VIDEO: No Fact Zone gets the Colbert Bump

I’m still in total shock that for the first time since starting this fan site, our humble little blog was actually mentioned on the ‘Colbert Report’. Now, we’ve known for some time that Stephen Colbert and the ‘Colbert Report’ staff was aware of our site. We’ve been treated with nothing but respect from everyone at Comedy Central we have come in contact with, but to have Stephen mention us on the air was just almost more than I could bear.

The bump comes at the 1:14 mark.


  1. Congrats DB!

  2. !!! SO COOL.

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. SO awesome!

  5. wildlymissingthemark says:

    i KNEW stephen would mention this on the show, as well as NFZ. awesome! you made the big time now.

  6. Awesome, congrats on the recognition!

    (I unfortunately can’t watch it until I get home. Comedycentral blocks me from viewing. How rude)

  7. OK personal rule broken…I have gone ahead and watched *some* minutes of a TCR without watching *all* of them because this is too important to put off. :D

  8. We’ve watched you grow from birth.



  9. Wow, I was so excited when he bumped NFZ, I honestly had a difficult time paying attention to the rest of the segment! So happy for you, DB, and NFZ!

  10. I had the biggest grin plastered across my face last night after he mentioned NFZ and I still smile when I think about it now. Congrats, DB! You’ve earned that Colbert Bump! :-)

  11. forsakinghalfloves says:

    Yay! I watched the first few minutes online when I couldn’t wait for 9PM to arrive for my daily dose of fake news, watched the entire episode on real television and squealed quietly so I wouldn’t wake my dad, and watched it again here. I still can’t believe it. I’m happy to have found this site, and I’m so incredibly happy for everyone here at No Fact Zone. Cheers! :)

  12. This is awesome. I just thought of this: not only does Stephen check the site, he found out something he didn’t know about himself through us!

  13. mrtigger001 says:

    Yeah exactly! That’s why I’m so happy for NFZ right now. It must be so fulfilling…

    On a side note, I know we’re Colbert-centric around here, but I feel like the uncensored, uncut interview between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer last night deserves a Six Degrees post. Just a thought.

  14. You’re too modest! This is far from a “humble little blog”! It is at least as comprehensive as the official site, and goes above and beyond to cover all things Stephen and Stephen related. Congrats on the show mention. I hope your servers don’t crash from the “bump”!


    • Spoon at a Spork Fight says:

      Seconded. You all put a lot of TLC and time into NFZ and it shows. Bask in your Bump! We’re all terribly, terribly excited/happy for you. Congratulations!

  15. Just wanted to second the Shout Out to the awesome Stewart/Cramer smackdown, it was Jon at his best. The impact in the blogosphere reminds me of the aftermath of the WHCD in 2006.

  16. It’s about time!!! You so deserve it……..!

  17. nerdygirl says:

    I thought about it a little this morning, and not only did he give you the Colbert Bump, but he did it at the top of the show when he had probably the biggest lead-in from TDS that he’s had in months! This is so huge for the site. It was also in what I think was the funniest segment in the show — Ahmedinejad hawking matzoh! Congrats again, DB!

  18. Congratulations! NFZ, you have been officially bumped. Cue the massive balloon drop!

  19. sambalchuck says:

    Congrats!! No doubt the success of this site has a lot to do with DB’s great writing style, keep it up! :-)

  20. Very happy for you!

  21. I third the Six-Degreeing of the uncut Stewart/Cramer interview– one of the best Daily Show interviews ever.

    And congrats again, DB! According to the link you provided, Stephen said your site is awesome, and as we all know, Stephen is never wrong. :)

  22. Oh DB congratulations! I haven’t seen the show yet and I can’t watch this due to dial-up, but I’m so excited for you and for the nation!! I would have happy tears if I were you ^-^

  23. Great news! Congrats to DB and the rest of the NFZ team for getting the Colbert bump!

  24. Congrats on the Colbert Bump! I just recently found this site and am enjoying it thoroughly. Great job!

  25. lulubelle says:

    WOW,congratulations to the NoFactZone and to the fan who snapped the photo!!

    Also, that was some TDS interview! I could see that Cramer (and CNBC) had no idea what they were in for and it was tough to see Cramer realize this too late (man you could tell that Cramer was wondering IF he had a job to return to). Why must our Comedy Central boys have to expose the corruption and bad behavior of the big league players almost entirely on their own?

  26. wildlymissingthemark says:

    the TDS interview was definitely reminiscent of the crossfire smackdown. when jon allows his intelligence and passion to shine through, he makes a truly formidable opponent.

  27. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Wow, awesome!! Congrats again, guys! =D

  28. looped linear says:

    It’s also nice that he mentioned the original pic poster’s (real?) name: golgo13 =Sean Mottlaw(sp)? In addition to the NFZ shout-out. Kudos again on the coup, DB.

    Is eve-ry-bo-dy hap-peh..? =D

    And the TDS interview was interesting. Stewart made some valid points about the high-powered, ‘shadow’ stock market that deliberately and underhandedly chews up ordinary investors.

    Bravo Jon Stewart.

  29. Congratulations to DB and everyone on the NFZ team. You guys deserve it.

  30. Jenny with a Y says:

    Last night was awesome! Jon Stewart’s interview with Jim Cramer completely blew me away, but it was nothing compared to Stephen’s shout-out to No Fact Zone. This morning, I watched the segment several times before leaving for work. It makes me so incredibly happy to hear Stephen say!

  31. Congrats.

  32. i read this website every day, and when he mentioned it on last nights show i was SOOO excited for you DB and was just telling my roommates “hey! that’s the website i go to all the time!”. it was a cool experience for me, so i imagine it was awesome times infinity for you DB. good stuff :-)

  33. I read all the time, but lurk in the shadows; wanted to say a great big congrats to the NFZ.

  34. GAAACKKKK and Wahooooooooo!!! as I said while watching Thursday night’s episode online unsuspectingly and hearing those lovely words from Stephen’s lips! Soooo happy for you, so glad this day finally came!

  35. [in Jon’s high-pitched voice] AWE-SOME-

  36. wow. seriously. my heart skipped a beat when i heard him say it. :) congrats.

  37. AHHH congrats! I’m just now catching up on last night’s Fake News, and that was such a great moment! I couldn’t believe it.

  38. I watched the ep. last night. When he started talking about other countries using his likeness, I thought it would be about the Maxim thing. But then he gives a shout out (Hey!) to the No Fact Zone!! I was so psyched for you, DB, and all the completists. Way to go. Y’all are big time now, baby. :-)


  39. Congratulations, DB & the rest of the NFZ Completists!
    How AWESOME! :D

  40. I was soooo happy for you when I heard it. Long overdue!! Congrats and continued best wishes, DB!

  41. congrats to nfz

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