Six Degrees: Gigs, clips, and Noodles in the Pot

thumb_6degreesLots of news out there in the world of the Daily Show/Colbert Report fraternity, so here’s another attempt to keep all you good people informed. As ever, we welcome tips and updates on changing line-ups, etc., in the comments.

First off, here’s a little clip from the Red Carpet at the Emmys that includes several of our favorite people talking up iParticipate, which celebrates volunteer service:

We know our favorite fake newers are big on participation, so this is just a nice little way to give them some more face time. (Thanks to Erika and Jenny for the link.)

Read much, much more on Peter Grosz, Sam Bee, Jason Jones, Aasif Mandvi, Wyatt Cenac, Lewis Black, Amy Sedaris and John Oliver after the fold!

Peter Grosz (Writer, The Colbert Report)

  • This link comes courtesy of Jennie, and I really wish I could embed the video. Evidently, Mr. Grosz (along with friends Seth Meyers and Case Clay) was quite the fan of a certain Lincoln Park eatery some years ago. This … rhapsodic ode to Noodles in the Pot is rather magnificent. Watch it here.

Samantha Bee and Jason Jones (Correspondents, The Daily Show)

  • Here’s an adorable article about the Bee-Joneses from Time Out New York. I don’t know if my favorite part is Sam’s description of The Daily Show‘s studio as “swimming with children and dogs” or the couple’s discussion of whether their kids are funny or … oh heck, just read it. I’m not at all maternal, and I thought it was, as stated, adorable.

Aasif Mandvi (Correspondent, The Daily Show)

  • This is a bit last minute and I apologize for the lack of advance notice, but those of you in NYC tonight looking for something to do might consider stopping by the Lolita Bar to hear a “comedy reading” for Tell Your Friends at eight. As should be obvious, Aasif is on the ticket.

Wyatt Cenac (Writer/Correspondent, The Daily Show)

  • Look for Wyatt at NYC’s Comix this Wednesday (the 30th). He’s slated to perform in the 10:00PM Comedy Juice show (details here) and, since that show immediately follows The Daily Show and Friends hosted by Rory Albanese, you might see Wyatt at that one, too. (Note, that last’s just a guess on my part; do NOT rely on it.)
  • You can catch Wyatt (and fellow Emmy recipient John Oliver, among others) at the 92nd Street Y in New York for Comedy Below Canal on October 15th. Check them out at the 92YTribeca (more info here).
  • Wyatt is also on the roster for The Rejection Show on October 28th at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Follow the link for more info.

Lewis Black (Contributor, The Daily Show)

  • Lewis has a new stand-up movie coming out next month; did you know? You can see a trailer for Stark Raving Black here, along with some other clips from the ever-serene (ahem) Mr. Black.
  • Lewis also has a stand-up gig at Comix approaching. You can catch him (along with some other familiar faces like Janeane Garofalo and Pete Dominick) in the PunchlineMagazine 4th anniversary show on October 13th. Check out the details here.

Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy, Exit 57, and all kinds of funny stuff)

  • Have any of you seen the new Sony Reader commercials yet? I saw one recently and thought, “Hey, was that — ?” before starting to giggle when I realized that “Yeah, that was!” Our friendly neighborhood has more, but you can check out the ad I’m talking about here.

John Oliver (Writer/Correspondent, The Daily Show)

  • If you feel like indulging in a potential spoiler, there were plenty of people on hand to take photos and record video when John Oliver took to the road for his most recent field piece. No word yet on when this will air, but you can sneak a peek at what’s on “the internets” here.
  • John is also keeping busy this Wednesday, and you can drop by and see him at New York’s UCBT in Totally J/K at eight. Go here for ticket info.
  • In addition to the show at the 92Y mentioned above (see Wyatt Cenac‘s section), John has four shows planned in New Jersey’s Stress Factory Comedy Club. You can watch him strut his stuff (I always get a kick out of that phrase) on Friday or Saturday, October 9th or 10th: ticket information is here. You all know my opinion of this gentleman’s stand-up by now, so why not stop by and confirm the accuracy of my assessment? Have fun, kids!

Okay … and looking back on this list, I’m reminded of why I’ve all but stopped doing these posts lately. Geez, these people keep me on my toes.

EDITED TO ADD: Just noticed this hilarious little interview. It might be worth re-posting in the next one of these round-ups so people don’t miss it, but I wanted to get it added to this entry right off. I don’t know what amuses me most, Jon’s cameo, the snark on the Cowboys, the cameraman’s framing (or lack thereof) … just don’t tell immigration, okay? :)


  1. MaryLovesColbert says:

    I loved Stephen’s bit in that little video! Knew they were saving the best for last. :)

    And those pictures of John O. on assignment are hilarious! Can’t wait to see that segment!

  2. Still going through the stunning collection of links here. In the process, one of Wyatt’s articles had an intriguing challenged implied: “…and did a regrettably terrible Barack Obama impression that found its way onto the Internet.”

    Hmm…verrrrry interesting!

  3. I loved how the iParticipate video started with Jon and ended with Stephen.

  4. Hahaha, loved that! Also, speaking of the Emmys…

    In light of tonight’s episode, I find it very fitting that both Stephen and Conan’s pictures are side by side here. x)

  5. Here are more pics of John Oliver via Flickr:

    Sam Bee and Jason Jones are so cute! Their kids too. :)

  6. I actually stumbled upon this campaign because I love the band The Album Leaf, and their song “The Light” was featured in one of the commercials, but now that I’ve seen the ad, I’m really happy to see the entertainment industry giving back. Living in LA, it’s easy to just get caught up in all the negative and scandalous stories of Hollywood types, so I’m thrilled to see such a large-scale effort by celebrities and those in power to give back to the community.

    FYI, if you want to check out that commercial I mentioned (which focuses specifically on helping out military families), you can watch it at :

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