Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – I Am America Day Edition

Yes, the countdown clock finally reached 00:00:00 and the reviews are in. (If you’re dying to read another one, try the Washington Post.) If you’re waiting for your order to arrive and want an excerpt, ABC News has the introduction on its site. And listen to Stephen interviewed by Terri Gross on “Nancy Pelosi Radio”. I’m celebrating by praying to the Italian Postal Gods to not keep my copy in that secret chamber they use to randomly delay some of my packages my by 6 weeks. Here’s the Zeitgeist for October 9, 2007!

Are you loving
Here’s a word or two from the creators:

  • More America, More Stephen Colbert – “Tonight we rolled out one of the reasons for my post lag. I mentioned earlier (kind of) that we’ve been working on something for Stephen Colbert. As of a few minutes ago, It’s live.
  • Making the Internet More America – The Electric Pulp Blog: “What started out as a humble effort to sell a few books has turned into something more: a humble effort with big pictures, hero profiles, video excerpts, a petition to Oprah, flickr photo integration, and an interactive world domination map. (And lots of easter eggs.)”

‘As Seen on The Colbert Report’
Local news reporting on local stories seen on TCR:

  • Blunt has no plan to halt monkey biting crisis – Columbia Tribune Blogs: “If you see a handgun-wielding monkey riding a lamb today, run like hell.”
  • Maryland Firm Developing Man-like Robot For Military Battlefield Use – Southern Maryland Online: “It was an offbeat June segment on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” that amused the company’s owners, though. Playing off the robot’s bear-shaped head and ears, political satirist Stephen Colbert called it “the No. 1 threat facing America,” spawning jokes on dozens of blogs and Web sites. “
  • Preschool connection brings attention – International Falls Daily Journal: “Bruggeman, 29, appeared in an exclusive interview on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report Sept. 11 as the preschool girlfriend of Dave Karsnia. Karsnia, also formerly of International Falls, has found his 15-minutes of fame in being the officer who arrested U.S. Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho in the restroom of the Minneapolis airport in June.”

Stephen Colbert in the Political Discourse
Stephen quoted in International and National political discourses:

  • Is Israel Lobby a laughing matter? – Jerusalem Post: “But how problematic that publicity was depends on one’s view of whether all publicity is good publicity, he noted. “It was a mixed blessing, because they got free publicity for the book. But they also got Stephen Colbert making fun of them,” said the organization head.”
  • Senator Clinton Vows She Would End Bush’s ‘War on Science’ – New York Sun: “In a speech heavy on policy proposals, the former first lady also dropped in a couple of popular culture references. She quoted the Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert, whose persona on “The Colbert Report” is a right-wing ideologue who idolizes the Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and refers to him as “Papa Bear.”

    “To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, this administration doesn’t make decisions based on facts; it makes facts based on decisions,” she said to laughter.”

Pop-Up Stephen
I almost skipped using this one until I saw the photos of the light-saber fight!

Why buy a Bible when you can get ‘The Ten Commandments’ on DVD?
Admittedly, a poor analogy – but indicative of how I feel about this blogger’s opinion.

  • Why Buy Stephen Colbert’s Book Once When You Can Buy It Three Times? – Huffington Post (Michael Giltz): “One of the suits says the audio book is so creative and different that, “I would think that you would buy the book and the audio because they are really different.” In other words, he expects fans of Colbert to buy the hardcover book for $27, then buy the audio book for about $16 and while you’re at it, when a downloadable version becomes available for your Sony Reader or computer or Blackberry, maybe you’d be willing to pay another $25 or so for that version. He’s not alone. Even when the audio book isn’t somewhat different from the hardcover, they expect fans of a book to buy it twice.”

Will we be going from Zanzibar to Berkeley Square tonight?
Or just seeing the sights from Brooklyn Heights?

Six Degrees of Stephen Colbert
A few nuggets about Amy and Dana Carvey – from Parade Magazine celebrity answer blog.

  • Culture Pop – “Sedaris’ new film, I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With – which features a slew of Sedaris’ Second City chums –recently opened to mixed reviews. In classic Sedaris fashion, she plugged the film by making smoky
    cheese balls on Martha Stewart. You’ll also be hearing Sedaris, 46, on Bob Dylan’s award-winning XM music show, Theme Time Radio Hour, which will consist of an eclectic mix of songs as well as contributions from actors such as John Cusack”
  • Culture Pop – ” He hasn’t disappeared. He was out of the limelight in the late ‘90s due to botched double bypass surgery — the surgeon operated on the wrong artery. Carvey later sued for medical malpractice (he was awarded 7.5 million, according to his Web site). Now 52, he’s raising two children with his wife, Paula Zwaggerman, and has returned to his roots as a stand-up comedian. He’s on the road doing his act — to the tune of 50 shows a year. Recently, he performed at the comedy hot spot Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco and The Mirage in Las Vegas. He’ll be at the Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim, Calif., on Oct. 26″

Gratuitous Name Dropping and Shout-Outs
and coat-tail riders.

  • Few but proud, the cable-free rove among us – Chicago Tribune: “But the years passed. “The Sopranos” came and “The Sopranos” went. It became embarrassing to admit you’d never watched “The Colbert Report,” even if you earned points for knowing to say “Colbair.””
  • A Victory for Diplomacy in Korea – “In fact, diplomatic progress is marching so quickly Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report is worried.”
  • REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: Presidential job-seekers should show themselves at work – Mt. Vernon Sun: “The latest case in point: last week’s Democratic debate on MSNBC. Starting at 8 p.m., it lasted over two hours, and God only knows why I didn’t change the channel until 9:59. If only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ran their shows an hour earlier. “
  • Center Square | A pie in the face of the ‘truthiness’ crowd – The Philadelphia Inquirer : “Stephen Colbert, meet Bill Adair. Truthiness has found its umpire. The quick-witted king of The Colbert Report coined that useful term a few years back. Truthiness both describes and mocks the tendency of politicians, pundits and talk-show hosts to claim something to be true (no matter what the evidence says) simply because they would like it to be true, feel it to be true, or need it to be true.”
  • SoreThumbs – (cartoon): “If your loudmouth conservative persona isn’t a hilarious act like we all suspect, never have babies!” [I guess you’ll have to see the cartoon to get it.]


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