Friday Free-for-all

Stephen Colbert in A Colbert Christmas

Oh my dear Lord, people! This week has been an insane flurry of news here at No Fact Zone. Don’t forget to enter our “Colbert Christmas” contest for your chance to win DVDs of the special.

We’ve got a ways before we’re done celebrating here, though. On Sunday, early in the day, we’ll post a Super Awesome Spectacular “Colbert Christmas” post, and we can *finally* bond as fans and friends in the comments as we soak in the spectacularness that is Stephen Colbert in Mukluks. Next week is “Interview Week”, where we’ll be featuring exclusive interviews with J.J. Sedelmaier (animator and pop culture icon), David Javerbaum (Executive Producer, ‘The Daily Show’) and Rob Kutner (writer, ‘The Daily Show’). In addition, as is our tradition, we will be doing some “Klassic Kolbert” reruns to help us make it through the rerun week.

Also, again on a personal note, don’t forget that I’m doing a little bit of blogging about the site over at my buddy Lorelle’s blog. This is how the blog series is going so far:

We’ve got quite a few more articles before the series is complete, so check Lorelle’s site often.

Normally at this point in the post, I ask a question to get the conversations going. But right now, all I can think about is the Christmas special and how wonderful it is and how cool Sunday night is going to be. But I don’t want to spoil it for those who are avoiding spoilers like crazy. So … tell me:

What are your plans for this weekend, other than spending Sunday night at 10p in front of the television?

And you can talk about anything you want. Just try not to post any spoilers for the special.


  1. LOL I love the new header.

    As for my weekend, tomorrow night I’m getting a makeover. My friend has been planning her wedding and entered some contest at some sort of demo and won, so it’s free for her and four friends. (Until they start pushing us to buy the products, of course.)

    Saturday night is a hang-out with friends and watch a movie night.

    And I absolutely cannot think of what I could possibly do on Sunday evening! Maybe I’ll just go to bed early.

  2. So, who’s recorded his singing-promo and has it ready to be made a ringtone?

  3. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Call to Zoners: After the Christmas special, start calling your local radio stations this Thanksgiving week and ask them to play your favorite Colbert song! Let’s spread the cheer of the Colbert Nation to the entire nation!

    DB, I hope radio stations will have access to these songs to play on the airwaves. Correct me if I’m wrong…but I pray I’m not!

    recaptcha: miles reply

  4. This is kind of a random comment, but it’s a bit too long for Twitter, so I’ll put it here:

    I walked into my co-worker’s office to ask a question. He showed me where the answer was in a different pile of paperwork, and in a flip response to my question he said, “I guess *you’ll* never be a detective.” (Did I mention he can be a bit of an ass?)

    I wanted to say, “Me? Not having research skills? HAHAH! You’ve obviously never seen my blog.” But I thought that would be tacky.

    • Flatpoint Grief Counselor says:

      I believe the proper response to his comment would be to dig up something embarrassing about his past and post it on the company bulletin board.

    • Haha! Good story. Tacky? Nah. Accurate? Hells yeah!

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Set one of your tarantulas on him. If he’s such a good detective, let him figure out where it came from;)

    • SusieBlack says:

      I would have been tempted to raise an eyebrow Colbert-style and say something like ‘oh, I detect many things…’ like, what a mean-spirited jerk you are.

  5. ^haha. excellent self control!

    this weekend I am going to see an improv show which is always a grand time.
    I’m going to try to take over the TV room in my dorm Sunday and see if I can interest random passersby in the greatest gift of all.

  6. I’m enjoying your blog series DB! Your enthusiasm is contagious. If only I had the time, I would love to help out with NFZ. *sigh* Maybe when my kids are a bit older.

    I actually have plans for this weekend. Tonight my husband is going out on a man-date with a couple of buddies to see the new James Bond movie. He better not come home pregnant! Then tomorrow night I get to go out to dinner with some girlfriends. I look forward to these dinners so much! We try to do it at least once a month and we have so much fun and laugh until our sides hurt. Then Sunday, I plan to watch the premiere of 24 followed by the Colbert Christmas special. WOOT!

  7. Well, since my Mom hasn’t been feeling her best lately, we’re sort of doing our Black Friday shopping tomorrow. I think there might be a Linens-N-Things going out of business down there, so we might be hitting that. We’re going to have brunch too at this most awesome local brunch eatery, The Turning Point. I have no major plans for Sunday except to watch A Colbert Christmas, most likely, more than once. : )

    I’m hoping to convince hubby to allow me to play the yule log on the DVD while we open Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve this year. Hehehe… Wish me luck!

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Hey Lisa,

      So sorry to hear your mom is still not well. I hope and pray that she will be better by the time Christmas rolls around if not Thanksgiving.

  8. Hey, does anyone know when this will be shown in England? The FX site is no help at all as usual.

  9. wildlymissingthemark says:

    i have just moved from chicago to virginia, so i will be spending the weekend trying to get my new place in order (especially with the holidays coming up.) that is why i wasn’t hanging around the blogosophere the past few months. i am in the south, so it’s kind of a cultural readjustment, but the people are super nice, and my kids seem to like it.

    unrelatedly, i was trying to watch colbert’s appearance on martha stewart, but i couldn’t find it on the channels here, so i am hoping i can see it somewhere else.
    i really need to get a tivo.

  10. Tonks/colbertican says:

    well, last night was opening night for my school’s production of A Christmas Carol, and it went well. So my weekend will consist of a series of performances and cast parties.

  11. boy ive been sporadic here

    continued job hunt for me this weekend.

    for the ot subject: Huzzah! Mitch and Ron have signed to do the AD movie!

    Since the show had several tds alums, it would be wonderful if the movie could cameo Jon and/or Stephen. Richard Belzer (thurs guest on tds) was cameo in few eps.

  12. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Guess what just arrived in the mail? A Colbert Christmas! Although I’m tempted to watch it now, I’ll wait to watch the special until Sunday night with my fellow Zoners:)

  13. I don’t have TV, so I couldn’t see the Martha segment. I bet it was super adorable – anyone know if it’s available anywhere online?

  14. Plans for the weekend: take the private jet to DC to modify some mortgages since the gov’t has thrown in the towel, then on to England for more lessons in Socialism. Next, Germany for a light zinfandel to enjoy back in the USA with the all-American Colbert Christmas. Ahh, well, at least some of this is destined to come true.

  15. prazzledazzle says:

    Oh my goodness. I feel so guilty that I haven’t been keeping up with the massive glob of ColbNews that just won’t stop growing!
    But it’s not my fault, I swear. My highschool’s “Urinetown the Musical” production has been tiring me out, but man it’s worth it! This weekend, I will be doing the last two shows, and then I get to SLEEP! Oh yes, I still have to study for an AP Bio test… yuck.

    Our musical has been a success. Tonight was a sold out show, and currently everyone is LOVING IT. My congratulatory prize will be watching A Colbert Christmas on Sunday night :)

    Hooray for the holidays! …and musicals!

    • Congratulations on the success of your musical. Urinetown is one of my all-time favorite shows… Hail Malthus!

      reCAPTCHA: “to curtain”

  16. ColbertGirl27 says:

    I know that there are a barrage of television reviews out there right now, but I was so thrilled when I found this review and read this opening line written by Aaron Barnhart of The Kansas City Star:

    “The holiday TV season officially begins tonight with a new hourlong special from cable satirist Stephen Colbert, whose ‘Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!’ sets the bar very high. We’re talking Charlie Brown high.”

    Congratulations Stephen! You’re now on par with “A Charlie Brown Christmas”—one of your favorites!

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