Great news for UK fans!

Stephen Colbert comes to England

According to the Late Show UK blog (who blogs about all things late night), The Colbert Report’s first airing on FX UK will air on Tuesday 6th May at 11pm. They also say:

‘The Colbert Report’ will air at a regular 11pm 30-minute timeslot on the channel Monday-Friday, and there’s a chance to catchup on all the week’s episodes on a Sunday night when FX UK air all four shows from that week back-to-back at around midnight (on Sunday 11th May the reruns start at 11.50pm and run through to 1.20am – that’s a lot of Colbert!). FX UK is available on Virgin Media channel 179, Tiscali TV channel 10 and Sky channel 165.

Apparently the show will air with delays, as the More 4 ‘Daily Show’ does currently. And, because this isn’t great enough news, they also posted the link to the new FX UK ‘Colbert Report’ site – WITH VIDEOS! Whoo hoo! Or, as they say in stereotypical England, Tally ho! Or something.


  1. SazzrahUK says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeee!! i’m excited =D thanks for the info!

  2. dustdevil says:

    One of the photos on their page is of Stephen holding an olive branch and some arrows. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before, but it’s not utilized enough. It also makes me wonder how many little jokes like that will get lost in translation.

  3. I think the phrase you’re looking for is Cor blimey guvnor, that’s the dog’s bollocks!

  4. On a Virgin Media channel?
    Does that mean Richard Branson owns him across the pond?

  5. I’m just back from New York (and trips to both TDS and TCR), so I’m playing catch-up…

    What *is* the phrase I’m looking for to this news, and it’s own page on the FX site…?

    GET IN!!!!!

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