Six Degrees: Keeping up with the people in Stephen Colbert’s world

Time to play our game, kids, and find out what’s going down with all the fine friends of the incomparable Stephen Colbert.

Mitch Rouse (co-creator and “Officer Civilian,” Strangers with Candy; various roles, Exit 57)

  • Congratulations to Mitch Rouse, whose new series, The Factory, will debut on Spike TV! Reuters has more.

Evelyn McGee-Colbert (um, you know, *Mrs. Colbert* — also, various roles, Strangers with Candy)

  • The lovely Evelyn will be judging the New Ideas for a New Carolina statewide business contest this June 4th. She and Stephen will appear via video during the awards ceremony; details here.

Laura Krafft and Meredith Scardino (writers, The Colbert Report)

  • In addition to their other duties, Laura and Meredith will be joining Dave Hill’s Festival of Sight and Sound and Other Stuff at Comix tonight, April 30th! Read more about it here; this sounds like an amazing collection of people.
  • Also, because I don’t think we ever formally mentioned it on the site (probably because we didn’t see a formal announcement anywhere else), a big “Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!” to Meredith, whose name recently began appearing in the writing credits for The Colbert Report (she formerly wrote for Late Show With David Letterman). Depressing bit of trivia for the day: Of the sixty-seven writers nominated for an Emmy in the Comedy/Music/Variety Show category last year, only four were women. Three of those four (Krafft, Scardino and Allison Silverman) now write for The Colbert Report. [Hat tip to WordsWithGrace and New York Magazine for that stat.]

John Hodgman (Resident Expert, The Daily Show)

John Oliver (correspondent, The Daily Show)

  • John continues to make my life better by giving his charming little interviews; here’s one with Bedford Today. His pride in his letter of complaint from Buckingham Palace is perfection; this quote had me giggling uncontrollably: “I asked Buckingham Palace for more copies of the letter and I think it was at that point they understood it was not being taken seriously.”

Jon Stewart (if you don’t know who he is, I can’t help you)

  • Yeah, this isn’t a new idea that MSNBC’s expressing, but I always love it when people praise Jon. He’s doing what he does for the laughs, first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean his smarts and (gulp) journalistic integrity aren’t also on full display.
  • This has already popped up in several places, so I suppose I should mention it, although it does sort of pain me to do so: There are evidently some impossibly cute pictures of Jon and his daughter in the latest US magazine. Thing is, the chatter I’ve heard from people reluctantly(?) gushing over the pictures also suggests that Jon was not pleased to have been targeted by the paparazzi at that time (there’s evidently video), which isn’t surprising. So … I’m not going to link to it. It’s out there, but I’d ask that people consider NOT buying the magazine; I’m sure you can find it on the web if you want to badly enough, but I’d rather not contribute to the magazine’s revenue stream, myself. Jon gives us a lot of himself on his show, and intruding on his father-daughter time really doesn’t sit well with me. (And please, don’t link it in the comments to this post. I’m getting off of my soapbox now, thanks.)

Rob Corddry (former correspondent, The Daily Show)

  • You can catch up with Rob on the big screen in Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and he’s answering some questions about it here. Can I just say that he sounds altogether too gleeful about being able to play such a howling racist? Hee!

Ed Helms (former correspondent, The Daily Show) … and Rob Corddry, take II

Thanks for keeping us all entertained (and me a little overworked), everyone! No kidding, at the rate these folks are going, I just about need to hang it up at my real job to be able to keep up with them.

Credit goes to Caitlin, DB and the CC Insider for several of these links; bravissimo!

EDITED TO ADD: Lisa pointed out that Lewis Black will also be at BEA; details are in the comments. Sorry for overlooking you, Lewis, and thanks for the correction, Lisa!


  1. looped linear says:

    Congratulations Meredith Scardino!

    Kudos to Colbert for having three–count ’em–three! women on the writing staff …. and I’ll bet each of those women has the comedy chops of ten funny men…. YAY GIRLS! =D

  2. Re: video of Jon Stewart with his daughter.

    I’ve seen it and I hate it because of the way it was done. This is private, he (and all others) should be left alone when with their family.

    That said… it’s incredibly cute. I feel awful for looking for it but I couldn’t not, you know what I mean?

    *feels like garbage now*

  3. AmandaIvy says:

    I agree with the whole vendetta against the paparazzi and their invasion of people’s personal lives. I honestly don’t see how they sleep at night.

    I won’t get on my soapbox about it. Ms I’s pretty much covered it.

    Anyhoos, major kudos for TCR for having three female writers. It’s daunting to know that so few women are celebrated in an industry that I want to go into. SIGH. No matter. I will gnaw and scratch my way up there with the big boys. That’s what girls’ fingernails are for. Duh. :)

    Thanks for all the updates!

  4. ColbertGirl27 says:

    @AmandaIvy: Do you want to be a comedy writer? Or a comedian? Or both? Tell me more!
    Whatever it is, good luck to you!

    Wish The Colbert Report has been on while I was in college. Might have inspired me to take a different path…beginning with an internship there:) Hopefully I still have time to change paths if I wish.

    Also, anyone know more about Evelyn McGee-Colbert? Is she working right now? Yes, I know raising three kids is a job unto itself. This isn’t a critique of stay-at-home mom vs. career mom:) Just curious if she’s flexing her comedy chops these days. I think she should be recognized on Mother’s Day as well:)

  5. Quote of the day~~

    “After living with Stephen for this many years, no one knows what ‘wildcard’ means better than I do.”

    I almost did a spit-take with my coffee, after reading that one. Hi-LAR-ious!

  6. imoldfashioned says:

    More applause for NFZ’s stand on paparazzi photos and not publicizing information on the private lives of Stephen and others. It’s one of the things I like most about this blog.

  7. Congrats Meredith and props to women comedy writers (TCR writers, Tina Fey et al)!
    We’re half the population, we should be represented by more that 5% of the comedy world.

  8. AmandaIvy says:

    I second your motion for that to be the quote of the day.

    It may very well change, but I do want to go into the comedy business, I guess you’d call it. Not like, stand up, but more plays and movies and things. I took theatre classes and film classes out the wazzu in high school and now I’m majoring in theatre and taking some creative writing classes, and I’m part of the school improv troupe. If physics would let me, I’d love to do everything for a show- perform, direct, act, produce, etc. After college, I plan to move to Chicago and take classes at Second City. And I knew all of this before I ever watched TCR, but I guess why Stephen’s such an influence on me now. (Ha! I tied it in with the subject so it’s not completely off topic!) If I ever get famous, I’ll remember you guys! :)

  9. yay to Mrs. C….I hope she does more stuff in the future, she seems like a cool cat.

  10. 67 writers nominated –only four were women!!!!
    Three of those four (Krafft, Scardino and Allison

    That bears repeating too.

    Best of luck w/ your career plans Amanda, (if I were in my twenties and could do it all over again, I’d be there too).

  11. Thank you for not posting those pictures of Jon’s daughter. I was on another celebrity-related website where unauthorized pictures were forbidden, and any member who violated this was jumped on by other members–and the picture quickly removed. I’d like to see the same on all TDS, TCR websites.

  12. Ms Interpreted says:


    Well, we don’t go that far, primarily because Stephen (and some of the others) do regularly interact with fans, many of whom get photos that aren’t necessarily “authorized”. That said, we definitely try to draw a line where family members are concerned. I don’t sleep enough at night, but at least it’s not guilt that’s keeping me up.

  13. I had to mention this ’cause Lewis Black is all kinds of awesome (and also has a book coming out in June, Me of Little Faith)…

    In the mish-mosh of extensive listings in the BEA Convention, Lew is performing that Saturday night, May 31st @ 9 PM. Here’s the listing as it appears on the BEA site:

    9 p.m. Lewis Black’s Saturday Night Concert. Orpheum Theater. The Daily Show comic and author of Me of Little Faith performs to benefit the Book Industry. Foundation. Fee: $35.

    Me of Little Faith is scheduled for release on Tuesday, June 3rd.

    Thanks for all the updates, Ms. I!

  14. I didn’t notice that they got another lady writer. Cool!

  15. Daydream says:

    MS Interpreted–

    I agree. I just didn’t quite say what I meant!

  16. ColbertGirl27 says:

    @AmandaIvy: Sounds like you already have a great deal of experience and are on your way to great success! Thanks for sharing:) Very inspiring!

    Maybe you could do a take on someone in the news media as well? Why not Nancy Grace? Haha.

  17. One of the Heroes says:

    I would love to see a satirical show based on someone like Nancy Grace! It could air after TCR.

  18. AmandaIvy says:


    I’d *love* it if there were a show mirroring Nancy Grace! I’d take up that role in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t be able to match the brilliance of Stephen of course, but no one can surpass that much awesome. But hey, with some time and practice, I could be a worthy adversary.

  19. ColbertGirl27 says:

    What should we call the show? Grace Under Fire? I think Fire Under Grace would be too harsh. Ummmm.. Graceland!

  20. AmandaIvy says:


    LOL!!! Wasn’t Grace Under Fire a sitcom some years back?

    I don’t know. I mean, Jon and Stephen both use their real names even if Stephen evolved into “Stephen Colbert”. So, the question is to have a character with a real name, or make up a name and a character? Once we figure the character out, we can come up with a name for the show.

  21. Love the Nancy Grace Idea.

    “The Duncy Nace” show?

  22. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Well, either work with your real name (don’t post that here of course) or still use Grace in the character’s name. I think using Grace as the first name would be easier. I’ll let you work on it from here:)

    P.S. Yes, yes. Grace Under Fire was a sitcom:) My mistake.

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