The Daily Show Toss Recap – week of 8/17/2009

Before we go, let’s check in with our good friend Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report…

Greetings, Zoners! One final Toss before the boys go on their respective vacations, which they’ve earned. To be honest with you, this week’s Toss didn’t make me laugh all that much, but what the hey, they can’t all be gems, can they? A less-than-stellar Toss is better than no Toss, that’s what I say.

Daily/Colbert – Stephen’s Preview: Learn the names of some of the people behind the scenes as Jon rolls the credits then watch as the screen goes black.

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For some reason, I was reminded briefly of an early Toss, one of the very first ones, in which Stephen attempts to steal the “Moment of Zen” segment. Stephen does use his best “Gravitas” voice for his preview as well. Any thoughts on this week’s Toss, Zoners?


  1. Am I the only one who actually likes this toss?

    • No, I like it too! Ok, to my mind any toss is a good toss. But I like “All that, plus – Well, actually that’s it.” Jon’s exasperated reaction is funny too.

  2. Anything with Jon and Stephen together doing something funny is always a win for me. So, this toss gets two thumbs up!

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