Sergeant First Class Demetrius Chantz talks about “training” Pvt. Stephen Colbert

Ha ha! Oh, this is impressive; sounds like Sergeant First Class Demetrius Chantz, who appeared in those hysterical videos of Stephen at Basic Training, managed to keep his cool throughout most of the taping session. But Stephen got even him to break in the end — hee! From WIS 10:

Ft. Jackson drill sergeant attempts to ‘train’ Stephen Colbert
Posted: June 11, 2009 06:06 PM EDT
Updated: June 11, 2009 06:06 PM EDT
By Taylor Kearns

FORT JACKSON, SC (WIS) – The man dubbed as South Carolina’s favorite child came back to South Carolina to meet a Fort Jackson drill sergeant.

. . .

Chantz was selected from 68 Drill Sergeants to “train” — or at least appear to train — Colbert for his trip to Iraq.

It wasn’t easy, Chantz says Colbert’s antics made it hard to stay in the mode, but Chantz has been tested before; he’s trained over 300 soldiers.

“I’ve had some characters believe it or not,” said Chantz.

But none that mounted an iPhone on their helmet like Colbert did in one of the scenes.

“He actually broke me one time at the end. He started singing his little song and that’s the only time I smiled and we had to do a retake,” said Chantz.

. . .

Click here for the full story at WIS 10

Let’s have another look at those brilliant segments:

Stephen Strong: Army of Me – Basic Training

Stephen Strong: Army of Me – Basic Training Pt. 2


  1. wildlymissingthemark says:

    i just loved that drill sargeant. he was so perfect in his role, and great with stephen. i can’t imagine how someone could NOT have to re-take with stephen.

  2. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Ha! Awesome. I was wondering about the drill sergeant! I’m glad to hear that Stephen actually broke him once, cause, honestly, how do you not laugh?! Oh, man…he did an admirable job, though!

  3. Wriststrongtanline says:

    I love when Stephen goes up and down that wall. You can tell that he is genuinely trepidatious (Bottomless Lake, anyone?) about the whole thing, but he does it, and still makes us laugh while doing it! Sigh, my hero.

  4. In Absentia says:

    This drill sergeant is awesome! Hey, the fact that Stephen only broke him down once is saying something. I was cracking up throughout both segments.


  6. ColGeek says:

    I was wondering how often/if the drill sergeant cracked up a lot. Thanks for the post!

  7. The Tv Watch
    U.S.O. Funnyman: Bob Hope’s Spirit, but No Cheesecake


  8. When I first watched it, I thought the sarge cracked a smile at the very end, but figured I had imagined it. I’m impressed he only broke up once. Between the dance & Stephen shushing the sergeant (Did you just shush me?! LMAO!), I would have been shrieking with laughter.

  9. He certainly wins the straight man prize!

  10. That was my Drill Sergeant in Basic Training. Fort Jackson, SC. We actually went through 9 weeks of vigorous training. He was “ALOT” more lenient on Colbert. He’s such a great Drill Sergeant!! I will never forget him, he’s the best. Hooah

  11. Chris Prescott says:

    OMG that was the best! Having been in the Army makes that even funnier. Way to go Stephen for doin a USO tour that really means alot to the guys over there. HOOAH!

  12. misty chantz says:

    This is my husband, he was SO GOOD!!! HOOOOAH!!!!!

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