Episode 5144 (11/10/2009)

epguideiconEPISODE NUMBER: 5144 (November 10, 2009)
GUEST: Karim Sadjadpour, Maria Shriver
SEGMENTS: Barney Frank Is Not a Great Outdoorsman, Iraniversary, Stephen Colbert’s Current Events
VIDEOS: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You know how you intend to get up early when you have something important to do in the morning, only you’re having a dream about Stephen Colbert for only the second time ever and when the alarm goes off you start whimpering because you want the dream to keep going even though it’s kind of bizarre but still, it’s Stephen, and why would you interrupt a dream like that just to get up early and do something important, so you roll over and go back to sleep for twenty minutes but you can’t recapture the dream so you get up and now you’re sort of cranky and late? Yeah. That was my morning. Luckily there was a funny show to watch to make the cranky disappear, but I’ll probably be running twenty minutes late all day.

The news coming out of Iran fascinates me in the same way that the fall of the Berlin Wall did twenty years ago. There’s a strong sense that I’m watching history happening, and it makes me anxious for the Iranian people at the same time that I want to see what will happen next. The fact that one courageous math geek could confront Ayatollah Khameini and ask why no criticism of the supreme leader is permitted would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.

Oh heavens, that interview. Battle of the ice creams! Stephen and Maria Shriver feeding each other ice cream! That was so much better than my strange interrupted dream from this morning. Stephen kind of lost control of the interview, but I don’t care. It was a great interview. And I hope that Governor Schwarzenegger takes Stephen up on his offer to appear on the show and arm wrestle. That would be epic.

Let us know your favorite parts of the show in the comments, and be sure to vote for your favorite segment in the poll!

  • I had no idea they had policemen in Maine. I thought they just deputized lobsters.
  • Just because he authored a bill to legalize medical marijuana, why do people assume Frank would recognize a pot plant? Or drug paraphernalia? I’m sure he just thought his partner was playing the smokey water flute.
  • Besides, Frank’s famously unobservant of things going on around him. I discovered that four years ago.
  • Death to Russia?! Hey, whose ‘Death to’ day is this? Hello, ‘Great Satan’! You’re making me feel like the Good Beelzebub.
  • It was a heady time when we believed that right could overcome might, and that Twitter actually mattered.
  • Because wherever people fight for freedom, that’s where American’s attention is… until “Glee” started. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. AM I RIGHT? OH MY GOD.
  • Why can’t these protestors move on? President Obama has. Now he’s negotiating with Mahmoud Ahma-little-teapot-short-and-stout-ijad.
  • The difference between American nerds and Iranian nerds? The revenge of their nerds involves bombing Israel.
  • Evidently Mr. Math never heard the equation Criticism + Ayatollah = U divided by 2.
  • Remember, it’s “feed a cold, tase a stutter.”
  • The police went on to cite Barrett with misconduct at an emergency, but excellent conduct of electricity.
  • I love skeet shooting. And now I can go skeet tasing. See you at the firing range, Skeet Ulrich.
  • Haha, character break!
  • Does this look like the breakfast of a man who is taking his state’s financial crisis seriously? (Hah, how funny that they revisited the oatmeal smiley face pic!)
  • Arnold, your wife is feeding me ice cream! What are you gonna do about that, old man?
  • This one tastes like I’m making a profit off of it.
  • Don’t spank my… ice cream!


  1. The interview was so cute, but my vote went to the Iranian guy, because it was so meta. Stephen got famous for doing something similar, except THAT guy did it with the threat of being imprisoned and tortured hanging over him.

    I had a long involved dream this morning that I was Lara Croft. Been playing Tomb Raider too much lately! :)

  2. “Until next time, criminals, don’t forget to play our home game.” LOL
    During the character break, I could hear Stephen’s quintessential T-shirt quote from the Two Rivers benefit, “Well, I thought it was funny!”

    I loved the battle of the ice creams – I think I got as big a kick out of Maria’s ice cream chow-down as I enjoyed watching Stephen and Maria share spoonfuls. Who is her hair stylist? – gorgeous hair!

    I wonder if Schwarzenegger will take up the gauntlet Stephen threw down and come on the show – “Better Know a Governator?!”

  3. I will always love seeing Stephen dance behind Barney Frank. :)

    I love Stephen’s wide smile that accompanied his reaction to Glee. Interesting interview with Karim Sadjadpour, but I also enjoyed the ice cream face-off with Maria Shriver.

  4. Aw, Ann! I hope you have a good day in spite of having your dream interrupted and being 20 minutes late. I can totally empathize!

    I’m with you on being fascinated with what’s going on in Iran right now. I have that same mix of anxiety for the Iranian people and hope that that things are going to change for the better there. That is why I voted for the Iraniversary segment. Wow! The cojones on that kid!

    The interview, (was it really an interview?), was hilarious! Sometimes losing control of the interview makes it the most fun to watch. I would love to see Schwarzenegger on the show!

    • Actually, the Iran Hostage Crisis is the event that turned me into a news junkie, mainly because it had happened two weeks before I ever learned of it (hey, it was my first semester in college!), and I was kind of ashamed that I was so uninformed.

      The Iranian student truly has shown courage by speaking so boldly and honestly. I sincerely hope his bravery receives enough global media attention that it prevents him and his family from being threatened by the Iranian government.

      P.S. I love hearing what Stephen and Jon do to “Ahmahdinejad” (sp???)!

      • I was in 7th grade during the hostage crisis so I knew what was going on and was concerned but only as much as a typical 7th grader. Watching that student gave me a feeling of awe and fear for his and his family’s safety. Let’s hope you’re right about global media attention offering protection against that.

        I also really love the various manglings of “Ahmadinejad”! Last night’s was particularly funny to me.

  5. Stephen doesn’t arm wrestle. He leg wrestles. I want to see that happen. I want Schwarzenegger to come on the show and leg wrestle Stephen. That’ll be crazy and when Stephen wins he can say he defeated The Terminator.

    But the ice cream thing was great. It made me want to go out and buy more Americone Dream.

  6. Yay for Current Events! That is quickly becoming one of my favorite segments, mainly because it’s so ridiculous ha. The picture that came up when Stephen told his audience to play “the home-game version” was so great. :)
    I absolutely loved the interview with Maria Shriver – she’s such a good sport. The part where they fed each other ice cream was positively hilarious and equally adorable.

    OH! Did anyone else notice the Miracle Whip commercial they played last night before the interview?? It said “On his October 15th show, we were viciously attacked by Stephen Colbert, a mayo lover. Tune in to the November 12th show for our response. This is not over.” – A retaliation by Miracle Whip for Stephen’s fantastic defense of mayo? AWESOME. Can’t wait for the show on Thursday! :D

    • Whoa! I didn’t see that. Tomorrow should be interesting. :D

      A great show all around, but I ended up voting for Iraniversary just cause the story of the young man standing up to Khameini was pretty bada**. Yay for math geeks!

      As usual, the toss put the biggest smile on my face of the night though. “Re rereal that?” “Yes re do!”

      • lockhart43 says:

        I loved the toss! When Jon started laughing right off the bat, I knew Stephen would eventually laugh with him. And the “Yes re do!” ad-lib was adorable.

    • lockhart43, I didn’t see that Miracle Whip ad here in New York, I wish I had. Where do you live? Sorry I forgot :)
      They mainly play beer ads and such after 11:30 on Comedy Central here it seems.

      • lockhart43 says:

        I live in Michigan :)
        I almost didn’t see the commercial – I was looking down at my math homework at the time, but I just happened to look up at see Stephen’s name in the commercial so I re-watched it later. I have a feeling that tonight’s episode is going to be MASSIVE lol :)

  7. mrtigger001 says:

    Loved Current Events and Maria Shriver was great. Maria and Stephen had a great, loose back-and-forth going and it was just natural and contagiously funny.

  8. Shriver is beating out Current Events in the poll! OK… ice cream yeah yeah but…


  9. Don’t spank my… ice cream.

    Oh, it’s times like this when I’m at serious risk of blurting out a TCR tagline at work, and getting odd looks in response.

  10. wildlymissingthemark says:

    the iran thing for me is really personal because my husband’s whole family lives there…it is a very delicate time. pray for peace.

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