Lawrence Lessig doling out ‘Colbert Report’ swag

Hat tip to Jennie for this item, from Lawrence Lessig’s blog (internal links omitted):

The final REMIX reading
January 12, 2009 2:57 PM – comments (0)

Ok, San Francisco, sadly, I report: the final REMIX reading will be Wednesday, 14 January, at 7:30pm, at Booksmith …

To celebrate the sadness, I’ll be giving away the swag I got at the Colbert Report. Plus 10 (fake) Colbert campaign posters that I tried to ambush Colbert with.

Full post available here

There you have it, San Franciscans, a chance to pick up some genuine Colbert swag. The rest of us will have to content ourselves with another viewing of the interview (or this fairly cool remix):

Lawrence Lessig says the outdated copyright laws have turned our kids into criminals.


  1. looped linear says:

    I sure hope they play this remix on the show; it’s really good.
    “I want to be…I want to be…!”

  2. looped linear says:

    Strange. My previous comment isn’t registering.
    Can anybody see me?!? *frantically waves hands in front of face* >!

    oh, it’s ok now …D

  3. prazzledazzle says:

    San Francisco. Colbert. Lessig…?
    Close enough! It’s rare to see those two words in a sentence together (without the words “bashing Castro” inbetween, haha).
    71 Haight bus, here I come!

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