Spoiler Alert! Colbert on Letterman – Colbert vs Branson

If you can’t wait the 30 minutes until “Late Show with David Letterman” comes on, click on the picture below to go to a Sneak Peek clip of Stephen Colbert on Letterman tonight! And don’t forget to come back to No Fact Zone to talk about all the Letterman-y goodness after the show airs!

Click on this picture to see Sneak Peek of Stephen Colbert on 'Late Show with David Letterman'

Click on this picture to see Sneak Peek of Stephen Colbert on 'Late Show with David Letterman'


  1. Shoooot! Can’t play the video outside US I guess!

  2. Was Stephen on the rest of the show? I DVR-d it but I turned it off because he seemed to have left after the commercial.

    He probably had to run to film his own show! I think Dave films around 5:30 or so.

    Nice of Dave to bring him on right as TCR was ending :)

    The “chicken fight” challenge to Branson was funny, but I don’t remember Stephen saying that on TCR?

  3. “chicken fight” challenge to Branson

    He challenged Branson to a chicken fight w/ nude models curled around his front (like real men) not his back! :)

    He was super adorable here, I loved his quip about being brave although I think he’s demonstrated his moral bravery many times over. As concerned as we all are for Stephen’s safety while abroad I think it will also provide a little taste of the anxiety that our military families go through for their loved ones, who are in harm’s way day after day. Perhaps this trip will bring needed attention to these neglected troops a bit more.

  4. ColbertGirl27 says:

    When Stephen said he didn’t know if Richard Branson’s water skiing with a naked model on his back was reprehensible or admirable and David dryly said “admirable,” I LOVED Stephen’s genuine hearty laugh. Stephen should have had two slots set aside for him on Dave’s show. It’s never enough!

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