Episode 5045 (4/6/2009)

epguideiconEPISODE NUMBER: 5045 (April 6, 2009)
GUEST: Tom Brokaw, Rich Lowry
SEGMENTS: Un-American News, Tom Brokaw interview, Node 3 Update
VIDEOS: Monday, April 6, 2009

I really found the contrast between the Tom Brokaw and Rich Lowry interviews to be very interesting tonight. Brokaw always brings a wonderful attitude to whatever appearance he’s doing, and he always brings insight into the topic (like Obama’s “Time Out” story) while continuing to play with the “Stephen” character to the delight of Colbert and the audience. In contrast, I thought the interview with Rich Lowry fell flat. Lowry was so on guard, he wasn’t willing to roll with the directions that Stephen wanted to take the interview, which made Lowry look bad, not Stephen. But, like Stephen says, I’ll make lemonade out of the Lowry interview and hope that I can find some sugar and water.

What did you all think of the show?

  • When it comes to sensitive information, the old Grey Lady is leakier than an old gray lady.
  • This chart is practically demanding them to chop off limbs.
  • Even the well-bred only use them when we are drinking High society tea with our foot.
  • The toughest part is converting his paycheck to Base 12.
  • If I wanted to share my wealth with my friends, I would have friends.
  • I guess it’s not as funny when you’re the one carrying everyone else’s debt.
  • He gave world leaders a Time Out? He said, You sit on your naughty spot? That’s an American president I can believe in.
  • NASA, don’t make me strap a rocket to an intern, and launch him into space with a can of spray paint.
  • First off, Congresswoman, it’s not a “room”, it’s a “node”, which is a highly technical space word meaning “room”.
  • But it’s used for urine recycling? Nation, I’m beginning to think NASA uses euphemisms. If “water recovery” is actually urine recycling, what the hell is a Buzz Aldrin?
  • Hey Giffords, I won this contest with 230,000 votes, which is almost twice the number of votes you got to win your district in 2006.
  • I’m kidding, there is no good half.
  • I thought there was some hot dog-on-frog action.


  1. Too many sex jokes for me not to vote for Tom Brokaw. Loved it.

  2. catherine says:

    does anyone know the quote stephen said about tucson?

    • Michele says:

      He said something about “not even the nice part” and then, “there is no nice part”. I can’t remember it exactly.

      I voted for the NASA node bit. I just thought it was really funny. Especially the part about strapping a rocket on an intern and sending him into space with a can of spray paint. LOL!

  3. Was the mention of burying an “old, dead horse” in the a intro a reference to anything in particular?

  4. My taping report is now posted here-


    • Michele says:

      Nice story Dee! Don’t worry. I had no idea what was in that box either. I wonder if it’s a running joke or if he just gave the script to whomever came up with the most clever answer first. I’m glad you had a good time and have enjoyed your time in America. Have a safe trip back home!

    • madinirose says:

      Great report. You should post it on the TCR fan forum. We’re running a little thin on recent taping reports there.

      • Thanks guys! Btw I’m not leaving this city to go back to my home town, I’m actually moving to LA! And yes, I’ll post it on TCR forum for sure.

        • Michele says:

          Oh! Well good luck in LA then and have a safe trip! :-)

        • In Absentia says:

          Thanks, Dee! Good Luck in LA. It will probably be hard for you to go to TCR now, uh?

        • ColbertGirl27 says:

          I’m in LA as well! I hope you enjoy it here. I have a love/hate relationship with the city, but there are always interesting things to do here!

    • What a great write-up! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us.

      • Thanks a Lot! And yes, everyone is warning me bout LA…or as Stephen wud say getting sucked by the black hole called Hollywood…!

    • Thanks for the report and the official word on Stephen’s favorite song: Holland 1945

      Grist for the CU archives.

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Great report Dee! How did Stephen react once the lady said “We never want to lose you” ? So sweet.

      Well, I found the clip with the Gwyneth Paltrow reference on Colbert Nation, but it was a brief sign-off bit at the end of a show in December 2006. How would anyone remember that?!


      Did Stephen recognize you this time around? This is your third time afterall! Haha. Well, I’m so glad you’ve had the chance to attend TCR tapings three times during your visit here. Have a safe trip back!

      • LOL…stephen jus smiled at her, really adorable! and literally everyone in the audience went “awwwww”…very cute!

      • And Stephen didn’t say anything bout seeing me before…but Mark and both his security men recognized me! heh…

    • Laaaura says:

      Thanks for the taping report Dee! That’s cool that Stephen gave out a signed copy of the script. Did the guy just shout out the answer or did he raise his hand? Was he the only audience member who knew the answer?

      Also, what does it say on Stephen’s jacket in that picture with him? Is that a White Sox jacket?

      • ohhh…i don’t know wat it says on his jacket! (Never looked below his beautiful face)..lol…but I doubt it’s the white sox. And when he asked the question he said we had to raise the hands if we knew the answer. And there were many people who gave vague answers when that guy finally answered correctly!

    • nice! wish i could watch a taping one day! :)

  5. Jenny with a Y says:

    These were my favorite quotes from this episode:
    “I guess it’s not as funny when you’re the one carrying everyone else’s debt.”
    “He gave world leaders a Time Out? He said, You sit on your naughty spot?” Funny stuff!

    It’s always interesting to see how even diehard fans of TCR, interpret things differently. I voted for the Rich Lowry interview. Rather than find it flat, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I liked his personality and I thought he enjoyed himself last night.

  6. forsakinghalfloves says:

    The whole show was full of euphemisms, from Tom Brokaw to the NASA segment to Rich Lowry. Seeing Tom Brokaw say those things with a straight face and in his newsman’s baritone really made me laugh out loud.

    And I actually thought Rich Lowry had a pretty nice time, too, though I have to say I didn’t like the last part; he got pretty defensive right before Stephen said good night. But I think he was able to laugh at himself with the bit about conservatives being non-journalists.

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Yes, Rich Lowry seemed rather defensive, but I guess that’s not too surprising since he’s a conservative guest on a liberal show…though other conservative guests have been less defensive.

      I’m curious if someone can answer me this question: At the end of the interview when Rich Lowry became rather defensive, interrupted Stephen and said he was afraid Stephen was setting him up for something, do you think Stephen decided to say goodnight at that point because he ran out of time or because he didn’t like how Rich Lowry was acting?

  7. tom brokaw! my fav line:( back when it was still G, not G-20 econ meetings) do they meet at the G-spot?

  8. Vote for the node, Stephen’s glee about it tipped the scales. I also enjoyed the Lowry interview in that despite Lowry’s best efforts to throw Stephen off he failed every time. They never learn.

    • I love the fact that he’s trying to drum up support for his name to be on the Node. And if he doesn’t win, the public may “Boo!” NASA for it because a lot of folks are pulling for him. The pressure’s on, NASA!

  9. I thought Lowry was abrasive and that Stephen shut him down at the end because he was being rude and defensive. Stephen wasn’t even nailing him and he was acting as if every word Stephen said was an attempt to slander his character. c’mon. Stephen makes everyone on his show look like a fool, left or right, that’s how it works (in different ways, usually, depending on if he agrees or disagrees with their positions, but still). Don’t come on the show if you’re going to object to it.

    I too loved the G, G-string, G-spot exchange between him and Brokaw.

    I think it would be a fun feature of the show, if every show had an audience-generated phrase that Stephen had to somehow work into the show! lol. It could be a bit distracting at times, I’m sure, but I think it would be fun.

    Also, I just bought Holland 1945 on itunes. :)

  10. maybe its common knowledge that stephen is a NMH fan, but i had no idea. my very favortie band, so im swooning more than ever…

  11. The G, G-string, G-spot wins my vote!

    I noticed when Stephen introduced Tom Brokaw, he stood up, kinda leaning over Tom there. I wonder what that was…Was Stephen just being enthusiastic and got up expecting Tom to do the same? Or was Stephen establishing his dominance over Tom? Or am I just seeing way too much into this?

    “Hey Giffords, I won this contest with 230,000 votes, which is almost twice the number of votes you got to win your district in 2006.”

    BOOM! I love it when Stephen nails somebody! And being from the Southwest, I can assure you that Tucson has no nice half.

  12. hello children! I might as well post even though I am deficient and behind.

    first of all I thought these were two excellent interviews! Tom Brokaw had so many amusing things to say. that G bit at the beginning was so funny. I like the premise of his documentary as well.
    the second guest Rich Lowry, I loved how vocal he was. I gotta say I enjoyed the liberals/journalists quip. it’s so nice when guests are not passive.

    finally, if you’re buying Holland, 1945, buy the rest of the album too!!! you want to! trust me! Oh Comely, King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1, Two-Headed Boy, these are *not* songs you want to miss!

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