VIDEO: Stephen Colbert reading ‘The Story of Ferdinand’

Wonderful! has added video of Stephen’s reading.

Watch it below:

Stephen Colbert reads to Children at Montclair Library


  1. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Ohhh! So adorable! Thanks for posting the video! :D

  2. that was one of the cutest things ive ever seen. just adorable

  3. “Did that just blow your mind?”


  4. Cutest. Reading. Ever.

  5. that’s a cute story! I like the support of people (bulls) being a little dazed and not going around butting their heads. I’m so pleased they had a video to share!

  6. My gosh. That was adorable. And I’ve never heard that story before.

  7. Lady Nocturne says:

    Oh my god, that was absolutely adorable. “Ferdinand sat on a bumblebee.” “GASP!” go all the little kids. =)

    That matador sounds an awful lot like the character Stephen.

  8. He’s just a regular dad…*sigh*

  9. cordgrass says:

    I’m too chicken to press the play button.

    • It’s sweet and innocent and lovely.

      • and let me reassure you–the bull lives!

        • cordgrass says:

          LOL I know, I’ve read it many times. Peculiar sensation–I finally watched it and it’s odd to see that he’s reading it straight. I won’t say that I read it better to my children, or did, they are old enough to read for themselves now. But I did make them laugh when I read it. It is a sly book. He read it straight, very interesting.

          Love the book and so do my girls, it was one of their favorites.

  10. Having just come back from family movie night (Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service)at our local library with my 3 year old, I’m feeling the library love more than usual about this. He’s such a dad :)

    • I’m absolutely in love with my local public library systems. They provide such a great resource to the community.

      They have a computer lab, free printing up to 10 pages, free wifi to laptop users, and books, CDs, Audiobooks, VHS, old newspapers, and access to online digital collections.

      I try to donate 50 bucks a year. Our library systems really should be utilized more often, and I think they would if they took on a different atmosphere.

      Since I live in the capital city of the state, the library I am located in is pretty advanced. I am so lucky in this way.

      But, I think what has worked so well for Borders is the fact that they do allow people to just come in and purchase coffee and such will reading books. If libraries put in a small coffee shop just inside the entrance, I could see many more people visiting and actually giving to the libraries instead of corporations like Borders.

      But yes, I hope everyone will see the library as a place of true technological advancement, knowledge, and cultural interactions rather than a stuffy old book warehouse.

      • When I was unemployed last year, I was a library junkie too. You seriously couldn’t get me out of there without bringing at least 3 books home with me. i think that’s the only thing I miss about being jobless: lots of time to read!

  11. nerdygirl says:

    OMG, too frickin’ adorable. Nice capper to a long week.

  12. I have always liked that story, but now it is one of my favorites! He is quite engaging…I think I sighed and smiled during the entire video–like I was one of the kids!

  13. this couldn’t have made me happier. love seeing the adorable dad come out. thanks for posting!

  14. Awwww, so cute! I love stories, and to hear Stephen read one to the kids was great. I also really liked that chair!

    Stephen is so great with kids. What a wonderful Dad he must be.

  15. Soooo cute!And I love this story,Disney made a short film about it and I watched thousands of times when I was a kid,I even drew Ferdinand and has on my Orkut profile.

    That made my day.

    • bipolypesca says:

      I LOVE that cartoon! That’s exactly what I was thinking about when Stephen was reading this story. :)

      (In between my hysterical laughter and ‘awwwww’ing, of course.)

      • The part he calls Ferdinand’s mom cow is just like the cartoon!Just perfect!

        It’s weird but he kinds reminds me of my dad telling me story.Oh God,I hope Freud can explain that LOL

        • ColbertGirl27 says:

          Haha. He’s just got that “dad” quality. Don’t worry:) I remember reading an article awhile back in which a recent TCR guest described Stephen as a “classic 1950s dad” with a firm handshake. I’ll have to hunt down that article.

  16. Oh my, I agree with all of you – so adorable, so Dad. In the best way possible. Those kids just loved the storytelling, and it was so cute with him up on that big chair. The gasp from the kids when he mentioned the bee was precious.

  17. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Aw…this is one of the first books that my mom read to me when I was a kid. This video was so sweet and I can only imagine what a wonderful dad Stephen must be. You’re breakin’ my heart Stephen! Sigh…

    Wouldn’t it be fun to hear him read his favorite kids’ book, “Swiss Family Robinson”?

    • Please—I’m sure his fav books as a child were included in the Old Testament =p

      • MaryLovesColbert says:

        Lol!! No, he said in a quick snippet for Banned Books week that “Swiss Family Robinson” was his fave book as a kid. :)

  18. many thanks for making my day!

  19. Ah, so adorable! We had that book when I was a kid. I love that story.

  20. So cute to see him clamber up the chair. I have to read that story.

    • I kept thinking of Edith Ann (Lily Tomlin) & her rocking chair from Laugh In. That red chair is “massive” – wish I had been there to see it rolled down the streets to the library!

  21. My heart just grew three more sizes….

    SO CUTE! What a very sweet story read by such a sweet sweet man.

  22. omg how adorable!! :)

    i love it when we get to see a side of Stephen that we don’t regularly get to see


  23. lulubelle says:

    This video goes straight to my sister, who had to have this story read to her every night. One of my favorite’s as well, despite the multiple readings.

  24. I’m at a lack of how to describe how cute and adorable this is.
    Also, that red chair is so awesome.

  25. I felt like such a little kid watching him read. ^_^

  26. Just wanted to reply to cordgrass’s interesting comments above about Stephen “reading it straight”. (The reply “button” is missing(?) at the end of your last comment.) Anyway.

    I also find it interesting, and surprising, when Stephen plays it straight. I had the same reaction when he sang “Teach your children” with CSN. I literally gasped out loud, “OMG. He’s playing it straight.”

    In a way, he turns the table on one’s expectations, and it seems shocking, delightful, poignant and revelatory all at the same time. (Does that make sense?).

  27. When I can watch Colbert with my 4-year-old, it’s a good day.

  28. Oh I love that book! That brings back childhood memories…

  29. lockhart43 says:

    He is the most adorable man on the planet.

  30. AliceInDallas says:

    I WANT that Chair for my living room! ;) That was so adorable.

    • Ha ha! Acutally I’d love it too. I really would have liked to have seen it being rolled through the streets to the library.

      By the way Alice, I’m voting for your puppy each day and have passed the link on to some friends. I don’t have my CN account anymore so I guess I’m formally known as “votequimby”. ;-)

  31. AliceinDallas says:

    Oh! One of the really nice ones :)
    Maybe you’ll all come out for the convention we’ll have if we win! Thanks for the votes!

    • I feel the same about you! :-) Of course I’ll come to the convention!

      And to get back on track, adorable video. And I don’t think we have that book in the house. My kids would love it so I really should get it for them.

  32. I just watched this video with my 3 year old daughter and now she wants to know when we can go to the library and “see Stephen Colbert read a book”. LOL!

  33. just when i think my “crush” can’t get “crushier,” he does something like this! what a lovely, expressive voice he has, not a new observation, and certainly appropriate here for his audience and story, but still… there’s no end to his wonderfulness.

    • Welcome to the site, Karen! And thanks for the comment! Yes, we here know and understand that little tug when Stephen pulls at our heartstrings. And there really is no end to his wonderfulness.

      I hope you’ll come back and continue to enjoy the wonderful conversation and community we have here at No Fact Zone!

  34. I melted into a little puddle after watching that. Thank you, No Fact Zone!

  35. This is just too cute~! ♥♥♥

  36. All right, so that was about one of the cutest things ever. Love seeing him in that oversized chair, and he’s so good with the kids, he’s got them all interested in the story.

    I really loved watching that. Thanks for sharing it :).

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