Six Degrees: Jon Stewart on ‘The Simpsons’

Start the new year off right and don’t forget to tune into The Simpsons on January 6th, when Jon Stewart will be a guest voice on the “E Pluribus Wiggum” episode. Here’s a peek at Jon’s character, via

Oddly enough, my appearance on The Simpsons has turned me right-handed

Episode Description: “E Pluribus Wiggum” – Springfield voters reject the leading candidates and embraced a write-in: Ralph Wiggum. Although no one knows for sure which political party Ralph is representing, he insists that everyone is invited to his party.


  1. Adorable!

  2. Shades of Stephen’s short prez run eh?

  3. would have been funny if Stephen voiced the Wiggum guy… but it’s nice Jon is in this ep.

  4. Jon’s hair isn’t that gray. When he turns to the side you can see that most of it’s still brown. Just the bit near the front that’s gray. Which looks very good on him.

    I might have to watch it. I didn’t see the one with Stephen. I never find out about things until they happen.

  5. Kinaesthesia says:

    Only on The Simpsons would The Daily Show actually have a van for reporting on location. Looking forward to the episode!

  6. @Erin,

    That gray suits him so, doesn’t it? I think it makes him look so sophisticated and handsome. : )

    As much as I can’t stand The Simpsons (yes, I know, heresy. Sorry, kids. I have a very short attention span for cartoons.), I might actually watch this one just because Jon will be doing the voice over.

  7. Will there be a slashy scene with Colby Krauss? If there isn’t, I think I’ll skip it.

  8. @Mura: haha
    Perhaps there is but we won’t see it, as it has been cut…just like Jon’s part in “The First Wives’ Club”

  9. Looks like his suit is made of the same material as his hair XD

  10. The mike should be in his left hand.

  11. The mike should be in his left hand. Other than that, so excited!

  12. If would be fine if there is some video from doing that voice-over or interview with Jon like it was when Steph did that.. but I´m grateful for that photo though :) finally Jon in the Simpsons!! it´s great.. one time they mentioned him but his own character is what he deserves :)

  13. This is gonna be cool. Kinda nice to have a little sunshine right now. I like it when not all the stuff posted here seems bad. And yeah I think he is supposed to be a lefty. Now what would be really cool is to see them both on the show!

  14. I don’t know about the mic thing… I would probably hold it in my non-dominant hand so I could gesture wildly with my other… because if I gestured wildly with my non-dominant hand, I would probably end up accidentally smacking someone…so with that respect, I call the image accurate.

  15. VerdureVision says:

    @Em: Too right about the mic in the left hand! If only the animators had taken a quick peek at oh, *any* photo of Jon doing standup… ;-) Still, can’t wait to see that show!

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