Weekend Brunch

Weekend BrunchHappy Sunday, Zoners! Well, we made it through the insane week that was Operation Iraqi Colbert! This sunday’s Brunch is French toast, lovingly made by my very cute husband. And I learned something today – frying an egg isn’t nearly as easy as my mother made it look. At 38, I would think that I would have mastered the skill of egg frying by now.

I’ve got lots to talk about today, so let’s group it by subject, shall we?


I just want to send a sincere and heartfelt thanks to MsInterpreted, Jennie, Ann G, and all of the other Completists who helped this blog keep up with the onslaught of Operation Iraqi Stephen news. This week was terribly difficult for me since I started yet another job (One I hope to stay at for a while), and this blog would have been a totally different animal if it weren’t for these Completists putting their nose to the grindstone and keeping up with so many different news pieces that came out this week.

Give it up, people! WHOO!! GO COMPLETISTS!

WordCamp Dallas

wordcamp-dallas-logoI mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but it’s official – I’m speaking at WordCamp Dallas this year! The conference this year is at UT Dallas in Richardson and lasts from Saturday, June 27th to Sunday, June 28th. The entrance fee of $30 covers lunch for Saturday and Sunday, as well as a WordCamp T-shirt. There really isn’t a better bargain around for a blogger who wants to learn about blogging.

The schedule for WordCamp Dallas 2009 features the cream of the crop of both national blogging rock stars as well as some of the local power hitters in the WordPress community. My presentation is on building authority in your WordPress niche news blog. I’m really excited about hearing all of the other speakers, too. Lorelle VanFossen and Liz Strauss are back, and their presentations last year about community building and blogging changed this blog in many numerous ways. The founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg is also returning this year, as is the king of copyright issues with blogging, my friend Jonathan Bailey. Plus local bloggers like Tony Cecila, Cali Lewis and myself will be rounding out the presentation And the list of WordPress rock stars goes on and on.

I cannot express to you how valuable that WordCamp conferences are if you can make one. And if you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and are thinking about blogging or have an established blog, you need to be at this conference. You’ll learn everything from coding to content to community at this thing, presented by people from all over the country. Plus you’ll make contacts and meet new friends that can really help in your journey as a blogger. I’m so serious – go to this thing. Seriously.

Mark Malkoff is still in the air

This post would have been made yesterday, except I was busy making a mad dash to the airport to go visit my buddy who was in town for about 30 minutes or so:

Click here to learn more about Mark's adventure - MarkOnAirTran.com

Click here to learn more about Mark's adventure - MarkOnAirTran.com

Mark’s doing well – he’s getting a pretty bad case of cabin fever, but he’s still having fun, and the videos continue to get funnier and funnier from his adventure. And his beautiful bride, Christine, is just the sweetest person you could meet. She’s just tickled pink at the support that Mark has gotten from his friends that he’s met online. She was telling me about a moment where she was reading a taping report on this site, and she was amazed that meeting Mark was such a highlight for Colbert fans. And I said to her, “You have to understand, in our world, Mark is a celebrity.” And he really is. Mark is just the greatest guy, and I’m so glad that he’s having lots of fun on his new adventures.

Make sure you watch the Toilet Paper video – hysterical! And make sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social networking site you tend to inhabit.

Zoner Question of the Day

Okay, let’s do a bit of a post mortem on the week’s shows:

What was your favorite moment of this week’s Going Commando shows?

My personal favorite was basic training, where he started dancing as they were singing and running. Hysterical! But there are so many fantastic moments to pick – which one was your favorite?

As always, this is an open topic thread. Feel free to talk about anything you’d like to share with the Zoner community.


  1. Wow! Wat a week! I can’t even begin to imagine how hectic it would have been for u guys!
    My fav part was the very last line Stephen said ‘I hope u all could say this soon – Honey, I’m coming home’…touching!
    Also, for me, really the best part was watching the behind the scene stuff like Stephen chatting with the soldiers, taking pictures, distributing care packages, etc.
    It felt like they all had a memorable time out there…

  2. Wow. One event from Iraqi Stephen? That’s a tough one. There was so many. I would have to say it would have to be between Tom Hanks and Stephen packing USO packages to Stephen on the Thunderbirds to “Stephen Strong: Army of Me”. And I have to agree with Dee on Stephen’s last line. That was pretty touching.

  3. wildlymissingthemark says:

    Well, DB, I think you are becoming a celebrity now too:) Have fun at the conference.

    I feel totally uncool because now I won’t meet Mark at a TCR taping, it seems to have been the established fan thing to try and do. I don’t know how he does those crazy corporate endurance challenges. But best of luck!

    I am still laughing at Stephen in the F-16, I don’t think I will ever get over that. I am so glad they did those shows over there, I think it made a very important statement about the need to *really* support the troops.

    Personally, I am in a state of hesitant dejection about the political situation in Iran. Having family ties there, and having visited the country recently, I was hoping this election was going to bring hope and change, much like what we have experienced here in the US this past November. It is hard to watch young people in such a state of heightened distress, fighting back for the simple right of their vote against their own countrymen. I am praying for peace and a brighter future for them right now.

  4. Confession: that final “Honey, I’m comin’ home!” was when I really cried. I mean, I teared up a lot during the week, but that was the most emotional moment.

    I could not possibly pick one favorite moment from last week. That would be like picking a favorite child, if I actually had any children. But the “Stephen Strong: Army of Me” segments were probably what made me laugh the most.

    And I’m going to second DB’s advice to follow Mark Malkoff’s continuing adventures. I’m enjoying this way too much! I highly recommend the video of Mark dancing on the empty plane, because it’s so disturbing, and by disturbing I mean utterly hilarious.

    I would so go to WordCamp Dallas if I could actually get there. But it’s a little far to commute from New Jersey.

    • Smashley says:

      ok, ditto all of that, except that WorldCamp is a little far to commute from Seattle…

  5. Hey, DB! Can’t wait to hear how Word-Camp goes this year. I remember how inspired you were after it last year: I can only imagine this year. And congrats on being recognized as the blogging rock-star that you are!

    Mark’s on-plane adventures have been great to follow. I can’t even imagine how I’d be feeling right about now – and he’s only half way through!

    You know, I was rewatching some of my favorite Iraqi Stephen clips this morning and was surprised to find that the one that consistently generated an impulsive and loud “HA HA!” each time I watched was Stephen and Tom saying no to the puppy. I would have predicted the Thunderbirds “Holy S@@T!” line would be it, but experimental data say othrwise.

  6. MaryLovesColbert says:

    THANK YOU, COMPLETISTS!! You don’t know how awesome you made my days by keeping up with all the news and posting it quickly for us Zoners. <3

    Wow! I'd love to go to that WordCamp thing that you're speaking at, that is too cool! Pity I live so far away, haha. Good luck to you!

    Mark is crazy. :P I love these schemes that he comes up with, like the living in Ikea thing. Such fun. I'll be sure to check out his videos!

    Whoo boy, only one moment from this past week?! Not possible. I loved the Basic Training footage, and the buzz cut moment (they got Obama!!), and the Tom Hanks segment, and the Thunderbirds, and the last moment when he thanked everyone. So many good moments and such a fantastic week. Great job, Team Colbert!

  7. Amen to the Completists. The Colbert experience is so much more exciting and amazing with constant news pouring in and people to discuss it with, so I’m very thankful to everyone who did so much work here and will continue to. Excelsior!

    Congrats on the speaking gig, DB. Hope it goes fantastically. Great idea to give Mark some provisions, as well. I was finally able to watch all the AirTran videos on my aunt’s faster internet yesterday, and the toilet paper one absolutely blew my mind. I am DYING to try that now!

    Gosh…a favorite moment. All the military shorts were beyond fantastic, but as far as funny and quotable goes, I’d have to say the entire Tom Hanks sketch. What with the puppy action, Rusty Tang, and the recordable card, that was probably the most entertaining moment. But as far as emotional and meaningful go, it would have to be when he thanked the crew and the troops. Any moment when I could see the troops smiling and laughing and having a fabulous time was a great moment for me.

    I’m so excited for this week’s shows. Usually I’m sad when something this great is over, but this time I’m really looking forward to how future episodes pan out. Plus, more air time for the hair is stupendous.

  8. ColGeek says:

    I am going to have to agree with many of the people who have already commented. The Tom Hanks care package segment was my favorite segment because it was so silly. The ending line reduced me to tears and I, like Stephen, hope that all of the troops are able to say that soon.

  9. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Hope you have a good time at WordCamp, DB!

    I’ve got to say that my favorite parts of this past week of shows were the Basic Training, the Tom Hanks segment, flying with the Thunderbirds, and that last line where he thanked everyone and said he was coming home. So touching.

    Thank you, completists!! You don’t know how great it’s been to be able to log on here each day and see all the latest Iraqi Stephen news!

  10. easily my favorite part was “Army of Me”
    SOOO many funny moments I can’t even innumerate. I think if I were trying to convince someone that Colbert is really awesome, I’d use those two segments!

    thanks you completists, I had trouble keeping on the reading end of things, so I admire even further your blogging skillz!

  11. Many continuously mention the Army of Me segments and Tom Hanks [my favs as well- in fact, I would be hard pressed to pick just one favorite moment from each of those pieces] so I am going to throw in another fun moment that made me smile–if only for the dedication to props: Stephen’s living accomodations in the hole! I laughed out loud at the emmy decked out in full body gear and his personal tour.

    Thank you to everyone for their comments and posts this week! It was always fun to drop by and find something new to read! I loved it! You are all terrific!

    • MaryLovesColbert says:

      Heehee! I’d forgotten about Stephen’s hidey-hole!

    • I loved the camo-Emmy, too! Just imagine someone sewing a tiny uniform for it, packing it in a crate, and shipping it all the way to Iraq. Preparing for this week must have been insane, especially while still producing regular shows. But it was probably also a lot of fun!

  12. Mine was “Formidable Opponent”. He showed having titaniun cojones addressing the DADT issue in front of a military audience. More over I found it hilarious the dialogue “Imagine one of us is gay”. He even mentioned Jodi! XD

  13. I actually used the “stephen strong” segments to prosletyze my friends and family about the awesomeness of the colbert report! that, and the breast pump segment…

  14. Huuuge thanks to everyone for all the fabulous posts this week – something new to read every time I checked in (which was way way too often!)! Such fun to share in the excitement with everyone here!

    Funny highlights: The Army of Me segments (the call/response run/dance killed me!). Tom Hanks was hysterical, that whole bit had me in tears it was so funny. The behind the scenes interview when he talked about camel spiders was great. Winning an Emmy v. earning a combat medal!

    Touching moments: Just seeing the troops’ faces in the audience, and the obvious joy on Stephen’s face every show, and thanking the crew at the end of Thursday’s show, and the footage of meet & greets…

    A great week for TCR & NFZ!!

  15. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Thank you Colbert Completists! I was barely able to keep up with the posts, so I don’t know how you kept up with the postings!

    My favorite on-air segment was the Thunderbirds because of the extreme comedy and terror contained in that one segment. I still can’t believe he did that. You’re so brave Stephen! Knowing how sick Stephen was after the segment makes me appreciate it even more. Also loved Army of Me.

    I LOVED the behind-the-scenes footage. When the interviewer asked him what Bob Hope would think of his shows and Stephen suddenly became all humble and pensive, my heart melted. I also loved how he introduced himself off and on to the soldiers “Hi, Stephen Colbert….hi, Stephen Colbert…” and loved seeing one girl jumping up and down upon meeting him.

    What an amazing week.

  16. Thank you, Completists, for the awesome task of keeping the rest of us informed.

    Special shout-out to Roland for your contributions. The DVIDS videos were amazing, thank you. Even more, thank you for your service to our country.

    Favorite parts: All of it! Each night brought new surprises. I do want to watch Basic Training & the Thunderbirds again.

    I think some of my favorite parts were the troops’ reactions to the buzz cut, basic training (esp. scaling the wall), the Thunderbirds, the Army song.

    “Honey, I’m coming home!” knowing that the audience couldn’t say that with him, was the most poignant moment.

  17. nerdygirl says:

    How to pick just one segment out of a whole week full of win? I thought the Formidable Opponent segment was gutsier than shaving his head, and it seemed to be very well received by the troops too. I loved the Thunderbirds segment (“Thunder Thunder Thunder, Thundercats!”). I loved Tom Hanks and the puppy. I loved the Commander-in-Chief ordering Odierno to “shave that man’s head.”

    But Stephen Strong: Army of Me stands out — partly for all the laughs, but mostly for the huge chorus of applause from the troops when Stephen rappelled down the wall.

    What a great week! Thanks to all the Completists for keeping us informed this week — I’m surprised the company I work for didn’t set the firewall to block nofactzone.net after all the times I visited while “working.” Looking forward to seeing Stephen safe and sound behind his desk in NY again tomorrow night.

  18. laughing at nothing says:

    All the great moments were mentioned, but my favorite was President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, ordering his four-star General to cut Stephen Colbert’s hair. Guests don’t get much better than that. XD

    I also want to show some love here for Thursday’s guest, Cmd. Sgt. Frank A. Grippe. An interesting phenomena in the military is that not everyone wants to be commissioned officers (equivalent to the senior/executive management route). There’s an honor to “staying with the forces” that is very rare among career paths anywhere. I don’t mind that he wouldn’t let the soldiers be filmed doing the complete hokey-pokey; he takes the respect of his job and pride in the troops very seriously.

    Between him and the Thunderbirds (Thundercats!) segment, I’ve had Paul McCartney & Wings’ Jet in my head all weekend.

  19. In Absentia says:

    I loved just about everything from last week. However, the basic training segments (especially the last one) was my all-time favorite. This followed by the Thunderbirds, and of course, the head shaving. However, I must say that the most fascinating thing to me about these shows is the reaction to hard-core conservatives and especially hard-core liberals (who thought that Stephen was completely on “their side”). These folks are really confused about the Iraq shows. It shows that despite Stephen’s support for the troops and the patriotic feel of the shows, the old antics of reality vs. perception were still there. Totally in awe of that. Although I think in this media-saturated world, this is inevitable, regardless.

  20. somuch2kno says:

    Please forgive me if I’ve asked this already, or if it’s been answered already, but now that our beloved crew has gone and returned safely, triumphantly!, did anyone ever solve the riddle proffered before they left. I’m no good at solving those things, but I am fascinated to learn how the pieces come together.

    • I have to confess that I gave up once I realized that they were going to Iraq. Maybe once school’s out, I’ll try to figure it out bass-ackwards… or not!

      reCaptcha: mistakes FINE

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