Where in the world is Matt Lauer’s WristStrong bracelet? ‘Today’ it’s on his wrist.

Well, Matt Lauer came back from vacation – and he’s wearing his WristStrong bracelet. From the Today Show blog:


Last week on “The Colbert Report,” Stephen Colbert and Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News discussed Colbert’s broken left wrist and his WristStrong campaign (think of the LiveStrong bracelets, only for wrist injuries). As Colbert put it, “Hey, Nation! Don’t let the severity of wrist injuries go unrecognized!”

(Photo: Dan Fleschner / NBC News)

On the show, Brian promised to give a WristStrong bracelet to Matt Lauer and said he would get Matt to wear it while anchoring the next day’s edition of TODAY. But last week, Matt was on vacation and David Gregory was filling in.

So on Wednesday night, Colbert questioned whether Brian had ever given Matt the bracelet — and asked the musical question, “Where in the world is Matt Lauer’s WristStrong bracelet?”

Well, I’m happy to report that this morning Matt was sporting the bracelet.

Of Colbert, Matt said to me, “We’re kindred spirits. He broke his wrist, and I had wrist surgery last year. So I’m just lending my support to the cause.”

The bracelets are available on the ColbertNation website, and proceeds from the sales go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps injured service members and their families.

Edit: Now there’s video! (but you have to watch an ad.)

[EDIT: Check out Rachel Sklar’s take on this – including “wrist cooties” over on HuffPo.]


  1. I can’t stand Matt Lauer, or the Today Show for that matter, but I have to give him props for wearing it. ESPECIALLY after that fight Stephen started with him last year over Matt’s criticisms of BKAD.

  2. I wonder what is in St. Stephen’s mind when he does things like this… Giving a bunch of publicity to the “news” anchors. Everyone has been saying that noone watches the “real” news anymore and that TDS & TCR have the most coveted demographics and they all turn to them for their news. Now Stephen is gently introducing his viewers to the traditional news anchors. Almost like he’s encouraging us to check them out?

    I had not heard of BriWi before (I’m an old lady that doesn’t watch network news), but I felt more kindly toward him for the way he played along with Stephen and kudos to MattL (whoever he is) for taking up the challenge and wearing the bracelet on the air. I agree with all who say that SC is a marketing genius and can only hope that he continues to desire to help charities and deserving organizations. Is network news a deserving organization? Maybe I’ll try watching some while I suffer thru TCR withdrawal for two weeks :-)

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