Six Degrees: Daily Show Edition

Ahhh, Zoners! I got to see John Oliver performing a while ago at Comix! Our friends over at the Daily Show really are an entertaining bunch. Hopefully some of this info will allow you to have similarly joyful experiences!

Wyatt Cenac (Correspondent, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and Larry Wilmore (Contributor, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  • Wyatt and Larry will be appearing a the comedy club Comix in NYC on Friday, August 21, and Saturday, August 22 at 8 PM and 10:30 PM on both nights. For more information and to purchase tickets, you can go here. I was able to see Wyatt when I went to TDS & Friends last year, and I assure you that he is marvelous. I’m sure, based on Larry’s appearances on TDS, it’s not hard to imagine his stand-up being wonderful as well. If you can get to this show, count me as jealous!
  • For those on the west coast hoping to catch Wyatt sometime, you should know that he’ll be appearing at the Bumbershoot 2009 in Seattle on Saturday, September 5th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM and Sunday, September 6th from 7:15 to 8:15, both at the Comedy Stage North . Also performing with him during that time will be Tommy Johnagin and Maria Bamford. To see the entire comedy line up for the festival and easily click to a page about tickets, you can go here.
  • Also pertaining to Wyatt, here is a piece form Variety which gives a brief overview of how he ended up with his current success. I am always amazed with how quickly he went from being in serious trouble to being a full-fledged correspondent at TDS! (h/t: MsI)

Samantha Bee (Correspondent, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)

  • Sam Bee will be appearing in one of the three rotating five-member casts of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, a show which will be running in the off-Broadway Westlake Theatre this fall. Although it isn’t current possible to know when she will appear, and perhaps it never will be, it sounds like there are a lot of other great people in the show as well. The most comprehensive information for now is at, and the show will eventually have a site here.

Jason Jones (Correspondent, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)

  • All of you who have been watching the show lately will surely remember Jason Jones’s trip to Alaska, where he attended Sarah Palin’s resignation speech and gave the media a serious talking-to. Twitter user orbitaldiamonds was also in present, and she has posted some pictures of Jason there in her blog. They are spread over two posts, here and here. (h/t: Jenny)

John Oliver (Correspondent, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and Rory Albanese (Executive Producer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)

  • Exciting news for both John and Rory, as they have have signed a blind script deal with Paramount. As we’re all part of this blindness (we don’t know what’s being written until it’s finished) there’s not much more to say about that besides to hope that it turns out well! This article, which has quotes from both John and Rory about the deal, also says that the two will also form a production venture. (h/t: MsI)
  • You’ll also remember that a previous Six Degrees post mentioned that John would be appearing int he new NBC series Community. The pilot for this how is now available to be viewed if you become a “fan” of the show on Facebook. Here is the Facebook page where info for becoming a fan and watching the pilot can be found. I haven’t done either of those things yet, but if you have, you should compare impressions in the comments!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  • I’m sure some of you have already seen this piece in the New Yorker: Why Neoconservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart. Whether or not you agree with the perspective they share, it’s always interesting to hear from the perspective of people who decide it’s worth it to appear on The Daily Show.


  1. According to this:

    Sam Bee will be appearing in Love, Loss and What I Wore from September 21 – October 18

  2. Jasmine (Yatzi) says:

    watched the Pilot episode of Community and I have to say it has some great promise. Found it to be hilarious, and John Oliver was amazing. There was definitely some channeling from The Daily Show Correspondent and his character.

  3. Gaia Faye says:

    Wow, I’m glad things turned around for Wyatt.

    My favorite part of the “Why Neoconservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart” article was where it said “Remember when fans fretted he’d have trouble finding ways to be funny under the new president?” Um, no, but I remember when non-fans assured fans that he’d be completely incapable of making jokes at the expense of a Democratic administration.

    Also: “Says Bolton: ‘In general, a lot of the media, especially on the left, has lost interest in debate and analysis. It has been much more ad hominem.'” LOL. That’s an interesting perspective.

  4. Will any of you be in Chicago Aug 22? I may have an extra ticket to see John Oliver at the Lakeshore Theatre. Please say hello in any case. Testify.

  5. I really love Wyatt as a relatively new addition to TDS and I just loved his piece on the elderly voters in Florida. It was fantastically hilarious and a great way to start his career on the show.

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