Fangirl Suit Report- Week of August 3

fangirl-suit-report-logoWelcome to another FSR! As the month of August commences, and the summer is slowly waning,  I’m certainly glad I’ve got this weekly post on which to look forward, to fend off the ever-growing puddle which tends to appear around my melting brain the longer and longer I’m out of school.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Monday, August 3

Wearing a black pinstripe suit, a creamy yellow patterned tie, light blue shirt, and barrel cuffs.


  • I laughed too hard at “Reading Rambo.” And darn that kid for getting those signed Harry Potter books!  Insane jealousy, right over here.

scrncap 80309

Tuesday, August 4

Gray pinstripe suit, brick red tie with pattern, off-white shirt, french cuffs.  This one gets my vote for favorite suit of the week!


  • Not the watch!!
  • 1970s? Did you see what they wore?!

scrncap 80409

Wednesday, August 5

Black pinstripe suit, gray patterned tie, off-white shirt and barrel cuffs.


  • His hair looks nice!!
  • Jaws-a Claus.  Too good.

scrncap 80509

Thursday, August 6

Grey gabardine suit, deep navy patterned tie, white shirt, barrel cuffs.


  • HA, I can tell he was mouthing the words to “Birthday Sex” while the clip was playing. :)
  • Stephen has such a big crush on Meryl Streep it’s not even funny. Okay, it’s a little funny.  But mostly cute.

scrncap 80609a

scrncap 80609b

That just about wraps up this week’s FSR!   Prompted by the cocktail interview, our discussion topic:  what’s one of your favorite creative interviews that’s been on the show?  Mine is the “Cooking with Feminists” one.  It remains a classic.  Thoughts?


  1. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Gabardine…teehee. He’s too cute. :P

    I second that question – where was the button?! I wonder. And omgiod, he was totally jamming to “Birthday Sex” when the camera wasn’t on him. XD

    Fave creative interviews? Hmm…I’ve gotta pick the cocktail one ’cause it’s the only one that’s coming to mind. Lolz. It was really funny, and I think Stephen was getting a little tipsy there. XP

    Also – I agree with you, his hair looks really cute now. =D

  2. Ms Interpreted says:

    Oooh, “favorite creative interviews” — I’ve gotta go with the Spanish language version of the Lou Dobbs interview, as conducted by Esteban Colberto. I decry the situation that prompted it (the horrible, greedy corporations’ precipitation of the writers’ strike) and think that Lou Dobbs has seriously gone off the deep end, but that interview was absolute genius. They should have won some sort of award for editing the original so perfectly.

  3. What can I say? ‘Cooking with Feminists’ is my all time favorite clip. And I thought the Esteban Colberto interview of Lou Dobbs was sheer genius. Does the “Metaphor-off” with Sean Penn count? If not, I’ll go with the Gravitas Off with Stone Phillips on the first show and again on the 100th.

    • nerdygirl says:

      Yeah, I think “Cooking with Feminists” was my favorite creative interview also. I loved that Gloria Steinem really took the interview seriously and answered questions in a completely honest way, and also gave just as much attention to her apple pie. And of course I loved Jane Fonda kissing Stephen and making his neck turn red.

      Loved the suits this week — yellow tie was my favorite, I think. Great screencaps as always!

  4. I just need to give some love to Wednesday’s suit/tie combo. I love the dark pinstripes. For the interviews, I’d have to say the cocktails interview was fun, because I totally wanted to sidle up to the bar and have a drink with them. From TDS years, nothing beats the “Stephen as Al Sharpton” interview for a creative twist!

    • MaryLovesColbert says:

      Oh! I didn’t even think of the “Stephen as Al Sharpton” interview! That one is great. :)

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Oh, I love “Stephen as Al Sharpton.” He never looked more relaxed and had such a glorious smile in that interview. Good pick!

  5. Great screencaps! As far as creative interviews…I agree with those listed above–Cooking with Feminists came to mind right away.

    I am also partial to when Stephen dressed in colonial attire for his “Better Know a Founding Father” interview and, though this one makes me cringe, when he covered himself in spiders to discuss race. I never would have been able to do it. He is fearless!

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