Klassic Kolbert: You, Your Health and You

Howdy, kids. We’re in the midst of another slow Colbert news day, and I’m getting tired of reading the increasingly absurd stories about the health care “debate” in this country. Naturally, that means I took a trip down memory lane (The Daily Show archives) to lift my mood. I thought a few of you out there would enjoy revisiting this one along with me.

From July 6, 2004, here’s You, Your Health and You:

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  1. mrtigger001 says:

    It’s interesting seeing Stephen try to channel Jon, a character choice which stands in stark contrast to the character he plays now.

  2. I enjoy Stephen as guest host – I don’t know if it’s channeling Jon so much as a looser, less character-driven act than his regular appearances. His interviews, in particular, are much more conversational.
    Oh, and leeches are going to be one of the topics on this week’s Nova Science Now (with the ever awesome Neil DeGrasse Tyson!).

  3. Ms Interpreted says:

    There’s definitely a difference in tone between the interviews he did on TDS and the ones he does on The Report, but I enjoy both. I like seeing the adjustments he’s made in translating his duties as guest host for Jon to becoming the character interviewer he generally is on his own show. And, of course, it’s fun to see how he fine tunes each interview nowadays to the guest du jour. Some are more popular fits than others (I remember a lot of people complaining that his interview of Amy Goodman was too harsh), but I find his ear for these things impressive.

    And, of course, that book title is just twisted and wrong. Hee! :)

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