The dance party continues: Ellen Degeneres … on Stephen Colbert … on Ellen Degeneres

It’s a slow news day, so let’s have more dancing:

(P.S. Ellen, I hope you pronounced that ReporT only because it’s from a writerless show . . . )


  1. Thank you, MsI! I’ve been wanting to see this clip ever since I got news of it!

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  2. One of the Heroes says:

    I was hoping that Ellen would say something about that clip on her show.

    Maybe Stephen will give us more dance segments in episodes to come…

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  3. Anything to watch Stephen dance. So adorable…

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  4. clock gobbler… hehe He’s so adorkable. and, yes, Ellen he does have some good moves.

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  5. Ellen seems so surprised that he’s a good dancer.
    C’mon Ellen, you said you were a fan, where have you been?

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  6. I think that if worst comes to worst with the strike, Stephen should just dance for a full half-hour. I would totally watch that.

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  7. looped linear says:

    Thanks Ms I; I too had been trying to get a look-see at that clip.

    Well, now maybe he -does- have a favorite lesbian…

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  8. One of the Heroes says:

    Singing is a good clock gobbler too. I could watch him sing and/or dance all day long.

    There is so much joy in his singing and dancing.

    I was wondering about Ellen’s surprise at Stephen’s dance moves too. That and the fact that she doesn’t know how to pronounce the name of his show makes me think she doesn’t usually watch it. Of course, if she watched it this week, she would have heard him say ReporT.

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  9. Kinaesthesia says:

    Love the clip! I’m thinking a Stephen-Ellen dance-off. He’s got the advantage in the spin move…

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  10. Yeah I think they should do a dance off. Great idea Kinaesthesia! Sexy Back is such a good choice of songs. Maybe having a Dancing With the Stars appearance would be cool? More dancing please Stephen!

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  11. I bet he’ll show that clip on Monday’s show.

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  12. What a nice treat for Ellen’s audience — watching Stephen dance to SexyBack in his Brooks Brothers suit. Classy. :)

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  13. SazzrahUK says:

    I love Ellen, thanks for the clip!! a dance off between Stephen and Ellen would be amazing! I hope Stephen gets her on the show =D

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  14. Excellent idea, Kinaesthesia! Not only should Stephen show this clip (and lead to a running gag of clips back and forth with Ellen!), but a Dance-Off (Dance-Athon? Dancation?) would be awesome! :)

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  15. ColbertFaninChicago says:

    Anyone know where Stephen got his dance training? I am guessing that he had dance training at NU, and maybe standard cotillion-style dancing in Charleston?

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  16. I think Stephen should respond to Ellen’s response to his dancing and then challenge her to a dance-off that way…
    Is his show off the week of the Oscars? Maybe he could go on her show…with Jon…and Vance could pop out from behind the scenes… and Mo Rocca’s a correspondent on the Tonight Show…isn’t that on the same lot?
    And they could dance like it’s 1999.

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  17. @ColbertFaninChicago:

    Just a reminder – let’s keep Stephen’s personal life private (and that includes Blasts from his Past), ok? Thanks!

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  18. @nivcharayahel

    In an interview I remember hearing Stephen himself mention he studied dance at that University.

    So, please, clarify this issue NFZ….
    Pretty please?

    I’m a very shy person, and it’s nice to have a place where I feel comfortable enough to leave a comment, now and then. But I don’t want to break any rules or annoy you guys…

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  19. @ColbertFaninChicago and nivcharayahel:

    Yes, there are names in Colbert’s past (and present for that matter) that are public information. However, that does not mean that we feel comfortable blogging about them in this blog. I feel it serves no purpose to publish the names of people in Colbert’s past who are not in the public eye, and I do my best not to violate anyone’s private life.

    I enthusiastically report all public information about Colbert’s life and career, but I have made it a policy since Day One to protect Colbert’s private life as well as that of his family and friends. Colbert signed up to be blogged about when he became a celebrity and star of his own television show – not so much others I think.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    @Alison Z:

    To be quite honest, I don’t know for certain where he learned those wonderful moves of his. I think it’s more than he’s talked about in public, however.

    And please don’t feel hesitant in posting comments. If you post something that I don’t feel comfortable with, I’ll let you know, I promise. :) The two big rules are don’t drop the f-bomb and leave Stephen’s personal life private. Everything else is pretty much open season.

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  20. Ms Interpreted says:

    @ Alison Z,

    The request that we keep Stephen’s personal life private was a reference to another part of a previous comment, not about the question on dance training. Stephen has said in interviews that he took ballet as part of his theater training; he’s also claimed to have won “second best all-around dancer at the South Carolina Society Hall Cotillion” when he was young. That’s all I know about the dancing.

    Regarding what we’re comfortable seeing in the comments more generally, I would only note that there are a lot of things about Stephen out there in the public domain, but we try to keep this site focused on things he’s doing or saying in the context of his celebrity status. Again, speaking generally, this means we’d prefer not to refer people to talks about his family and/or other aspects of his personal life. There’s some grey area in this, of course (particularly because he’s friends with other public figures), but the idea is to be respectful that there are some things that people prefer to keep private.

    Edited to add: Oops, this is where being a slow typist does me no favors; DB already responded. Feel free to ignore the above to the extent that it echoes what DB’s already said.

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  21. @ Fifi
    1999 indeeeeed! You just want a Daily Show reunion. I have no arguments.

    If we’re talking a Talk Show Host Dance-Off, we gotta have Conan in there. Conan always talks about how one of these days he’s just going to dance for the whole show. Conan, Stephen & Ellen. Since they’re all probably grabbing for any material to show during the strike, they could all air it. And then have an internet poll to choose the winner. And then the Colbert fans can jam it.

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  22. mrtigger001 says:

    So Stephen has done that spin move on two separate accounts within one week now, and i’ve never seen that move before. if this writer’s strike goes on any longer, i think we’re going to start seeing not a 30 minute dance party but 30 minutes of stephen in a perpetual twirl.

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  23. Potential dance show ep: Colbert can start by ringing the alarm before he makes doves cry and bring sexy back through his humps.. I just love how he uses these songs in his shows.. without paying royalties! :)

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  24. So how do you suppose he came up with that amazing spin thing he does?

    I know he’s done similar spins way back in strangers with candy and then the present one when he was at the daily show so.. hm.

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