FAN ART: The cheekiest portrait of Stephen Colbert ever

Stephen Colbert by Stan Murmur

Sometimes a story comes along that is so unique, it simply has to be shared. First, let’s start with the basics. This portrait is being sold on eBay, and all proceeds are being donated to one of Stephen’s favorite charities, Sounds good so far, right?

Except this is no ordinary fan portrait. The artist, Stan Murmur, was an art teacher but was fired for creating portraits such as this, as well as nature art such as butterflies and flowers. But why was he fired, you ask? It’s not the subject, it’s the creation process. His paint? Acrylic. The brush? His body. Specifically, his butt.

Yes. This is a painting done by someone’s butt. I’m so not kidding.

The part that is trippy is how this guy got fired. The school district where he taught was aware of his extracurricular art career for years, but was not fired until a video surfaced of him demonstrating his, um, technique. The ACLU has taken up his cause for free expression speech, and hopefully there will be some kind of resolution where he will find a way to continue his artistic expression in his own, unique way.

But for now, he has his art. And as a teacher and former Marine, Stan came up with the idea of creating this portrait in order to support public schools that service military families through Colbert’s “Support our Troops” campaign at So if you’ve ever wanted a truly one-of-a-kind portrait of Stephen Colbert, now would be a good time to bid.


  1. Waiiit… with the paint on his butt or with a paint brush…?

    • Apparently, he dips his butt in the paint (“sits in the paint”) and then uses his glutes as a brush.

      His thighs must be amazing.

  2. That’s an interesting portrait. I can’t even paint with my hands! Maybe I should try my butt….

  3. Lady Nocturne says:

    Umm….how does he get that level of control/detail with his butt? My mind is boggling right now…

  4. Thank you to NFZ for helping support DonorsChoose !!

    We are talking about you over at The Daily Show forums where Stan first placed this piece of art for us fans to gaze upon. From what I understood, no butts were used in this particular piece but I could be mistaken.

    Please come join our discussion – hope this link works.

    U is ghostrider too

  5. OK I have now seen everything!! Good grief. Decent skills though, his butt must be pointy :).
    Do you think this will make it onto “Difference Makers?” Sounds likely.

  6. Oh wow. His butt? Talk about strange.

    Would love to see Stephen talk about this art. ^_^

  7. unanimousvote: a butt was indeed used. among other parts…

  8. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Oh…my. This is…interesting? Lol.

  9. This is the most unusual fanart I’ve ever seen.
    I curious how long it took him to make it, using his method.

  10. AliceinDallas says:

    Ha! I was emailed this info from DonorsChoose today (great organization) as were probably many of you and I had to come here (where I knew it would be posted and discussed). Awesome.

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