Now that the cast is off, what becomes of WristSTRONG?

Within hours of the WristSTRONG bracelet making its appearance on ‘The Colbert Report’ on August 8th, Stephen Colbert fans were clamouring over each other trying to find a way to have one of their own. If you haven’t noticed, the Colbert Nation is a little rabid about Colbert merchandise. It’s a fantastic concept – Colbert Nation *jewelry*. Fans could show the world that they support the Colbert Nation (and the cause of wrist awareness). And we, the Colbert Nation, flat out had to have it.

It took about a week or so, but Comedy Central did put up WristSTRONG bracelets up for sale. However, since CC started offering the bracelets, the sales have been plagued with issues, such as delayed shipping and grumbles about the high shipping charges (and no International shipping). But we, the Colbert Nation did our duty, went to and we bought our bracelets.

Except … last night the cast came off.

So what is the relevance of the WristSTRONG bracelet now? Our nation has been cured, the wounds healed. And yet, we feel a little let down. We tried, we really tried to support our fearless leader in his time of need. But is the WristSTRONG bracelet even relevant now?

To bring it into reality a bit, is wearing a WristSTRONG bracelet already outdated, overused, tired? Is the joke over? Is the point of WristSTRONG kind of moot now that there is no cast, no wrist to support?

It’s one thing to shell out $5 per bracelet (plus $5.40 for shipping) to feel in unity with Stephen, and with his cause, and with other members of the Nation. It’s a totally different issue when the story arc has run its course and we didn’t even get to play.

What do you think might or should happen to the WristSTRONG movement now that the cast is off?


  1. I say we need to keep on raising wrist awareness so such accidents don’t happen again. And Hollywood is still supporting wrist violence !

    (more seriously, at least the money goes to charity. We didn’t really buy one for nothing, that’s what I’m telling myself)

  2. I’m not too bothered by this, though I think it will affect sales, which is too bad (the world doesn’t need more surplus red plastic). But I think the bracelet still remains a fun souvenir and conversation piece, and hey, if you ever break your wrist it will probably cheer you.

    As far as the not-too-well-coordinated timing (the bracelets being delivered after the cast is off, so we didn’t get to play our part in the story), it’s unfortunate, but I think this show moves so fast that they probably don’t have time to think through all these issues. They are inventing as they go along, not planning it weeks or even months in advance like normal shows. Maybe they thought Stephen’s cast would be on longer when they dreamed up the bracelet.

    And the show moves so fast that I’m sure the marketing department is just scrambling to keep up. I find it rather astounding that they got the bracelet together at all, given that it took them two years to give us a Best of TCR DVD.

    If the show misfires occasionally or doesn’t always get all the details just right, well, no one’s perfect and don’t they make a miracle nearly every night?

  3. I say its all for charity. I didn’t order one because I am in some serious student debt right now (the only thing I can do for charity is give my old clothes to St. Vincent’s), but I would have if I could afford it. I probably would never have worn it anyway, but anything that supports charity is worth the price.

  4. IMO now that the cast is off they should just set up a paypal account on comedy central to allow viewers to easily donate directly to the Yellow Ribbon Fund and pass on the silicone .

  5. It’s too bad that the marketing machine couldn’t have kept up, but there you go.

    I think people should take the money they would’ve spent on the wristbands (including the shipping) and send it directly to the charity – with a note saying it’s due to Stephen Colbert so that he gets credit for the money collected due to his support of the charity.

  6. I’ll keep speaking up about wrist violence as long as those evildoers in Hollywood keep glorifying it.

  7. Inara Serra says:

    The cynical side of me is thinking that CC/Viacom probably never initially planned on selling the bracelets. It was likely the huge viewer demand that finally prompted them to do so. This is probably why things came out so uncoordinated.

    However, I do think it is nice that fans were given the opportunity to purchase something from the show, considering that so little official merchandise is offered.

    I do echo the people above me in that if people don’t want to buy the bracelet anymore, perhaps they should consider donating directly to the fund.

  8. Just got the new e-mail saying new release date is SEPT 18… if the money from this wasn’t going to charity I might actually consider canceling my order (especially due to that outrageous ship price), because by the end of September it’s more a sentimental piece than actually feeling you are helping him. Which means more than likely I won’t be opening one of them that I ordered to wear.

    But as long as I am helping a very good charity…

  9. The shipping prices are outrageous. I would buy a ten dollar wriststrong bracelet if all ten dollars were going to charity, but five are just shipping, which seems outlandish. I don’t think I’ll order one.

  10. There’s not really much that Comedy Central could’ve done about the delay. The show moves very quickly and they did their best.

    As for what should become of the bracelets, I’m sure that sales will decline and everything, but they go to a great cause and I think they should stick around and stay available online.

  11. I think I’m going to just cut a $10 check to the charity. I don’t really like rubber bracelets, and I wouldn’t have known about the charity if it hadn’t been for the Report and Stephen’s broken wrist.

  12. Even though the cast is off I’m guessing (hoping) that the narrative will continue, for a little while anyway. They’ll have to acknowledge Matt Lauer’s WristStrongliness.

    Maybe there are other celebrities in the ascending chain of fame to whom bracelets are being surrendered. Couric and Lauer, et al., are certain to encounter celebrities more famous than themselves.

  13. OK, here’s the thing. I’m speaking from experience of broken wrists here (four times, people…)

    It’s standard practice once you remove a cast to re-x-ray it to check on the healing. Now, I haven’t read anyone’s taping report, so I don’t know what happened once the show was over. I imagine what happened is Stephen left fairly soon and went to the hospital to get it looked at again. Given that he was without a cast for a month, it’s healing process will have been impaired. It’s entirely possible that it hasn’t healed sufficiently and he may need another cast

    Now, he’s about to have two weeks off, which in my experience will be enough time, even if he had a new cast slapped on it on Thursday night, I can’t see it still needing it two weeks later…. but you never know…

    *stands back… ;) *

  14. I could see them drawing out the WristSTRONG theme for a while after the cast is off – the real damper is the 2 week break. Unless Stephen’s planning to spend the 2 weeks stalking A-list celebs to wear the bracelet… it would be great, but I hope he decides to take a break instead and come back refreshed.

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