SPOILER ALERT: Robots invade “The Colbert Report” tonight

Bum-Bot to appear on The Colbert Report on April 24th

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Colbert Report is going to run a piece featuring a 300-pound “bum-bot” in a “Difference Makers” piece this evening. According to the Journal-Constitution:

Terrill, who has made plans to run for mayor of Atlanta (on an anti-crime platform, of course) said producers for the show asked him more than 100 questions over four hours and draped an American flag on his robot, which is outfitted with red lights, infrared video camera and a water cannon.

Sounds like fun!

(h/t Jennie)


  1. AmandaIvy says:

    Sounds exciting!!!

    100 questions over four hours though? Holy crap.

    Okay the reCaptcha’s giving me words that aren’t even full words. It’s really hard to spell “tiently” when it doesn’t have a prefix.

  2. Woah!

    I’d just liek to say I kinda haven’t been like on any Stephen-web related things since the strike, and well…
    I’ll confess, I was always ColbertNation biased, I mean, you NoFactZoners always seemed so.. maybe vain with how great your site was?

    But i guess, today a change came over me… and I had this uncontrollable urge to actually look at what I was protesting against so much…
    and I have to say…
    well… this is hard for me, but…
    nofactzone is like a milllion gajillion times better.
    There. I said it.

    So… yeah.. this is my new favorite site.
    No wonder you people liek your site so much.

    dude… someone put alot of work in this site…
    ohmy god.. I love it….

  3. “bum-bots?” Does anyone expect us to take those anymore seriously than “kiddie-cops?” (That’s what we called the security guards in our high school . . . well over a decade ago.) Although I like the idea of robots as super-heroes of a sort.

    A little off-topic, but:

    Anybody else see the clip with Lorna Colbert (Stephen’s mom) on YouTube? Apparently, she along with a few other famous moms are going to be on South Carolina ETV’s “The Big Picture” on May 8 (go to South Carolina ETV’s website for details) for a special Mother’s Day edition. Big Picture episodes are also apparently available on the ETV website after they’ve aired.

  4. @rebnej:

    We have had that video sent to us, but when it comes to reporting on Stephen’s family (including his mom, wife, kids, etc.), we tend to err on the side of caution when focusing on them in relation to news items. We’ll do a bit of research and then see what we can find out.

  5. I attended tonight’s taping.
    The show was hilarious and Stephen was incredibly charming and funny as usual. I didn’t get called on in the Q&A but did score some TCR TUBE SOCKS (gifts under our chairs) and page 1 of the final script which Stephen made into a paper plane and flew directly at me – I was in the front row – so YAY!
    We were treated to a a toss w/ Stephen, and while they were just goofing with each other before the cameras went on you could see and feel the real affection and respect they have for each other. Stephen let forth a few “F” bombs in his direction and he said he was coming down off a frappucino high. As I was filing out after the show I saw audience coordinator Mark and told him I was with CU and had a special CU diploma w/ Stephen’s name and today’s date on it. He kindly offered to give it to Stephen. Good times.

    More later.

  6. @ DB:

    I checked out the ETV website: seems to be legit. Very dute stories about Stephen and his siblings.

    See link: http://www.scetv.org/about_etv/pressroom/releases/Big%20Picture/041808-Mothers_Day.cfm

  7. AmandaIvy says:


    Sounds like you had fun!
    He was coming down from a frappucino high? Lol.
    I love frappucinos. :)

  8. I obviously meant “cute” — not “dute.” (Although I’d be interested to hear what anyone thinks “dute” might mean . . .)

  9. I had a blast AmandaIvy.

    He not only said he was crashing from a frappuccino high. He told us that the week back in NYC after Philly (where they were completely burnt with exhaustion) was even more exhausting for everyone. But he said it was great to be back in the studio with his home audience.

    Another thing that made me laugh a lot was a taped (similar to a police chalk) outline of Stephen’s body on the studio floor where he broke his wrist – there was a a red arrow pointing to the body outline with the wrist bent out of shape. I guess it’s been there since the accident.

    After he said Good night we were instructed to scream and yell and applaud for several minutes longer as the camera panned us since the interview with M Shriver went long and they needed audience footage for editing filler. I was in the front row right on the camera (stage left) aisle and had a camera in my face at one point so I might have been visible, dunno. I’ll check tomorrow.

    In the Q&A someone asked:

    Q: If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take:
    Ans: A boat, a satellite phone and a backup boat!

    Q: What’s your favorite Monty Python sketch?
    A: “Its…..” [The sole word at the beginning of the MPFC show]

    Most of the other questions asked this evening were been already covered and can be found at CU’s audience participation archive.

  10. AmandaIvy says:

    Hey! I just realized that I’ve driven past O’Terrill’s pub, right before St. Patrick’s day. I remember a friend pointed it out because it looked vaguely Irish. I didn’t see the “Bumbot” though. :(


    Maybe some photos will surface in the future of Stephen’s office with the diploma on the wall! It’s worth a shot. And I seem to recall someone asking the Monty Python question before and he answered “The Cheese Shop”. Interesting…

    I need to get to a taping at some point. I am almost ashamed to say that I haven’t made it to one yet (though I started watching the show this past October, so I guess that gives me a little slack).

    I’m hard-pressed to find someone who’s willing to take an 11 hour ride to NY with me. Hmm… there’s always this summer… oh wait, I’m going to Switzerland this summer… Hmm… there’s always winter break! AHA!

    I smell a road trip!!!

  11. @ vigwig,
    Nice job in hopefully getting that diploma to Stephen! I’m so glad you had a good time — I had the same thought about everybody being exhausted after Philly. They all put so much hard work and effort into that week of shows. And I LOVE the idea of the tube socks!! New TCR merch maybe?

    Don’t feel bad — I was supposed to go and meet up with vigwig tonight, but never made it on account of a bum back. But, I was able to score some tickets for my birthday, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’m able to endure the trip in June.

  12. @AmandaIvy,

    Where are you from?

  13. ColbertGirl27 says:

    @The.Truth: Yes, this is the best site out there. I am constantly grateful to DB and the rest of the crew who created such an amazing place.

    I only discovered it about a month ago…and yet it already feels like home:)

  14. ColbertGirl27 says:

    @rebnej: I looked up “dute” on dictionary.com and it means “be off with you!” Haha.

    @vigwig: Thanks for sharing your taping stories. Love hearing all the little things about Stephen…and so glad you passed on the diploma!

    @AmandaIvy: I’ve never been to a taping either, but like you, I’ve just been watching since October:) Funny we started watching at the same time…and so sad I missed the show for the first two years! Hoping to go with my sister later this year…if we can get tickets.

  15. I remember a couple more notes from the taping.

    During the “Bumbot” segment Stephen was looking at the footage and mouthing the words from that woman with a completely goofy face, it was hilarious. In other moments, as he intensely watched the monitor, he radiated complete glee. When he was doing his lines his focus and timing was rock solid. It was wonderful to see. Right before the toss he did the “Colbert spin” for us and all and all seemed in a very jolly mood. Towards the end of the taping (during the extra applause bits) he got really close to my seat (less than a yard) and I could see he was pretty tired yet completely happy. Doing that show is tough work!

  16. @ Lisa
    Missed you there last night but glad to hear you got replacement tickets, you’ll have a lot of fun, we all left on high.

    @ Amanda, re the Pyton answer, I think he’s more truthy that truthful when answering the fan questions or perhaps he just remember he liked that bit better than Cheese shop.

  17. AmandaIvy says:

    @ vigwig–

    It *must* be hard work to do a show every day. I’m a theatre major, and it’s hard work just doing a solid week or two of shows, and that’s not counting all the writing and promoting and producing and everything else he does for TCR! That’s why I can’t complain when they take breaks. They well deserve it. Especially Stephen. Too, though, it’s wonderful that he loves what he does. Not many people in the world can say that about their job.

    @ ColbertGirl27– Maybe we’re like doppelgangers! :)

    @ TruthPower–

    I’m from the western part of North Carolina. Depending on the time of year, I’m either at Appalachian State University or in a small town near Asheville.

  18. p.s. Where’d the editing feature go? I could use it obviously – as my previous post attests, I’m a terrible proofreader.

  19. @vigwig:

    We’re trying to find problems with the blog, and we’ve removed a lot of the plugins that were causing a heavy load on the backend.

    (that’s what she said)

  20. causing a heavy load on the backend…

    LOL! You don’t want that!

  21. When I watched this segment, I laughed. so. hard.

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