Rock on! Joe Perry would consider Stephen Colbert for Aerosmith

That’s right, recently named Alpha Dog of the Week Joe Perry is open to asking Stephen to walk his way. Brilliant!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry open to giving Stephen Colbert a shot at singing
posted by Jim Abbott on Nov 19, 2009 3:47:17 PM

In the wake of being proclaimed Alpha Dog of the Week on The Colbert Report this week, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry says that he’d be opening to considering host Stephen Colbert as a potential Aerosmith frontman.

“He’s on the list of people we’re going to call,” Perry said in a phone interview to promote a Dec. 2 House of Blues show by his Joe Perry Project. “Every couple of songs, he could probably do some stand-up, because he’s really funny. I’m a big fan.

“You never know how things could turn out,” Perry added about a Colbert-powered Aerosmith. “It would be a different experience for the fans and it would definitely be a very entertaining evening. I mean, I’d like to see that.’

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  1. I kinda hope that Stephen does get some kind of tryout and that he films it for the show. It could be a Fallback Position.
    I want to see this happen. I would pay money to see this happen.
    Thank you, Joe Perry, for being awesome.

  2. That is massive! Considering the huge ribbing Joe suffered at the hands of Stephen and his writers, he’s being an amazingly cool sport about this.

    Plus, I’ll support any options that get Stephen singing. Devil horns are also a plus.

  3. Good idea about “Fallback Position,” Bri !!

    I guess we can count Joe Perry as an it getter or, at the very least, someone with a hardy sense of humor! “Different experience…a very entertaining evening” is right. I would watch that.

  4. I would totally watch that! How cool it that Joe Perry is a fan? And I always love it when Stephen injects himself into the rest of the world, be it Aerosmith, the Presidential run, US Speedskating, etc. So fun!

  5. This had better happen! LOL At least one show!

  6. MaryLovesColbert says:

    I think this would be a great “Fallback Position” as Bri said!! And I agree with DB – anything to hear him sing. =)

  7. As soon as I saw the headline I just laughed so hard. I’m so glad that Joe Perry is an it getter and has a great sense of humor. Oh man, I hope Stephen does something more with this. This reminds me a bit of when he took The E Street Band off of the On Notice board. So funny. I’ve always loved Aerosmith!

  8. lockhart43 says:

    This needs to happen, and it needs to happen right now. :)
    This SO reminds me of the “Yes You Can’t!” episode from SWC – if they could get Stephen to wear leather pants again and dance around the stage with the microphone stand on his back, that would be positively HI-larious!

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking about! Don’t forget the fishnet shirt – HI-larious indeed!!

  9. I had this vision of Stephen singing “Dude Looks Like a Lady.” It wasn’t pretty. But it was hilarious. And yes, I did picture him in leather pants and a fishnet shirt.

  10. PriyaNoblet says:

    Ohmygoodness, a Fallback Position segment would be amazing. Stephen should read these comments and do one. HAHA. I would dieee

    On a more fantastic note:
    More songs with Stephen singing, plus the chance for a tour? Hell yeah!! Ooooh baby, nothing could be better.

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