Canton, Ohio (a.k.a. “Hitler’s Asscrack”) adjusts to its new name


Canton has a new name, at least in one comedian’s mind
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Update: Suggested names for Colbert’s show from Repository staff members

CANTON In case you missed it, and you probably did, in a small part of America — the strange space between comedian Stephen Colbert’s ears — the city that is home to Timken Co. and the Pro Football Hall of Fame has a new name.

On Tuesday night, Colbert, feigning unhappiness because the city hosted Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, renamed Canton as “Hitler’s Asscrack.”

You read that correctly.

We’re only going to say it once here.

. . .

Read the full article here

The article helpfully links to additional background on The Report‘s Canton commentary (so it’s clear that someone on the show is familiar with the joke, for a nice change of pace), but they seem unconvinced that the name Stephen “suggested” is the best one for them. They recommend a few others here. My advice? Leave the writing to the Emmy and Peabody winning staff of The Colbert Report, and just enjoy the segment:


  1. ColbertGirl27 says:

    “…the strange space between comedian Stephen Colbert’s ears…”

    Haha! That is such a cute thing to say!

  2. Leave the writing to the Emmy and Peabody winning staff

    Seriously guys, keep your day jobs.

  3. LOL At the names they came up with! :D

    At least we can all rest easy with the fact that they will never get a job on our beloved Report with “skills” like those.

  4. Oh, come on…at least they’re trying to be in on the joke. Give them some credit! p.s. I’ve been to the McKinley monument and it is boring! ;)

    • I agree. At least they realize it’s a joke and aren’t getting upset. I’ve never been to Canton but I’ve lived in southwest Ohio for nearly 14 years now and I can say with some authority it does kind of suck.

    • Ms Interpreted says:

      My bad; it’s hard to convey tone in these posts sometimes. I really do give them props for being in on the joke … it’s just that you can’t get into a trash talking exchange with the writers at The Colbert Report and expect to come out on top! ;)

      • I knew what you meant Ms I! No worries. ;-) And yes, while it’s nice they’re trying to be in on the joke, they should leave the writing to the writers.

      • So true, so true, Ms I.
        Hmmmmm, “The Canton Repository” or “The Canton Suppository”? :D

  5. I think those suggestions are pretty decent! I’d even say the tone is rather it-getting.

    I was surprisingly glad to see the Canton hullabaloo restart last night. maybe because if was half way not about the election!

  6. What cracks me up about this is that most of the commenters on agree that the bit was hilarious and that the guy who wrote the column needs to get a sense of humor. I couldn’t agree more.

    It’s satire, folks. Please let the Emmy and Peaboy awards speak for themselves.

  7. oh, how i love the canton controversy!

    not too bad of an article. they seem rather it-getting, but the names for the show leave something to be desired. i agree, keep your day job guys. you cant expect to go up against the staff of TCR and win! lol!

  8. I actually live in canton ohio… and I thought this bit was friggin hilarious! and mostly true! I’m not against the name change, maybe people will try to make this town better then.

  9. Canton is not that bad. My grandparents came from Europe and settled here and I’m glad that they did. Canton is a wonderful place. And the monument isn’t boring. Look up the Masons and you will see how intriguing the monument and Canton really is

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