Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – October 14, 2009

zeitgeist2Greetings, Zoners! I apologize for being a bit negligent with the zeitgeist recently, but sometimes when real life sneaks up on you and says “hey, remember me?” it’s hard to ignore it. Here are some of the news items that have been filling up my inbox recently, your zeitgeist for October 14th.

New international markets for TCR and SWC

  • There’s no official announcement from Comedy Central on this yet, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, MTV Networks International recently closed deals for several comedy shows to be added to international markets. TCR will soon be on the air in the Middle East and the Philippines, while Strangers with Candy will air in Germany.

Six Degrees: Ben Karlin

  • Traditional Media in Transition: Ben KarlinZoom in Online: This 5-minute video features an interview with former TDS and TCR executive producer Ben Karlin, discussing how a spin-off from The Daily Show featuring one of their exceptionally talented correspondents grew into a hit TV show complete with its own Nation.

Capitol Hill hearts Stephen Colbert

  • Stephen’s name came up in a recent meeting of the House Armed Services Committee: …Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat from Arizona) congratulated Odierno on doing Steve Colbertt’s show. She wasn’t joking. She stated he’d reached an audience he might not reach otherwise and should go back on it. Odierno joked he might need to because it appeared Colbert needed another haircut. (When Odierno guested before, the show was filmed in Iraq and Odierno did a skit where he shaved Colbert’s head.) (Via Kat’s Korner (of the Common Ills blog, and yes, it really did say “Steve Colbertt.”)

The C.O.L.B.E.R.T.

  • How Space Travel is Like a Trip to IkeaBethbeck’s blog: A NASA employee ponders the assembly of the COLBERT treadmill in relation to a trip to Ikea, and then reminds us that putting together a treadmill in space is nothing compared to putting together an entire space station “piece by piece, tool by tool, complete with instructions and remote service help from Mission Control.”

Another top ten list

Gratuitous name dropping

  • No place for Clijsters in year finale –’s Tennis Mailbag: Karl refers, of course, to Kim Clijsters, she of the “superfluous j,” as Stephen Colbert recently noted. (Colbert is one to talk, he being of the superfluous “t.”)
  • Oh hey, did someone say tennis (or as the English call it, “football”)? That’s a good enough reason to post this hilarious video.


  1. Strangers with Candy in Germany would be the best

  2. I loved the James Blake segment. My friend is actually his cousin, so in a six degrees way I met Colbert :)

  3. Wait, wait – us folks in the Philippines have always been able to watch TCR on cable TV! For the past year, at least! Unless they’re moving them…

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