Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – August 8, 2009

zeitgeist2Hey, Zoners! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Some interesting things were floating around on the Internets this week, so here’s your zeitgeist for August 8th.

More MOVITS! action

  • Swedish Hip-Hop Jazz Band Movits! Burns Up the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart at #2 and #18 Overall –

    “Comedy Central Press Release – New York, Aug. 4 — Movits!, the Swedish hip-hop jazz band that first appeared on “The Colbert Report” on Tuesday, July 28 (it was actually Monday, July 27, but we’ll let that slide for now…) has just reached #2 on the iTunes hip-hop chart and #18 overall. Comedy Central Records released the band’s “Appelknyckarjazz” album digitally in the US on July 29 and it has seen one of the most explosive releases in history. The album, sung entirely in Swedish, is influenced as much by legendary hip-hop artists as it is by Cab Calloway.”

  • Quirky Swedish musical group the latest beneficiaries of the ‘Colbert bump’ – Media Freak blog

    “Stephen Colbert has turned tongue-in-cheek sponsor shilling into a full contact sport on his Comedy Central fake-news show… Now, it’s apparently time for him to pimp for the home team… Turns out that Movits! is the first musical act to have a release on Comedy Central Records… All that action led the host to pat himself on the back for giving Movits! the “Colbert bump” and immediately wag his finger at himself for overhyping the band. Another meta marketing moment from a master of the craft.”

More Stephen vs. the birthers

  • Birthers Battle Over Forged “Birth Certificate”The American Prospect, TAPPED blog

    “The most revealing interview with a birther leader wasn’t conducted by a member of the press — it was conducted by Stephen Colbert, who asked Taitz simply if there was anything Obama could do to satisfy the birthers and prove he was eligible to be president. She said no. Of course there isn’t! It’s not rational.”

Once again, Stephen follows in Jon Stewart’s footsteps

  • Stuff Journalists Like: #46, Stephen Colbert

    DB already blogged about Jon Stewart being rated at #45, so it seems only appropriate that Stephen follows right behind him at #46. There’s nothing all that new in this blog post, but I did like this comment: “And no matter how much Stewart fans love the Daily Show anchor, they concede the fact Mr. Stewart’s interview skills are pale in comparison to the quick wit Colbert displays when sitting across the interview table from authors, actors, politicians, and even Papa Bear himself.” I’ve never thought of either one of them as being better or worse. They just take different approaches to their interviews. Stephen’s interviews are always part interview, part improv, and that’s what adds the element of the unexpected to them. Jon’s method is a little more standard. But I think they both excel at doing interviews.

Randomly hilarious mentions of Stephen

  • Moby Monday – When Stephen Colbert says “Read Moby-Dick,” you read Moby-Dick – Sea blog

    “News that the 1956 film version of Moby-Dick had been named a “great acid movie” by blogger Erich Kuersten sent me to Hulu to find a link. Till recently, you could watch that psychedelic Gregory Peck vehicle in its entirety on the site for free. Sadly, no more. Instead, searching for “Moby Dick” on Hulu yields a clip from a year-2000 episode of the weirdly hilarious Comedy Central series Strangers with Candy… In the clip, teacher Mr. Noblet (played by Stephen Colbert) tries to make the illiterate Jerri read the first chapter of Moby-Dick.”


    An interview with author Jag Bhalla opens with a brief review of I’m Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears, which “presents 1200 idioms from 10 countries translated into English, and shows how playful, poignant, and convergent languages are… If an American were to say, ‘Stephen Colbert makes me bang my butt on the ground,’ it would sound off-kilter, but after a while the French expression makes about as much sense as ‘knee-slapping,’ ‘LOL,’ ‘rolling on the floor,’ or even ‘dying laughing’…”

Gratuitous dance video

  • Five Geeky Facts About Ninja AssassinWired

    1. The movie’s title character is played by Korean pop star Rain, known primarily to US nerds as satirist Stephen Colbert’s arch-nemesis. Watch their hilarious dance-off.

    Well, sure, any excuse to include this fabulous video. Enjoy!

(h/t Ms I, Jennie)


  1. This whole Movits! deal is crazy. I’d say this is the most extreme Colbert Bump ever.

    • I know! It’s insane the amount of popularity they’ve gotten in a short time.
      I keep thinking of on Movits! music videos, its just like endless pages of ‘Colbert Bump from ______’, all because of Stephen.

  2. Thanks for the Zeitgeist links, Ann. I had no idea Movits!’ album was a CC production. Orly Taitz is one of the most bizarrely annoying (or annoyingly bizarre) guests Stephen’s ever interviewed. I added a comment on the SJL site – why should anyone have to choose between Stephen & Jon? The Moby Dick links were great: loved the SWC episode, & there’s a link on the SeaFever blog to an online, annotated version of Moby Dick (the novel). It’s actually (relatively!) easy to read so far.

    RAAAAAIN! ;)

  3. Great facts this week. I helped w/ the Colbert Bump for Movits! since I bought the album from iTunes. I’ve listened to it a lot. I also posted it on my FaceBook page. One friend thought they were great and wondered where the heck I’d heard of them. Obviously, I told her from my good friend, Stephen Colbert. :-)

  4. Any reason to rewatch the Rain dance-off…any…reason. Thanks for reposting it!

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