Congratulations, Tom Purcell, new Co-Executive Producer for ‘The Colbert Report’

Three cheers for Tom Purcell, longtime writer (and sometime head writer and shooting victim) for The Colbert Report. Comedy Central has just announced that he has been named a third co-executive producer for the show. From Comedy Central:


NEW YORK, April 1, 2009 — Tom Purcell has been promoted to co-executive producer of “The Colbert Report,” it was announced today by Stephen Colbert, executive producer, writer and host of the program. Purcell had previously served as supervising producer and head writer. He is flanked by Meredith Bennett and Richard Dahm, also co-exec producers, in this new role.

“I’ve known Tom since 1989, but we didn’t start working together until 2005. It shows you what a poor judge of talent I am that it took me 16 years to realize he was this brilliant,” Colbert said.

. . .

Read the full release here

Here’s an on-screen appearance by Tom from The Report back in 2006:

Congratulations, Tom, for all your hard work! Here’s to many more years of laughter from you and your fellow Colbert Report wizards.


  1. *balloon drop* Congratulations, Tom!

    Does this mean he’ll stop getting shot by “Stephen”? Hehe…

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Haha! My exact same thought! Maybe he’ll get to “die” on camera now. Even more dramatic! On the other hand, maybe he’ll shoot Stephen. No! They should have a duel!

  2. Congratulations, Tom! I noticed a while ago that he was listed in the credits as a co-executive producer. Somehow I don’t think his new position will prevent any more shootings. Hee.

    I could also swear that I saw Barry Julien listed in the credits as head writer once, I think just before they went on break. But I guess there’s nothing official about it? Maybe I just hallucinated that…

  3. YAY, congrats to Tom and all the writers who deserve medals for the important service they render their country, true HEROES!

  4. Congrats to Tom and the crew

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