Don’t be a “Miracle Wimp” — watch tonight’s ‘Colbert Report’

Hey, everyone, do you remember Stephen’s “extreme” Mayo ad from last month?

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Well, it sounds like someone over at Miracle Whip saw it and took exception to it, in the best possible way. We’ve been hearing rumors for the past week or so about Miracle Whip deciding to continue the feud but we haven’t seen any of the ads one of our commenters referenced about it. Today, however, brings us this letter from Miracle Whip, which ran in some newspapers (can’t embed it, sorry): read the Miracle Whip letter here.

Although we don’t know whether Miracle Whip ran with this as a natural progression of the joke or whether Stephen’s original video was set up as a start to a Miracle Whip campaign (I suspect the former, but anything’s possible), it will be interesting to see what comes next.

What do you all think: is this product placement at its best, or its worst? If it’s a genuine response from the Miracle Whip people, are they trying to ride the Colbert turnpike without paying the toll? And since they are now paying advertising money to Stephen, is he then obligated to respond? Is this better or different than Stephen yelling through a Burger King commercial? Let us hear your reactions in the comments!

Tip of the hat to Sharon D. for the scan of the ad!


As we had suspected, this most definitely is an organic response to Stephen’s piece on Miracle Whip and not something that was planned in advance. When the people from Kraft saw the piece, they saw an opportunity to act. According to Miracle Whip Brand Manager Justin Parnell, “To let Mr. Colbert know that we heard him but certainly disagree with his choice of mayo over Miracle Whip, we sent him a letter telling him so, along with a case of Miracle Whip— encouraging him to share it with those in his audience who have real taste. ”

Be sure not to fast forward your TiVo in the morning, kids – watch for three 30-second spots during tonight’s ‘Colbert Report’. The videos will also be on YouTube in the morning on the Miracle Whip channel as well as their Miracle Whip Facebook fan page. Here’s the teaser ad that’s ran in certain markets during the show this week:


  1. if this is to start a new thing btn miracle whip and colbert they sure chose a bad time for it because right now the whole olympics “segment” is going on.

  2. THAT LETTER IS HYSTERICAL! I think the martketing people at Miracle Whip are having fun and rightly so. “We’re raising HELL, MAN!” (Hellman’s mayonnaise, nudge, nudge…wink, wink!) I love it! I am biased though–love me some Miracle Whip! The letter was alot funnier than the flushing of toilets during interviews.(Sorry, Stephen…love ya, but I didn’t find that funny.)

    TCR set up the scenario…Miracle Whip is just answering them. I’m in advertising and I know that
    most businesses would love this kind of media attention, especially with a show that mightily hits their
    target demmographic! I don’t know about anyone else, but I think this is going to be a hoot! I honestly
    wish Stephen would interact with the commercials, like he did before(I can’t remember the product)

  3. When the original clip of Stephen making fun of the Miracle Whip commercials aired, I really thought it was just. You know. Making fun of it. I think anyone who saw the ads noticed how ridiculous they were. Plus, they had the narrator sound like Tyler Durden from Fight Club haha.

    The letter was pretty humorous though, hahah.

  4. MaryLovesColbert says:

    This is so funny! I saw the commercial the other day when I got a chance to watch the Report on campus. I bet it’s going to be so fun…

  5. Interesting how the Miracle Whip PR team isn’t afraid of firing back at Stephen yet Rush Limbaugh is.

  6. PriyaNoblet says:

    So excited to see this! I wonder how Stephen will react…

  7. I think this could be a funny thing and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

    That really is the the deciding factor over where these type of things are a good idea or not. The whole Doritos running joke was hilarious to me and therefore I wasn’t bugged by it. When he heckled the Burger King commercial I kind of groaned because it could have been a funny idea but all he seemed to do was talk about how delicious the burger looked. Now the problem is, of course, that everyone has different views on what funny is.

  8. lockhart43 says:

    This is so hilarious! I love when other companies and organizations join in on Stephen’s ridiculousness – it makes the reality of it that much better. Tonight’s show is going to be MASSIVE – congratulations Stephen, that word IS catching on. :P

    Oh, and Miracle Whip thinks they’re going to own Stephen? HA.

  9. Darn, I won’t be able to catch the commercials. Oh well, please share the details when you all catch the show. Thanks in advance! :)

  10. This is funny! Miracle Whip certainly is milking this for all its worth (as they should). While I’m not sure how much actual sales they will receive for this stunt, they will be talked about and increase brand recognition. Pretty smart move by the PR peeps over at kraft.

  11. i hope he will ignore these corporate fools and not give them any more attention. Philip Morris is dirty capitalism

  12. Hahahah! The Colbert spoof and MW response were hilarious. I wonder if Stephen will take ’em up and appear in a MW ad?

  13. I was so worried he was going to jump the shark on this one. But he handled it just right, just right. Beautiful. Bravo, Mr. Colbert.

  14. Check out the video response on our Facebook page!

  15. How does anyone not know that Tom is the cat. They can make pun on Hellman’s but they’ve never heard of a Tom Cat. ::sigh::

  16. Wow, they even had a teaser ad for their response to Colbert? They really prepared for it.

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