Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – September 27, 2009

zeitgeist2Happy Sunday, Zoners! I hope you’re all enjoying a nice weekend. It’s ark-building weather where I am, but you can’t have everything, right? I mean, where would you put it all? Anyway… it’s time for a peek at the latest Colbert news, so here’s your zeitgeist for September 27th.

Colbert Report writers at the Paley Center

The Emmys, and TCR’s lack of them

I know that not winning an Emmy gives “Stephen” plenty to be enraged about on the show, but this year seemed to be an especially deep disappointment because they did win an award last year. Several articles about the Emmys also expressed the belief that TCR was passed over unfairly this year.

  • Why does ‘Amazing Race’ keep winning the Emmy? Why doesn’t anyone gripe about ‘The Daily Show’s’ romp?LA Times, The Envelope

    “Oh, yeah, Stephen Colbert is also in [the best variety series] category and behind a desk, but as brilliant as his show is (clearly superior to the excellent “Daily Show,” methinks), he’s just too silly, so voters don’t take him seriously in this program category. However, he did beat “The Daily Show” for variety writing last year, so he’s a threat.” (One of the comments claims that TCR “will always remain an appendage of the Daily Show.” Maybe that’s why the academy voters don’t take it seriously enough to give them the Emmy for best variety series? I’m starting to wonder if that’s the case.)

  • Television Thanks You for Watching New York Times: Mike Hale makes a passing reference to TCR’s Emmy snub (emphasis mine).

    “‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart, accepting the award for variety show (snatched from the more deserving ‘Colbert Report’), merely made a joke about watching the football game on NBC.”

Reminiscing about Chicago

  • Stars turn out to Hollywood event for Chicago’s celebsChicago Sun Times

    “At a Santa Monica hotel, R.J. Melman ran into Stephen Colbert — who reminded the son of Lettuce Entertain You founder Rich Melman that the comic had worked lunches at Lettuce’s Scoozi! restaurant, back when he was starting out at Second City. “I never made more than $200 a week,” zinged Colbert, who now, of course, can drop two C-notes on lunches without blinking an eye.”

Interview with Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio

  • Catching up with… Rain Machine’s Kyp Malone – Paste magazine

    Paste: One of the great moments of TV on the Radio’s appearance on The Colbert Report earlier this year was Stephen reaching over and stroking your beard. Do you feel violated?

    Malone: He asked me. Being on TV maybe changed things a little bit. I don’t know why exactly it does, but it does. It seemed like it would make it more compelling to say yes than to say no. We had talked a little bit beforehand. I like him as a satirist, but he also seemed like a very good person. It was very comfortable to be around him backstage.”

The Psychology of Truthiness

  • The Dangers of “Truthiness” (part 1 of 9) – Psychology Today, Moral Landscapes blog: This is the first installment of an examination of the concept of “truthiness,” why it’s bad, and how easy it is to fall into that trap. An interesting read, and not too academic.

Funny pic of the day

  • I have so many jokes to go along with this pic, yet none of them are appropriate for a family-friendly blog. C’est la vie.


(h/t DB, Ms I, Jennie, Erica M. for the pic, everyone who sent the info for the Paley Center, and especially one of our international Zoners, RTS from Sri Lanka, for the link to the Kyp Malone interview)


  1. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Ohhh! TCR at the Paley Center?! Sigh. How I wish I could go to that. Hopefully there will be videos like there are of the TDS appearance there.

    Hmm, they make a good point about TCR seeming like an appendage of TDS. I think they make a good point about them being so silly as well. Maybe TDS is seen as a little more serious because of the reporting they do and because Stephen is playing this outrageous character. But, that’s no reason to snub them. No reason at all. Sigh…next year?

    Lol – that picture makes me think of Stephen’s Tax Tips! :D

  2. I took a picture of a sign like that. It certainly made me giggle every time I saw it.

  3. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Haha! Where did you find that picture?

  4. OMG! I recognize that sign!

    One of their offices was located in my hometown not too long ago. I would always giggle everytime I went past there.

  5. I don’t agree with the person who wrote that article about The Daily Show at all. I don’t think they should bow out because they work really hard and I wouldn’t want The Colbert Report to win just because TDS is out of contention. I definitely don’t think SNL deserved it either. Yes the Tina Fey stuff was funny but other than that they really kinda suck.

    • laughing at nothing says:

      Tom O’Neil suggests that Jon Stewart and The Daily Show should withdraw from Emmy competition because this year, in his opinion, they didn’t deserve to win. In my opinion, O’Neil didn’t deserve to have such a whiney column and idiotic proposal published. Let’s pose the same question: isn’t it time he resigns from journalism or whatever he does?

      I understand the tedium of having the same shows win Emmys each year, but honestly, if the situation were reversed and Stephen Colbert was taking home Emmy awards year after year, would anyone here say that Colbert had won enough and someone else should have a chance?

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