Words cannot express how profoundly discombobulated I am, and I suppose that’s just as well, considering the family friendly nature of this blog.


    Edward hugeness

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  2. Out of respect for the producers, I’ll skip the second video.
    I do love all the attention this is getting from the print media. That Sun article said that he had bumper stickers on his butt? HA! Part of me hopes he had a Doritos logo plastered on his backside. :)
    “Artfully enhanced” – LOL that is the most eloquent way I’ve heard that put, Ms I. Nicely done :) It is sincerely hard to look at him in that spandex suit – I laugh too hard haha!

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  3. does anyone know when he comes back on. he didnt even mention that he wouldn’t be on this week:(
    at least we get this stuff to preoccupy ourselves

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    • He’s back on next week.

      The way the usual schedule goes is that they get the week of thanksgiving off, then come back on air for 2 more weeks. After that they are off the air until the first full week of Jan.

      Here’s the schedule for guests:

      Mo 11/30: Cevin Soling
      Tu 12/1: Sherman Alexie
      We 12/2: Craig Watkins
      Th 12/3: Sec. Janet Napolitano

      The rundown should look like this:

      11/30-12/3 New Shows

      12/7-12/10 New Shows

      12/11-1/3 Old Shows

      1/4- Start new shows again

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      • Sherman Alexie! YAY!!!! :-)

        Oh and I LMAO at those videos! The man really will do *anything* for a laugh!

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        • I reserved Alexie’s new book (“War Dances”) at the library and am looking forward to reading it and watching his interview. Love when there’s an author or poet guest!

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      • Thanks Roland! Now I can mentally prepare myself for reruns from 12/11-1/3 ahead of time…not sure if I’ll survive though, ha.
        I looked up Cevin Soling’s new documentary “The War on Kids.” Super excited for that interview – I truly love when Stephen has guests on to talk about education or America’s public school system.

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      • Oh, no way! Sherman Alexie! His last appearance was so great.

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        • I know! And I love his books! I’m really looking forward to that one. :-)

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  4. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Oh, boy…it’s taking a lot of will power, but I don’t really want to spoil myself with the video!!

    …unless someone gives me a very good reason to spoil myself. LOL.

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    • I would spoil yourself. Do what I did and just watch with the sound off. I doubt very much that TCR’s film crew shot from that particular angle.


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      • MaryLovesColbert says:

        ROFL! Okay, the thing about the “angle” got me. I’m off to be spoiled. *dons devil’s horns*

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  5. I’m going to be strong and not spoil it for myself. MUST. BE…STRONG…. But I cannot wait to see it after TCR staff edits it and we get to see the final product!

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    • Its crazy how quickly the segments are getting leaked nowadays. Part of the leaking builds the anticipation for the segment, and I have not been disappointed by any of the leaked segments yet!

      Its amazing what a good job the field producers do to get enough footage and then editing it together so that even if the audience sorta knows what to expect–it still is fresh by the time we see it.

      I’m curious as to where (if colbert does go to richmond) he will put the show on at.

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  6. looped linear says:

    Ahahahahahahaha!!!…draggin’ the line…
    That suit is the very definition of ‘form fitting’… from every angle. Red’s his colour, though. =D

    Unfortunately, I can’t see the amateur video. All I get is a little red x. :(

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    • Ms Interpreted says:

      FWIW, it didn’t work for me right away, either. I think I hit refresh a couple times, at least, and walked away thinking it wasn’t going to work before it finally played.

      No promises, but it might be worth another go, is all I’m saying.

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  7. The eye roll by the guy in front of Stephen before sitting down was hilarious. :) “Like a glove!”

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  8. OK this is making me totally useless. I’m supposed to be revising my thesis drafts!

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