Heads up Aussies & New Zealanders! Rain special to feature interview with Stephen Colbert



According to The Korea Times, the Discovery Channel is going to be airing a new special featuring Rain called “Hip Korea.” The special, filmed over six months, features an interview with Stephen Colbert about working with Rain as well as other actors such as Susan Sarandon (who worked with Rain during “Speed Racer”). According to the Korean Pop Wars blog, the segment of this special you want to watch is called “Seoul Vibes”.

According to the Discovery Channel, here’s some of the countries and times of the broadcast of this special:

Australia and New Zealand

  • January 31, 2009 – 7:30p
  • February 1, 2009 – 1:30a
  • February 1, 2009 – 7:30a

It may be showing in other countries, but I wasn’t able to find it if it was (Korea and other Asian country sites are, for obvious reasons, not in English, so I couldn’t read the schedule). I couldn’t find anything about it on the US Discovery Channel site.

And for those who want to simply relive the beauty of the Rain Dance-off, please enjoy this video!


  1. superduper says:

    raiiiin!! haha :)

    ..shall nofactzone post a video of the interview if it becomes available?

  2. according to the article the ep we would want to look for is called “seoul vibes”, not “seoul savvy”.

    “One will be about the singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) and is subtitled ‘Seoul Vibes,’ while the other is about Lee Byung-hun and is called ‘Seoul Savvy’.”

    i will let anyone know if i find it. it will probably be up on japanese websites soon after airing, so i’ll give it a look see and let ya know.

  3. Hey there..the Colbert section is terrific and once the program goes to air, we’ll be sure to send you a clip. We are so grateful to Stephen for offering us this rare interview..the program is airing across Asia to begin with on Feb. 23rd or the 27th depending on the country you’re in..after which it’ll air in Europe and other countries and networks.

    In Japan, it will be on NHK first this year – followed by DIscovery Japan in 2010

    Thanks for the interest!

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