The Super Awesome Spectacular “A Colbert Christmas” Post!!

It’s here! It’s finally here! We can now officially talk about the wonderful, happy, sweet, funny, FAN-FRIGGIN’-TASTIC Comedy Central presentation of “A Colbert Christmas – The Greatest Gift of All!”, starring Stephen Colbert, and featuring Elvis Costello, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, Jon Stewart, John Legend, and Feist!

So, feel free to rattle on and on in the comments. For those of you who got to go to the early screenings, you can finally dish about those special moments involving the special that you got to experience. For those of you who got the early DVD screeners (or got seriously lucky with Amazon), you can finally gush and explode all over the place about how WONDERFUL the special is!

I do have one small request for everyone as they gush. The No Fact Zone staff is fully aware of the ability of this special to kick up everyone’s inner Fangirl to 11. However, please keep in mind that this is still a family-friendly blog, so please keep your fangirling to a respectable level (i.e. no in depth, analytical discussions about Stephen’s Yule Log). Thank you.

For those of you who want to sing along, No Fact Zone has a new page for you to check out:

“A Colbert Christmas – The Greatest Gift Of All!” Lyrics

And please vote in the poll below – I can’t wait to see which songs are the favorite among the hardest of the hardcore Colbert Nation here at No Fact Zone.


  1. The show’s music theater provenance….

    “The songs have a distinctly show-tune sound, with clever lyrics and catchy melodies. ..were written for Mr. Colbert and his guests by a songwriting team that had a full-fledged musical on Broadway this year.

    O.K., that musical, “Cry-Baby,” ran for only 68 performances. But the lyricist David Javerbaum and the composer Adam Schlesinger were nominated for a Tony Award for best score.
    That’s not the whole story, of course. Mr. Javerbaum may be a highly trained lyricist with a degree in musical theater from New York University, but he’s better known as the current executive producer and former head writer of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central” …from NY TIMES 11/19

  2. I had to vote for “Nutmeg”, if only for Stephen’s dancing around. I loved all of them, but I just couldn’t contain myself during that one.

  3. imoldfashioned says:

    Oh! Also, thank you for the lyrics DB!!

  4. Yes you RULE for providing lyrics, I’ll be singing these songs all December.

  5. By far my favorite line was when Feist came down from the tree and Stephen asked her if every time a bell rings an angel gets it’s balls! I think I laughed uncontrollably for at least 5 minutes. Fantastic, awesome, and unbelievably funny. I’m so glad I resisted the temptation to watch the promo videos — it was SO worth the wait!

  6. well well. time to assess.

    I voted for Hanukkah because I couldn’t not. Jon is so silly! I included in that vote the precious hand match-up moment– nice subtext! :D

    I also really liked that last song a whole lot, and the Toby Keith song had the best animations and clips! and of course, the prancing around for Another Christmas Song was hilarious!

    all in all, excellent! I’ve very sorry my pre-ordered DVD won’t be here for another week cuz I’d really like to see A Cold, Cold Christmas! but at least I’ll get the audio from iTunes provided I can figure out how to get my pre-ordered song!

    wow I’m all sleepy now! that took energy!

  7. The tune and the dance moves to go along with it make “Another Christmas Song” my favorite. It’s such a catchy tune! The dance moves were so hysterical.

    “Can I Interest You In Hanukkah” is a very close second. I just love the way Stephen sings, “Is it merry? Is it jolly? etc” haha!

    And the part when Jon and Stephen were under the mistletoe and Jon started talking about what they’d have to do, with all the censors. lmao!

    I loved this so freakin’ much. I am watching the repeat right now. I can’t wait for the DVD!!

  8. I love the little “On Notice” fridge magnet. Anywho…

    Man, that was beautiful! All the songs were great and hilarious, and I love the recurring joke with the mistletoe and Santa turning out to be Stephen (I knew it!)

  9. I loved it a LOT. But I can’t wait for the DVD extras, especially Cold Cold Christmas!

    I really liked “What’s So Wrong about Peace, Love, and Understanding?” The harmony was surprisingly lovely (I understand they all recorded their parts individually).

  10. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Wow. It’s going to be hard to come down from this Christmas cloud (no Willie Nelson jokes please). Favorite songs:

    1. Can I Interest You In Hanukkah?

    The chemistry between Stephen and Jon is priceless and I’m always a sucker for the cuteness factor. As Laaaura mentioned earlier, I LOVE it when Stephen says in his gleeful manner “Is it merry? Is it jolly?” with that adorable piano music being played in the background. Also loved the candles remark and the lingering windowpane exchange. Heart thumping…

    2. Another Christmas Song
    I’m an old-school gal, so I love any “let’s put a show” type number. The whole dressing sequence was hilarious and I loved seeing his children. So cute! Oh, I also loved how the camera panned up and down the staircase as Stephen put on his scarf.

    3. There Are Much Worse Things to Believe In

    Most thought-provoking song. As someone suggested, I believe this was Stephen more than “Stephen” singing this song. Beautiful lyrics accompanied by beautiful piano rendition.

    I thought this song perfectly reflected Stephen’s ability to respect yet question everything. Such an intelligent, complex wonderful man. I think Stephen is the perfect example of someone who keeps the Christmas spirit every day of the year:)

  11. ColbertGirl27 says:

    I don’t know if it showed up on the credits on TV, but the DVD credits TCR writer Richard Dahm as “Wisconsin Cop” which must refer to the policeman who arrests Willie Nelson. Ha!

  12. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Who wants to guess what was upstairs in the cabin?

    OK. I think I’ve posted enough tonight (blushing).

    • Mystery solved: it was me. Or maybe I just dreamed that… ;)

      If I have to vote for one, it would be Jon and Stephen’s song. But the whole special was just too cute!

      I just got an email: my DVD is on its way! :)

      reCAPTCHA: eighteen book
      I don’t trust books, let alone eighteen of them…

    • imoldfashioned says:

      I kept wondering if Tad was somewhere in that cabin.

      I miss Tad!

  13. Jenny with a Y says:

    Wow! This special was awesome! It was every better than I imagined it would be. Everything was amazing: the writing, the performances, the music, the graphics. I watched it twice last night, and I know that, once my DVD arrives, I’ll watch it on a nightly basis until Chrismas is over.

    Every Christmas, my family watches “A Christmas Story” on a continuous loop. I have a feeling that “Colbert Christmas” is going to replace it. It’s sweet and sincere enough not to offend anyway but also a bit weird (just like my family).

    I haven’t been able to choose my favorite song. Here are a few of my favorite moments: THEY ARE CANDLES!, the goats, the jokes involving the “fireplace,” Elvis Costello’s bizarre outfits, the line about the long lasting oil, the Land Mall magazine, Jon singing!, the naughtiness of “Nutmeg,” the killing off of the Jonas brothers, the fact that they blew up stuff during the Toby Keith song, Stephen’s earnestness during the Willie Nelson song….Okay, I need to stop because my list is getting too long.

  14. I love that Jon was a part of it. And that he wore a funny costume and sang and did the pressed-up-against-the-door bit. It was just really silly, and really sweet. I love seeing them together.

    • Jon wore blue and white, which are the colors of the Israel flag and also the colors that are usually used for Hanukah decorations (plus gold and silver). So I guess he went “Jewish” all the way. Anyway, he had to differentiate himself from the green and red that everyone else wore…

  15. You know, to this day, I have never heard a Jonas Brothers song.

    • you’re better off without them
      I’m 15 and have to live with people singing them at me all day
      *shakes fist* HIGH SCHOOL!

  16. This special was indeed awesome. Frankly, I enjoyed all the numbers and guests… even Mr. Bear (that was too funny). So I voted for ‘Another Christmas Song’ because it was Stephen at his solo best.

    Oh, and to quote Eris who posted above: REFRIGERATOR SHOT!!!!

    • “even Mr. Bear”

      Actually, it was apparently a Female Bear (as specifically indicated in the credits lol).

  17. vote #1- Whats So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding

    alternate vote – There Are Much Worse Things To Believe In

    Had already seen so much of the show due to previews available. It was nice to see it all put together at last. Cast members singing in harmony gets my vote today. Hopefully Santa will bring me the DVD.

    Lots of replies here today. Wow!

    Merry Christmas

  18. The special was so amazing I had to watch the rerun an hour later. In case you’re wondering, it only gets better with repeated viewings. Although I read all of the great articles and reviews related to the special, I didn’t watch any of the video previews because I wanted to be surprised. Everything about the special was delightful! I loved the Hanukkah song and the longing between Jon and Stephen in that scene at the door…too much! I thought all of the guests did a terrfic job, but the duet between Elvis Costello and Stephen was lovely. They could host a variety show together.

  19. Colbertoine says:

    I generally don’t “squee” but it was truly hard to stay quiet enough to listen to the lyrics. I voted for Stephen and Jon’s song just because it was so beautifully awkward!

  20. I didn’t think I could enjoy anything more than the hour long Indecision 2008 special, but this just blew me away! I was worried that with all this hype it wouldn’t be able to live up to expectations, but once again Stephen does not disappoint!

    I think I really frightened all the non-it-getters in my house with all my fangirl squealing and hysterical laughing!

  21. SusieBlack says:

    After Little Dealer Boy, I’ll never think of Christmas greenery in the same way again.

    I wanted to vote for Another Christmas Song because it screamed fun and bubbly ‘Show Choir!’…I’d love to see my daughter’s group do this.

    All of the tunes were clever and with the delightfully risque’ lyrics, it’s SO difficult to choose.

    I love having a new favorite video for the holidays to go with Charlie Brown Christmas.

  22. ColbertsLassInNC says:

    This is fangirl post 3 or 4 for the day, wow, i’m on a roll…

    Guys, with me being an uber-Colbertista, I noticed something huge that was missing from last night’s performance… remember that little sneek peak of the special when the nominees for the Emmy’s were announced, and they showed the writers gathered around hanging out then Stephen runs down the steps with a rifle wearing JUST BOXERS (**OMG, SUPER SQUEALING FANGIRL MOMENT TIMES INFINITY FOR ME**) and then shoots it off…

    WHERE WAS THAT LAST NIGHT?! Is it only on the DVD version? I know I definitely would not have missed something that major! Considering i’m still drooling over the episode of SWC where he beared it for Geoffrey to “paint” him… ;)

    If that’s the case, then we have something even more GREAT to look forward to when it’s released tomorrow! :) :) :)

    Gee, my thought process just made my own day, how about that!? hehe

    • I’m pretty sure that segment you’re talking about was taped just for the Emmys. I don’t have the DVD yet, but I don’t think it’s on there.

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      I’m afraid it’s not on the DVD…..but now I wish it was!!!!!!! DB, can this can our next prize from CC? This clip? Oh, and outtakes and bloopers:)

      • Can what be our next prize from CC — Stephen in boxers? If so, I WANT THAT PRIZE!! :)

        By the way, I was watching the Food Network today and Rachael Ray was making a recipe that called for nutmeg, she was going on and on about how much she loved nutmeg. I LOL’d. :)

  23. wildlymissingthemark says:

    the excitement here is palpable! thanks to stephen for bringing so much pre-christmas joy.
    i just loved seeing elvis costello. how awesome. and stephen’s voice is tremendous, i hope we hear more of his singing in the future.

    • Agreed about Stephen’s voice. I also think Jon should definitely sing more.

      I also agree about Elvis Costello. Has he been on the show before? I don’t think he has, but I could be wrong. Anyway, that would be a really fun interview!

  24. looped linear says:

    Really good show.And all the songs were good too. So it’s almost impossible to choose just one thing/bit as a favorite. I picked Another Christmas Song, cuz it’s so happy, with lots of dancing.
    But Feist’s song (done to the tune of a legit Xmas carol) was good, as was the sweetness of There Are Worse Things to Believe.

    And who knew Elvis Costello’s *real* real name was so twinkly? Declan Patrick Pippi-go Merrybuttons ….hahahahaha! =D (See what I mean about all good?)

    …and I believe it’s a law that all new jugglers must juggle with mouth open…;D

    …and Colbert’s screaming head in the Xmas wreath at the official intro XD… everytime I rewatch the show, the funny pokes me in the eye once more.

    Can’t wait til Tuesday when I’ll get the dvd.

    • I like the juggling comment, and I do believe it is the law! :D
      although I think his expression was just in keeping with his super-exuberant mood! he seems to be pretty well in control to me. I have taught people to juggle and watched many others learn, so I have a “feel” for this a bit.

      • looped linear says:

        When I was first learning to juggle, my brother, as a joke, asked if keeping my mouth open while juggling helped keep the balls in the air somehow; so it’s something I notice when others juggle.

        Though I’m sure you’re right and he was mostly just being happy. It *is* a fun activity. =D

  25. Singing Stephen can cheer me up any day! I love it so much!!! So much anticipation, and it s finally here! This is definatly one of my new favorite Stephen moments!

  26. imoldfashioned says:

    Someone might have asked about this already but could Stephen be nominated for TCR and Colbert Christmas in the same category at the Emmys next year? He may end up shaking his fist and screaming “STEPHEN!!:

  27. An alternate clip! It’s a slightly different take on Jon’s entrance…including a cute reference to Stephen on TDS!–jon-stewart-drops-by

    • damn I can’t watch this because apparently hates the British :-( does NFZ feel like embedding it…? :-)

    • Hahahaha, “I have one up here too… you used to live there”

      That’s so adorable :)

  28. AliceInDallas says:

    The album finally downloaded from iTunes! Wheeee! Yes, I love Cold, Cold, Christmas. I have to leave town tomorrow and I just received word, yesterday, that my pre-ordered dvd is shipping. Well, at least I have the music to take with me. :)

  29. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Before it’s too late, I want to praise those who designed the set and included so many wonderful objects in the background such as the little on notice board or the drawing of Stephen which reads “me” on the fridge. The attention given to the set is reminiscent of the amount of detail given to the SWC schoolrooms and hallways. I wonder where all of those wonderful props went to after the special was completed.

    Gosh. It’s rather sad to think that the set is no longer there:(

    recaptcha: state unnecessary (yes, I guess I’m getting too emotional)

  30. mrtigger001 says:

    Ok I know I’m coming late to this, but John Legend knocked his part out of the park. “Another Christmas Song” and “Can I Interest You in Hannukah?” were also awesome.

    I was watching some of the clips online, and they don’t have the laugh track. I think the laugh track really makes the difference, so good job to whoever was in the audience for the viewing!

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