Now the Colbert Nation can all sign Stephen’s cast.

Avery, who blogs for, has set up a way for all of us to sign Stephen’s cast.


Hey Nation! As you may have noticed from the image above, I have just signed Stephen’s cast. That’s right! And now you can too! With the power of the internet! You may remember the photo of Stephen’s broken wrist from pretty much every website on the internet right now, since everybody is talking about Stephen’s cast going up on eBay. But the thing nobody is talking about is how you can also sign the cast. So check it out!

1. Visit MyTheme Online Photo Editor

2. To upload the image of Stephen’s cast, insert the following address into the “Open From Web” section:

3. Click “Go” — and go! You are now able to edit Stephen’s cast however you want. When you’re done editing the photo, you can host it on Imagebucket, and then post it on your own websites, on the Colboard, or here on the Colbert Nation by sending me the link.

4. Obviously if you have your own editing programs on your computers, you can totally use those too. The reason I liked MyTheme Online Photo Editor was because when I was trying to write using my mouse, the level of difficulty was tantamount to the difficulty of signing someone’s cast.

5. You can also design stuff on Stephen’s cast. I’d draw a rainbow or something but I forget which colors are in a rainbow.

Go here for full text and photo of Avery’s signature.

Now we here at the No Fact Zone figured since Stephen was collecting signatures of famous news professionals, we would all take a moment and sign the cast for him.

Seen here, besides Stephen’s victimized left wrist encased in cast, are the “signatures” of:

  • DB – Webmaster and founder of NoFactZone
  • MisInterpreted – Senior Washington Correspondent
  • Jennie – Senior International Correspondent
  • WordsWithGrace – Senior West Coast Correspondent
  • TheLakeEffect – Senior Canadian Correspondent
  • Kinaesthesa – Senior Medical Correspondent

Don’t forget to keep up with the bidding on his “other” cast on e-bay – it’s already out of my price range which is a good thing for the troops.


  1. TheLakeEffect says:


  2. Kinaesthesia says:

    Jennie, the cast looks awesome with everyone’s signatures! Meant to comment earlier. I love it!

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