Follow up to the Philip Zimbardo interview

I know not all of our readers check the comments to each post, so I wanted to highlight this one for those of you who missed it. Philip Zimbardo noticed our earlier post about Monday’s interview on The Colbert Report, and he weighed in with a few more details:

Thanks Hero Workshop bloggers for your feedback and insights:

I knew Colbert was a practicing Catholic, as I used to be, so knew I could push his button by declaring Lucifer was right and God was wrong in the confrontation over Lucifer’s alleged disobedience to authority– and It worked!

In a 5 min segment, I did not pretend to debate deep theological issues with him or anyone, the purpose was to make it an interesting interview and to have people remember to associate Zimbardo with The Lucifer Effect and buy my book.

PS, we will soon be selling those T shirts that I gifted to Colbert, on my web site, with all profits going for site maintenance. The reverse side is even more interesting than the front– which I designed.

Phil Z.

I *love* it when guests of The Report share a few words with NFZ readers; thanks for the follow up, Dr. Zimbardo!


  1. Oh, thanks for posting this, I didn’t see it in the comments.

    PS: I LOVE the new banner at the top! =)

  2. Zimbardo is kind of one of my heroes. Being a psych/history major, I’ve been reading about the Stanford Prison Experiment for years. Just put those three words into the youtube search and you’ll find a three part “documentary” about the experiment and it’s results. It’s absolutely fascinating.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Good follow-up on the Zimbardo interview, which I loved.

    Also, beautiful new banner on top.

    And, best part of my day so far. I received a delivery from Fed-Ex, and as I was signing the thing, the guy asked me, “Is that a WristStrong bracelet?”. He seemed really surprised. I work in a hospital and wear scrubs to work. Anyway, I was seriously tickled. Hardly anyone knows what it is, or asks about it! Anyhoo, he walked off, just shaking his head. :-)

  4. I heart Zimbardo!

  5. Hey thanks for posting the link to Phil’s first response. I had one of the bigger days of visitors I’ve ever had.

  6. One of the Heroes says:

    Thanks for posting this!

    The Colbert/Zimbardo interview is one of my all-time favorite TCR interviews and I have enjoyed reading all of the NFZ discussions about Dr. Zimbardo’s appearance on the show.

    @Dr. Zimbardo and Matt Langdon
    I appreciate the fact that you reached out to NFZ readers. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. I just bought The Lucifer Effect tonight and I cannot wait to begin reading it.

  7. This is the first book since I Am America And So Can You that I’ve highly anticipated the release of. I can’t wait to start reading it.

  8. looped linear says:

    I’d say that was an interesting, and quite successful strategy on Dr Zimbardo’s part.

    What really surprised me during the interview tho, was Colbert agreeing that Lucifer was right. He usually ‘sees around the corners’ of arguments better than that.

    I’ll be looking for the book.

    Thanks for posting this, Ms Interpreted.

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