Stephen Colbert talks about his Persian Gulf trip with

You simply must listen to this interview conducted by the blog podcast. Stephen talks about having some service members on the show, as well as how the Persian Gulf tour came about, and lots of interesting talk about

For me, one of the more interesting parts is Stephen looking up on the air, and talking about the donations in real time. But nothing is as amazing as the end, when Stephen gets on his soapbox of supporting the troops, and lets the listeners know in no uncertain terms that we all should be doing our parts to support the men and women who are serving this country.

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  1. Ms Interpreted says:


    I love the way it’s evident from Stephen’s voice just how deeply he cares about this trip to the Persian Gulf and about the children waiting for the troops to come home. I’ve been checking in at all day, every free moment I get, and I really enjoy seeing those numbers going up (one of the projects I contributed to this morning was fully funded before I left for home tonight).

    When Kina and I were at the Donors Choose/Gates Foundation panel last week, one of the bloggers there mentioned how addictive was; being able to watch the donations adding up and (eventually) getting the tangible thank yous is incredibly rewarding. I’ve certainly found that to be true; there’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained by helping out people — kids! — who want to learn, and is set up to be rewarding in just that way. And Charles Best (founder of the organization) was great about encouraging people to get involved, too; he emphasized that this is one of those charities you can donate to even if you just have a few dollars, and you’re still playing an important role.

    It’s really fantastic to hear Stephen in this podcast so strongly supporting the troops and their families. Love it.

    • I just checked, and 47 of the 67 projects are already fully funded. Way to go, Nation! But let’s clean up those remaining 20 today.

      • Ms Interpreted says:

        The other project I donated to the other day has now been fully funded. Whee!!

        It’s hard not to donate to everything. I wish I could; I’m just not so well-off as all that.

        But massive kudos to the 344 people who have donated over $27K so far; those students and teachers deserve it!

  2. Iraq???! That’s BOLD! Kudos and best wishes to the TCR team!

  3. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Wow. You can really, really tell that Stephen cares about this charity and cares about the troops. I’ve got to say, I like it when Stephen’s on his soapbox! That bit at the end was just great, I think he’s right, we have forgotten about them over there!

    Thanks for posting this, it was great. =)

    • yeah, its the first time i’ve heard him to serious about a cause.

      its strange listening to him without parsing through the lens of irony.

      but i like it!

      • MaryLovesColbert says:

        Haha! Yeah, it’s really nice to hear what he honestly does think about things. You know? He spends all his time on TV saying things he doesn’t believe in. So I like to hear what he truly does care about.

      • Yes, it is wonderful how he loves this charity and the troops. In fact, I just put in a few donations to the donors choose project. 3 projects. Most of what I’ve seen so far still have a few hundred to go. I have a mother who is a teacher and I really know what sort of help schools need.

        And that comment about Iraq is just great. We don’t think about them anymore and they do need to back in the spotlight more. We need to support them too.

        I love this man!

  4. That’s about as passionate as I’ve ever heard him talk about anything. DonorsChoose could not ask for a more committed (or influential) board member!

  5. forsakinghalfloves says:

    I love the passion and urgency in his voice. Take that, snarky Seattle Times!

  6. wildlymissingthemark says:

    I think it is safe to say that Stephen is fired up, ready to go. I can’t wait for his “Persian Gulf” shows. I have feeling they are going to be the best we’ve seen of TCR so far.

  7. Coquette says:

    He made me cry. Thanks a lot Stephen, I’m at work. I try not to cry at work. I think this is also really cool in that we’ll get to see a lot more of the real Stephen in these eventual shows, if this podcast is any indication. I finally have something serious I can show my family to warrant all the time I spend watching Stephen be silly. Hopefully they will donate and tune in. Go Marines!

    And of course there are funny parts “medical condition known as cowardice” (me too) “we are not focusing on the first 100 days, just the first 14 Mondays. everyone hates Mondays”

  8. Once again Stephen hits the nail on the head here and hits it with righteous truth and passion. What a difference from the pseudo-patriotic hypocritical spin one often hears from other pundits *cough* O’Reilly *cough* Beck…

    • In Absentia says:

      Now, to be fair, O’Reilly does give a lot to charity (especially Habitat for Humanity). However, the guy is such an egotistical idiot on his own show that it’s hard to see that or even remember it when you find out about it. Especially when he says such awful things about many disadvantaged people in our society (especially homeless veterans).

  9. Marines: $7100
    Army: $7375
    Navy: $6200
    Air Force: $5703


    *is ex-Air Force*

    *throws money at stuff*

  10. Hearing Stephen talk about what he actually believes in, just puts a smile on my face. I loved when Stephen got up on his soap box and was speaking so passionately. Also, with a brother whose a Marine, GO MARINES!

  11. I found a good project in Killeen, TX where my sister’s husband is based right now. Very nice, lovely people in Killeen at Fort Hood, and I’m happy to help out the kids!

  12. The last 30 seconds of that interview had me in tears! Stephen is such a passionate person, not only as an entertainer, but as a philanthropist and, even more importantly, a human being. Bravo, Stephen! And stay safe over there, wherever “there” may be.

  13. excellent last two minutes! very serious!

    the more fervently he talks the harder I try to figure out exactly how this giving works. I like it when I can just bop around and choose whatever looks neat but I want to do this right. I haven’t watched any of this week’s shows yet (yes…very sad indeed) but I think I got the idea.

    (and edit to celebrate the fact that I can edit!!! woot!)

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