It’s official: Stephen Colbert does not Twitter

Just in case you were wondering about who is and isn’t on Twitter, the Comedy Central Insider wants you to know that Stephen Colbert is NOT. From the CC Insider (internal links omitted):

Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Have a Twitter!
May 19, 2008 AT 11:30AM

You know, the Internet has been around for at least six months now, yet there are still a lot of people who haven’t quite figured out that sometimes the World Wide Web fibs. Those emails from Nigerian Princes? They’re not from Nigerian Princes. Hamster Dance? Not an actual Hamster nor actual dancing. And those Twitters written by Stephen Colbert? They’re not written by Stephen Colbert. But that hasn’t stopped the gang at Digg from iCreaming their open-source e-jeans. That’s right, Stephen Colbert watches Diggnation is currently the top story on Digg.

So, once and for all, here’s the official denial from Comedy Central and The Colbert Report:

    I’ve checked with the show, it’s fake.

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P.S. Our very own DB Ferguson, on the other hand, DOES Twitter. Check out the “bluebird of friendliness” over in the sidebar if you want more.

EDIT (by DB):

I loathe fake Stephens on the internet. I cannot express to you how true this statement is. So as long as I’m burning bridges within the fake Stephen web genre, that there is no “real” MySpace Stephen, Stephen does not author any fanfic sites featuring books that have been on the show, there is no lawsuit involving Amy Sedaris. All of these have been verified by multiple sources. Trust me on this.

EDIT II (by DB):

The closest thing to an official Twitter is @stephenathome (which is listed on the “secret” Colbert Nation site). We don’t know if it’s really him or one of the writers, but it’s the only officially sanctioned Stephen Colbert twitter feed.


  1. I figured based on his so called post on MySpece. I had one of the Stephe’s join MySpace friends. Doesn’t seem to be him posting.

    Signed ReCaptcha: Mrs angered

  2. Like he’d have time or inclination for such things. Begone fakers.

    recaptcha – publisher meade!

    s/b merde

  3. I hadn’t even heard of that lawsuit rumor, it’s quite strange.


    When can we finally, officially add MySpace and FaceBook to this list? I pwned an impostor on FB a few weeks ago. He/She/It didn’t even know some of the credited staffers of the show.

  5. Gaia Faye says:

    From the Digg comments:

    Back when 4chan was relevant (moot on fox news.. please), there used to be a lot of discussion as to if he browsed that site as well. The consensus is that one or more of his writers is tuned in

    LOL, I say. LOL.

    Though, I suppose I’d be flattered if everyone on the internet was looking for proof that I frequented their favorite site.

  6. All the time I spend on the internet and I don’t know what 4chan is. :(

  7. I too loathe fake Stephens on the internet. Fake Jon Stewarts, however…well…are a constant source of amusement. ;)

    • Flatpoint Grief Counselor says:

      and speaking of fake amusement, I found a funny Facebook group called “I’m in a Complicated Relationship with Paul Dinello”, and another one called “I Support Friendliness between Chuck Noblet and Geoffrey Jellineck.”

      • You should join my group. It’s called Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Should Wrestle In The Nude! I hope that’s not too dirty for NFZ.

  8. Inara Serra says:

    People truly believe this kind of stuff is real? How could he possibly have the time? Plus, these things are so incredibly easy to fake.

    That Amy “lawsuit” is really strange, too.

  9. Flatpoint Grief Counselor says:

    Thanks so much for this — I love the unmasking of untruth about SC on the Internets.

    The official Facebook page is here:

  10. I never for a second thought it was him – it would be ridiculous to think otherwise. It’s still fun to see what fake internet celebrities will come up with, though :)

  11. AmandaIvy says:

    I have a deep dislike for anyone who starts random extraneous rumors like that.

    It may sound insensitive but it’s like they don’t have enough of a life themselves, so they go around making things up about other people’s lives.

    The same goes for paparazzi and sites like TMZ etc. Greed fuels it though, because it’s a million-dollar industry these days, and that deeply, deeply saddens me.

  12. @ Amanda, I hear ya.
    How low can they go? Two words — Perez Hilton

  13. The fake StephenTColbert on Twitter freaked out all my tweety people. I made one tweet saying something about Stephen and within hours, the guy/girl fake had found me, followed me, and followed all of my friends.

    I think considering the Wikipedia thing and the DalyKos thing, it wasn’t too farfetched to think it could happen, but the fake made one mistake – “Stephen T. Colbert”, were he to Twitter, would not follow all us lowly weirdos. He would be followed.

    Ya’ll should follow Henry Rollins. He really does Twitter and it really is him. :P Then you can see how mostly boring celebrities are when they Twitter. :)

  14. One of the Heroes says:

    Lowly weirdos. Haha!

    Yeah, I thought it was funny that the fake StephenTColbert was following more people than were actually following him. I’m sorry but the real Stephen Colbert wouldn’t have to try so hard.

  15. That lawsuit guy is a douchebag, but I am awfully fond of the many myspace Stephens. Why not! The more the merrier. I am Spartacus and all that.

  16. Lol. anyone could have figured that out. I just feel sorry for the people who believe that Stephen would take his precious time with a Twitter. but it’s still fun to look at the pages and whatnot. it is a character, after all.

    • I thought it could potentially be a staffer and the show using it for marketing because a lot of places do that now.

      But Stephen sitting there with his IPhone sending tweets? Yeah, I didn’t see that one being a reality.

      Course, if I think Stephen’s too cool to sit there and tweet, I am now wondering what that says about me…

      I’m going to go do something important with my computer, now that I feel all uncool and dorky.

  17. (I’m sorry if this is a double post but I dont think my first one went through.)

    I dont get how people ca think the fakes are him. You would think the fact that they never have a personal photo (ie non-publicity shot or a photo taken by a photog at public events) or that they’re never “friends” with Stephen’s real friends and coworkers whom are on these sites would be proof enough that they’re not real. I guess there will always be people who are that gullible.

  18. I will never cease to be amazed at how gullible people are on the intertubes. People even got pulled into thinking the Paul Dinello profiles on facebook and myspace are real. The FB one has an email like “” uh yeah that totally legitimizes things :P but yet people still believe.

    I think it just boils down to the fact that people desperately want to believe that they are actually interacting with their fave celebrity despite all proof of it being a fake.

    • Flatpoint Grief Counselor says:

      If I were Paul Dinello I’d be pretty pissed off at the fake pages on Facebook and The MySpace, but then again, if I were Paul Dinello I’d have better things to think about.

  19. Flatpoint Grief Counselor says:

    my, how things change… now the real Stephen really Twitters…

    and what does he Twitter? tweets.

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