Episode 5135 (10/26/2009)

epguideiconEPISODE NUMBER: 5135 (October 26, 2009)
GUESTS:Cornel West
SEGMENTS: The WØRD: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Stephen’s Sound Advice – Hand Jobs For Cash
VIDEOS: Monday, October 26, 2009

Who’s with me in saying that Stephen really needs to find more excuses to rock the bowtie? It was amazing how much his look changed from the dangling red tie to the no-tie, to the bowtie, to the Lumberjack. All amazingly adorkable. I enjoyed the “special effects” at the top of the show. Threw me for a loop for a few seconds until Stephen came on the air with the upside down tie. I also very much enjoyed The WØRD. It always makes me proud that he’s such a strong gay rights supporter, and brings to light some of the more obtuse fights being fought.

Cornel West amuses me on so many levels. I don’t think that’s the response he’s going for, but he does. And watching Stephen trying to interview him is like watching someone try to herd cats.

So yay, new shows! Hair’s looking better every day! Did I mention the bowtie? (Precious!) Tell us all about your thoughts on the show here!

Stephen Colbert totally rocks the bowtie and devil horns

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  • Doesn’t George know that long ties are the blue jeans of the throat?
  • I don’t know which is more disturbing, that George Will goes to prostitutes, or that he still uses the phone book.
  • You know what? I have a lot more respect for the Nation of Islam now.
  • I feel like the president of Iran.
  • And folks we know that there are gay ducks.
  • I say it just proves the terrible toll gay marriage has on fact checking.
  • I just assume they’ll hide the list in a place where gay people will never look – like JC Penney.
  • Now sure, this petition affects legislation, is part of the public record and law says the voters have a right to know who signed it. [Rhymes With “Schmormons”]
  • God knows what would happen to us if our names ended up in China. [Sold Back To Us As Toothpaste?]
  • What kind of celebrities? Only the creme de la 20 years ago.
  • This [bowtie] and this [devil horns] do not go together in any way, shape or form.
  • Whoo, recommending qualified candidates sure is thirsty work. I could go for some Gatorade. You’re welcome.
  • Hell, there’s already so many hormones in our milk, just check, you might have one already.
  • Morrison was tripping, told it to an indian who went back in time and told Kafka. But that’s all in the book.


  1. I think they’re taking breaks just so his hair has time to grow in. Being an actor, I think he loves an excuse to wear a costume. Why is it when he wears shorts, they are SHORT? Lots of thigh action! The WORD was great. I think its very clear how the real Stephen feels about Don’t ask, Don’t Tell. With every piece it keeps showing through. Cornel West is a riot! He’s like a freestyle poet. I’m not sure he thinks before words come out of his mouth. They just flow. But that’s perfect because “Stephen” doesn’t do a lot of thinking. Straight from the gut!

  2. The intro through me for a loop at first, then I thought: “the ghost of bobby the stage manager musta messed it up”

    It took me a while to realize what “long” meant in the phrase “long tie.” Then I giggled @ myself.

  3. cordgrass says:

    It was funny–every fiber in my being was shouting out “Don’t tie that bowtie!” and then he didn’t. Bowties are great for eveningwear, in fact they are required for eveningwear (I’m looking at you, Jon), but with a business suit you can’t be manly in a bowtie.

    And the lumberjack thing, well, I’ve commented elsewhere. :)

  4. He can bring those fine knees of his and clear my forest any ol’ time!! Not too keen on the Gateorade though.

    I thought his hair was looking especially perfect tonight and that bow tie really adds a special something. I hope it makes a return.

  5. I could watch Stephen attempt to tie any kind of tie, any time. I think it is very sexy…as are lumberjacks. Great show! Wonderful to have TCR back- but I am not sure how employers would receive that video…unless I’m doing the hiring ;)

  6. bologna again? says:

    I thought he was playing it up that he couldn’t tie the bow tie, because we’ve seen him tie one up before. But I am ‘awww’d’ to learn that he had stage fright, lol.

    The shorts are not really short. These were the normal shorts of the 70’s and 80’s. Ah, I miss the guy’s thighs.

    I loved the Cornel West interview. I was actually being uplifted the more he went on. Whew! Great show, TCR!

  7. Good Lord, we’ve turned up the fangirling a notch (or three). I totally blame the Lumberjack look. It’s a knee thing, isn’t it?

    Oh, also, I just turned that screencap into my iPhone wallpaper. It amuses me ever so.

  8. I had to give it to The Word because anytime he takes on gay rights issues I just love love love it. But it was hard to decide since seeing him try to tie that bowtie was adorableness x 10 and the whole “this doesn’t go with this” thing, the lumberjack outfit….and an amazing interview, all were equally wonderful.

  9. This ep was soo funny, (The Daily was really funny last night too)

    How does the real Stephen feel about gay rights? ‘Don’t ask Don’t tell’ was kinda confusing because of that XD

    The bow-tie scene was awesome ^^

    He had a lot of char breaks in this show, I thought you could really see it in the interview.

  10. lockhart43 says:

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes ever. I loved every minute of it! When I saw the opening was upside down, I actually leaned over on my bed and watched it upside-down so that Stephen looked right-side up lol :).
    That. bow-tie. Was. Adorable. That’s really all I can say about it without getting giddy – it was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen to see him try to tie it and fail…I was actually glad that he couldn’t do it because the character break was priceless!
    I LOVED The Word last night – I always enjoy when Stephen takes on the issue of gay rights and I loved his final point at the end. Stephen’s Sound Advice is too fantastic for me to even gather feelings about, so I will just say that I fell on the FLOOR laughing when I saw him go all lumberjack! Last night’s episode made me laugh until I cried. Truth.
    Finally, that Cornel West interview was so wonderful! I was so excited for it, because I love the way Stephen and West play off of each other.
    Again, one of the best TCRs ever. Bravo! :D

  11. Adorable epi, from the bow tie to the short shorts. And Right On to Brother West!

  12. Hi guys…so I was at the show and posted some info in the bow tie thread but decided I should elaborate here for anyone who’s interested.

    First off the show was running behind schedule and we didn’t end up getting out till around 8:45 because “they forgot how to do the show over the break”. Also we didn’t get to see the toss even though there was one (sigh). Stephen was in a silly mood all episode and had to reshoot about 3 or 4 times but more on that later.

    The preshow q and a asked many of the questions he usually gets with a couple of notable ones peppered in. The best one was about his favorite sermon..Stephen recited I think something from Matthew 6 but he did it so sincerely and with a lot of passion saying that was his favorite because it was about worrying and that he was a big worrier. Then he laughed and said he was paraphrasing Jesus. Someone asked if he breaks character (um duh) and he said yeah that he’s not that professional and he did it once while fellating a banana with Jon. Another one was who was more worried about the Iraq trip him, his wife, or his insurance company. He said that his normal insurance wouldn’t cover him and that his wife wasn’t worried because he lied to her and said it was safe and everything would be fine. Another girl asked if he wears the same shoes every night and he got really excited and said noone had ever asked him that before and checked with the staff to make sure it was a new question. He said he wears different shows but will never wear the ones he had on when he broke his wrist. Oh and his favorite cocktail is bourbon and soda water.

    Right before the show started he turned to the audience and said he preached to us because Cornel West was the guest and “THAT man can preach”. The very first scene was a messup so we had to reshoot the intro. The device that was suppose to flip the world back over was already unscrewed from rehearsal so when he tried to crank it he couldn’t and started laughing. He giggled and told us to pretend we didn’t know his tie was hanging straight up.

    The other character break happened with the bow tie so I’ll repost what I put in an earlier thread…Stephen definitely intended to tie it like in the Harvard clip but said we made him nervous and he got stage fright. He tied it on his own during the break (after refusing help)and showed us proudly that he could actually do it. He laughed saying that he had some good jokes if he could of got it tied and that it was like going to the bathroom in a public restroom…sometimes you just clam up.

    Another happened when he lit the lighter and wooed. The first time the lighter didn’t light so he laughed and relit it quick…in the actual clip the graphic covers it up but they cut back right after he got it lit successfully

    He had one more break and started laughing when he was talking about men becoming women to get better jobs. He giggled right before he said “men let go of your penises” and made them go back and reshoot.

    As far as the interview here’s what I posted before…In person I got the impression that Colbert actually really liked Cornel West. After the interview Stephen immediately walked around the desk and gave him a hug. Then West smiled and waved at the audience and we gave him a standing ovation. When Stephen finally went back to his desk he seemed pleased and was smiling and nodding at the production staff that was crowded around…he appeared like he was really happy with it.

    During the break they played Holland 1945 and Stephen put his fingers up in time with the 1,2,3,4 and they played Movitz!

    That’s about all I can remember. The other cute thing was that Stephen said his hair was officially back to its length pre-Iraq. Also when the girl who fixes it would mess with his hair he would reach over and mess with hers at the same time. Overall great show and I had a blast

    • Thanks for the details, Katie! I really ought to get there one day, too.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I love all of the pre-taping questions – especially the one about whether or not he wears the same shoes. I can just imagine him getting giddy over that question. :)

    • MaryLovesColbert says:

      Thanks so much for the insider story!! :D

    • Thanks!
      I love hearing about taping reports, especially about such a delightful episode. The interview was my favorite because they both seemed to be having a blast.

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Thanks for the great report Katie. Loved hearing about his sermon and his shoes!

      Also, does his staff really keep tabs on what questions are asked each night? If so, that’s awesome!

    • It’s cute that he gets excited about a new question. I am still embarrassed for the girl who asked him if if she could go to the bathroom at the taping I went to. I heard that he likes Bourbon and soda water because it was what he ordered on his first date with his wife. So darling…

      Great report! I loved hearing about the tie story and how he was so proud when he finally got it. I can totally picture that in my head.

  13. he may rock the bow tie, but I was lovin the no tie look lol. Smexy.
    Also, I loved how he totally threw me off guard in the beginning XD

  14. PriyaNoblet says:

    Holycow! What an episode, totally worth the week wait! I gotta say though, that it was hilarious that Stephen failed at tying the bowtie. Mainly because a] I had watched him tie one moments before the show started and b] I got extremely excited when he pulled the tie out, and told my uncle that he is skilled enough to tie one without a mirror. Thanks Stephen, now my uncle thinks I’m a retard. :) haahha! But when he rocked the show without a tie, I was at a loss for words. SO. HOT.

    HOW HILARIOUS WAS THE LUMBERJACK THING?! hahaha! My god! I almost died, to say the least.

    The interview was AWESOME. It was awesome to see Stephen with a challenging person so interview. So hilarious. Cornel West has got to come back on the show more.

    And of course, the final line. I actually stopped moving, not gonna lie. HAHA. Oh how I love him.

  15. “Morrison was tripping, told it to an indian who went back in time and told Kafka. But that’s all in the book.” LOL! That was my favorite line of the night!

    Great show! The Word was really good and Sound Advice was hilarious. The Lumberjack bit had me laughing until my sides hurt! I also really enjoyed the interview with West. I liked him when he was on the last time too. He’s just a very interesting man and seems like a lot of fun. I wonder what his classes are like.

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      When Stephen says lines like that, I say to myself “How can someone be so informed, witty and funny at the same time?”

  16. Thanks for that, Katie!

    Please please please will someone send that video to a potential employer…please.

    And yay for tosses!

  17. Yay! Yesterday was great! There was a Toss, Stephen couldn’t tie his bowtie (even though, we all know he can), the beginning part about the world being upside-down, and that Word! Ooh!

  18. The bow tie was totally nerdtastic. It looked great on him.

    Good grief, those shorts… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lumberjack who looked quite like that. But hey, anytime Stephen wants to show off his knees is okay by me.

  19. ColbertGirl27 says:

    I was just thinking what incredible timing Stephen has in everything he does that it’s almost like watching a beautiful dance. Stephen is the Fred Astaire of comedy….sans the lumberjack segment;)

  20. wow!!! that Cornel West interview was such a joy! I have been having an off-kilter day of my own creation, and that really made me feel great! I loved when they were just continually shouting at each other! :D

    I like to know Stephen put his fingers up for the count-off in Holland, 1945. I personally like to count other numbers, like 5 ,6, 7, 8. :D since I got into that one song via Colbert stuff I’ve actually become such a huge fan of all that band’s music.

  21. Just in case you need some more hot Colbert bow tie action..


    Fun starts after 7:10.

  22. Stephen’s one sexy lumberjack :)

    I loved the Cornel West interview. Such a joy to watch them interact, er, I mean shouting at each other. :D

  23. Thanks for the wonderful report! I’m somewhat new to the Colbert Nation, but I’ve been trying to catch up!

    LOVED this episode. It hit all of my dork!tendencies. I think every Word segment is a masterpiece, but this one was an exceptionally delightful one.

    • Welcome to the site, Patty! Glad you’ve become a fan, and I hope you’ll come back and talk about the show a bit more. We’re a friendly bunch here at No Fact Zone, and whether you’ve been with Stephen since TDS, or you just started watching the show this month, you’re welcome and encouraged to participate in our comments and with our community.

      And yes, this episode was particularly adorkable. I totally blame the tie.

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