Stephen Colbert honors (and fears) Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

I love love love Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, so I couldn’t be happier about her winning a “Spirit Award” this weekend. Oh wait, I can be: Stephen Colbert recorded a video honoring her! From Prince of Petworth:

Eleanor Holmes Norton – One Cool Congresswoman
DSCN0489, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I had the opportunity to speak with DC’s Congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes Norton, along with a few other local bloggers … The meeting started by watching a tribute to Congresswoman Norton by comedian Stephen Colbert. It was pretty surreal watching the congresswoman watch the computer screen with a series of her appearances compiled from the Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Norton was very complimentary to Colbert. She said, “Colbert has single handedly done more than anyone else on getting the word out for district voting rights”.

. . .

Full text of post available here

Lucky for all of us, the rockin’ Congresswoman posted the video on her website (thanks for the tip, DB, via in shaw)! I can’t embed it, but the link is below (Quicktime only, sorry):

Watch Stephen Colbert’s video honoring Eleanor Holmes Norton here

If you can’t view that video (sorry!), here are a few of Stephen’s hilarious segments with the DC Congresswoman:


  1. wildlymissingthemark says:

    stephen can be brilliant and satirical in a little honorary speech for norton and a group of seniors.
    if he doesn’t win an emmy this year, i am seriously considering moving to Canada.

  2. Jenny with a Y says:

    Congresswoman Norton and Stephen are always great together. I get excited whenever she’s on the show. I’m glad that Stephen was able to send a taped message for the occasion.

    Congratulations to Congresswoman Norton for winning a “Spirit Award”.

  3. She is just the best — I know the Formidable Opponent segment is supposed to be Stephen against himself, but, how great would it be to see Senator Norton do one with him? No one else can call Stephen on his game like she can. Congratulations, Senator!

  4. AmandaIvy says:

    Someone should make her a “Kicking a** and taking names” award and present it to her, because if anyone deserves it, it’s her.

  5. looped linear says:

    Congratulations, Senator Norton. You practically define the phrase ‘feisty senior’. :D

    That was a sweet video…”I’m afraid of you..” lol

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