Klassic Kolbert: Stephen Colbert and Helen Thomas

Regulars here should be familiar with our love for the great Helen Thomas, White House correspondent extraordinaire. We are happy to report that, after lengthy, health-related absence from the White House Press Room, Helen returned to her seat of honor earlier this week; Mediabistro (via HuffPo) has the video here.

This, of course, made me think back on Stephen’s many segments with Helen, from his Daily Show days to his tenure at The Colbert Report. I’m honestly not sure I can pick a favorite, but here are two candidates (please chime in with your nominations in the comments to this post):

At the White House — Covering the White House, Stephen Colbert cuts through the fog of information and facts and gets to the real story. The story is that Stephen Colbert is at the White House. [Editor’s note: See also the Moment of Zen from that episode]

Stephen for Press Secretary — Stephen is kidnapped while making his audition tape for White House press secretary.

No matter which you pick, I think we can all agree that it’s always good to see her (especially with Stephen). Welcome back, Ms. Thomas!

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