Stephen Colbert, on his Emmy win

Gang, I can’t tell you how hard it’s been, being buried at work while all this Stephen Colbert-related goodness has been going on. What an exciting time for all of them! (And thank Heaven for the rest of the NFZ crew for picking up the blogging workload I’ve been unable to handle lately!)

This is a charming little post-Emmy item (old photo and all), with some great quotes from Stephen on his win. From Fancast:

Stephen Colbert: “I Owe Everything to Jon Stewart”
Ann Murray

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart - classic Emmy party photo

Where does an Emmy award-winning comedian go after attending the Emmys? The Comedy Central post-Emmy celeb party of course, the network that took the careers of many comedians to the next level …

South Park’s Trey Parker was the first celeb to arrive and literally got the party started (as he is prone to do, according to several partygoers), and Stephen Colbert was as exuberant as you would expect after his show’s Emmy wins. “I was thrilled, especially for my writers,” he told us before entering the party. “For the 3 that were nominated, winning for writing was the nicest one. I couldn’t do what I was doing without these guys behind me. And girls! I’m so happy for them; they deserve them so much.”

. . .

We were curious to find out what was going through his mind as he realized they had won; “I really thought Jon was gonna win everything this year. My first thought, the first thing we did was we just hugged each other. I was so happy that he was there because I owe everything to him.” Colbert’s award will have a permanent home in his library. “The room [in his home] that was my baby was my library. We have floor to ceiling bookshelf, with the rolling ladder, a Henry Higgins kind of library. On the top, I found out before I left that an Emmy would fit on the top shelf!”

. . .

Full text of article here

Awwww! Thanking Jon, referencing My Fair Lady, and giving the big love to his writers … is it any wonder we love this guy? (I also covet his library and grin at the mental image of him “mingling” with Kanye West.)

Congratulations again, you EMMY AWARD WINNING WRITING STAFF! We couldn’t be happier for you, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of people.

Hat tip to shamskygirl for the link!


  1. Everybody now: AWWWWWWWWWWWE!

    Jon and Stephen are so deliciously adorable!

    I thought it funny how when Stephen won another award a while back(don’t remember which one) he said that his show was something like an enema for the public discourse and the media, and then he goes and brings prunes to the Emmys. A strange gastrointestinal theme runs through his stage speeches… teehee

  2. Splendiferous_Zeppelin says:

    Awesome awesome awesome!!!! I’m so jealous of the library. I’ve always wanted to need to use one of those cool ladders, hehe.

    • looped linear says:

      Agreed. It’s so neat watching movies where people can whizz along a high wall of books on those rolling ladders. I wonder how high his ceiling is?

      I would like a library that big/high, with a rolling ladder. :D

      I’m glad he’s happy about the win; I hope the writers were partying it up too.

  3. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Wow! Do you really think he has a Henry Higgins library or is that just his character stretching the truth a bit? I hope it’s true! I mean, he is a bookish type:)

    • mrtigger001 says:

      he’s incredibly old school if he does. i’m more a futuristic household kinda guy, but i sure as heck would like to slide on one of those ladders at some point in my lifetime.

    • Ahhhhhhh that is so cool. I can totally imagine him having one of those; he is quite bookish. love it.
      And if his character had one, it would probably just be filled with copies of his own book XD

  4. Ms Interpreted says:

    The last time I was buying bookshelves, I saw one of those ladders and came *thisclose* to buying it. But then I remembered that I live in an apartment and don’t have enough trust that I’ve anchored my shelves to the walls securely enough to support it. And I guess I don’t exactly need a ladder … yet. :)

    (I’m still — relatively — young. Give me time.)

  5. Thanks for the link. Great article… not just for the Colbert bits; I enjoyed Wyatt Cenac’s quote as well. I love Wyatt, I think he’s a wonderful addition to The Daily Show crew. :) Pretty damn cool that he is an Emmy award winner this early in his career! Although, does anyone know if the article is correct — is he really a writer in addition to appearing as a correspondent?

    So, does anyone have a link to a video of Jon and crew accepting his award? I’d love to see it.

  6. I’ve always thought of it as a Beauty and the Beast ladder.

    I thought the house I grew up in had a lot of superfluous rooms, but a library? That I would have killed for.

  7. “My first thought, the first thing we did was we just hugged each other”

    that’s so sweet.

    I’ve been basking in the glow of this win all day and I didn’t even do a single thing!!

  8. awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!
    he has the library I want in my house, too!!

    what a great moment for the staff and writers of the report. I’m SO glad they won! Still cant believe they music’d him off stage!! = P

    I love that he always thanks Jon. what a wonderful man!!

  9. “I was so happy that he was there because I owe everything to him”.

    Aw. I love that he always sounds so grateful.

    And I love that Jon stood there and congratulated all the TCR writers on their way to the stage.

  10. Awww, Stephen.

  11. Dunno if people have already found this but i’ve just seen the best interview with Jon and Stephen EVER! you’ll see what I mean when you watch it –

    Its Access Hollywood interviewing them after the emmys and its too adorable and too funny for words! watch it! and then watch it again like i’m about to =D

  12. I don’t think that’s an old picture. Unless Stephen wore the C on his lapel last year?

    • Ms Interpreted says:

      Fair enough. I assumed it was an old one because the post talked about the Comedy Central party, which Jon did not attend. I realize now that the photo was from this year’s Governor’s Ball, which Jon did attend.

  13. looped linear says:

    Thanks for sharing that video find, SazzrahUK.
    It’s great. They play so well off each other. lol

  14. Has anyone found a video of Stephen’s win online? I forgot about the Emmys and came home after Stephen won.

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