Klassic Kolbert: Best of 2008 – Episode 4051 (04/17/08)

Episode 4051

Tonight, we are featuring one of the Philadelphia shows. This one has an impressive guest list: Patrick Murphy, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama. The videos from this episode are embedded below, but there were so many fantastic “The Colbert Report: Dorito’s Spicy Sweet Pennsylvania Primary Coverage From Chili-Delphia – The City Of Brotherly Crunch!” related segments leading up to that night, I also included a lot of links in this post so that y’all can go check some of them out.

Please enjoy!!! Videos after the cut!


  1. The Edwards clip wil forever be one of my favourite segments <3

  2. Best show everrrrrrrrrr. Instant forgiveness for the three-hour wait in the Lobby of Doom.

    • Jenny with a Y says:

      Were you in the audience that night? I was there, too! Having to stand-up and wait in that crowded lobby for over three hours wasn’t fun, but it was so worth it!!! I will always have fond memories of that glorious night.

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