Comedy Central now has “Che Colbert” T-shirts available

Che Colbert

Due to popular demand, Comedy Central has made “Che Colbert” t-shirts available for purchase!

Click here to go to Comedy Central to order your own Che Colbert T-shirt!!

Also, if you didn’t see the original episode where the shirt was featured, here’s the video – featuring an interview with Benicio Del Toro, who was there to plug his new movie “Che”.


  1. Ms Interpreted says:

    Ha ha ha! Mad props to Comedy Central for recognizing a demand and rushing to fill it. That seriously is a thing of beauty. I don’t really wear t-shirts too often any more, but I may make an exception for this.

  2. FurElise says:


    BRB Buying one
    Wait, these only come in a mens? :(

  3. SazzrahUK says:

    That is amazing =D Damn I wish Comedy central would ship to the UK! still sad that I haven’t got a wrist strong bracelet!

  4. it’s great to see a product so fervently demanded come to be available! :D

    it seems like today is filled with news of giant organizations making strikingly logical decisions. I’ll take it!

  5. OK Comedy Central, that’s cool and everything, but…..make them in a girls skinny-fit and post ’em to the UK too? Please?!

  6. MaryLovesColbert says:

    OMG! I might have to buy this.

  7. Going to purchase this now.

  8. mrtigger001 says:

    its about time!

  9. I’m really surprised they actually listened to fans. I’m REALLY glad they did though, I’ve wanted one since I saw that episode. : D

  10. Glory hallelejuh! This is great! A must have.

  11. GASP! *whips out credit card*

  12. Thingol of Germany says:

    No shipping to Germany. :-(

  13. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Did anyone else notice that the tag says “extra hip”? Ha!

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