Episode 4136 – R.A.P.S. (Awesome!)

This episode was a lot of fun to watch. As usual, I was impressed by the creativity of The Colbert Report writers. “Movies that are destroying America” had me in stitches, especially when Stephen was discussing High School Musical 3. I also enjoyed the segment about the Pew Research Center poll. I love it when Stephen takes things in an unexpected direction.

What were the highlights of this episode for you? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. You may also wish to add a write-in vote for something not included in the poll.


  1. it might be a little slow to come (I first posted on the Colboard about Pew research thing in August) but I never saw Stephen’s excellent anti-fact assessment of it coming! that was a hilarious take on it, so in character! I will be anti-learning and anti-studying from now on, do not worry!

  2. Ms Interpreted says:

    Much as I loved Stephen quoting Shakespeare again (“… love is not love/Which alters when it alteration finds …”), I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the David Frum segment. Still, Stephen + Shakespeare = happy Ms I.

    The “People in your neighborhood” segment started off being unfortunately reminiscent of the segment from TDS just the other night (bound to happen every now and again), but it really took off from there, I thought. Branching out into children’s books was hilarious and oh-too-apt. Great job, writers!

    • The whole Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder bit absolutely cracked me up. Definitely my favorite part of the night.

  3. I like the pew research part too. I had read about that only a few days before he mentioned it. There was a link posted here I believe. I love his take on it. I really didn’t see that coming either. In character!

    The People in Your Neighborhood part was one of the most hilarious one that I have seen. I voted for that too. It was a tie.

    Amy Sedaris was on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. I was surprised to see that and tuned on at the right time! I’m happy now. I love her.

  4. Kinaesthesia says:

    Both the Daily Show and Colbert were great fun tonight! I loved the Shakespeare moment. But my vote went to the movies segment because I can’t wait for Quantum of Solace. And the sneaky movie title puns – I can only remember ‘Moonraker’ right now – made me laugh.

  5. toothpick_pocket says:

    “Chuck the teacher”– unintended SWC shout-out!!! Oh no, he’s not for her is he? Nah, all women are evil to him:)

    • I never even noticed that! I’ll have to watch the rerun again tomorrow (today). This has been a really great week. I need to check out. Goodnight Nation.

    • I noticed that too and cracked up! I loved Movie Trailers Destroying America but I ended up voting for Pew Research Center Survey because it was genius! This has been such a good week I’m sad it’s Thursday.

    • I missed that!!!
      that’s obviously a lovely SWC reference and I love it!

      (I forgot Amy!! grr.)

    • prazzledazzle says:

      Agh! A Noblet shout out?? I guess I wasn’t paying as much attention as I thought I was!

      School + Rehearsals + Homework = Not enough time to thoroughly watch an episode of The Report. It’s the sad truth :'(

  6. mrtigger001 says:

    The Pew Research segment was cleverly subtle at the end. At the end of a segment about his wish for his audience to be uninformed, he throws in a Terry Schiavo reference that only the informed would get.


    That being said, People Around the Neighborhood was quite good. And HSM3 as well. A difficult choice tonight for the R.A.P.S. poll, I must say.

  7. ColbertGirl27 says:

    I was sorry to see that Michelle Rhee didn’t make it onto the program tonight. Oh well. I realize that the guest line-up is always subject to change. I wonder if the Cedric the Entertainer bit was used to make up for this.

  8. Is it just me or did the picture of “Roger Moore” look like someone else? During the Bond bit he said something like “Connery, Dalton, Moore…” and pictures came up each time. I wasn’t really concentrating and just as I looked, the picture went down, but it really didn’t look like Roger Moore.

    Anyway, great show and a great week so far!

  9. I have to vote for the Frum interview, Stephen had his nail gun on rapid fire. I love it when he has high powered neocons on and “agrees” with them into a corner of absurdity.

    • I have to agree on the Frum interview. Stephen was totally in character the whole time, and he didn’t let up on Frum for a second. Great work. :)

    • I voted for the interview too, because I was happy to see this aspect of Stephen’s character return. I’ve loved the outright criticism of McCain lately, loved Stephen showing his true colors, but I’ve missed the cleverness of showing it through the absurdity of his character’s position. Last night’s interview was a great example of over the top support showing up the absurdity of the position. Hooray for “Stephen!”

  10. I was thinking that all the references to Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer and Thomas the Train might have been for the little girl from the Atone-Phone segment the night before who called TCR “boring.” She was promised a pony segment!

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