More Info on the Anthropomorphic Toss

I found this wonderful gem of a recollection of last night’s toss on the blog of LJ user annakovsky. I love the bit about the whale:

What? Oh, this is the Colbert Report.
the SS Sad Sack – why did you board? (annakovsky) wrote,
@ 2007-07-25 15:47:00

And then they started the toss itself, Jon introducing it on the monitor, and Stephen started with the lines. It was news stories only with animal noises or words in, and the first one was “purrrrr”-fect, and when Stephen got to it he made a purring noise, with dramatically rolled ‘r’s, and the next one was “moooooooo”-ving, and he did a cow noise, and then he got a couple of sentences further and eventually tripped on a long word and started laughing and they stopped. Jon was saying, “So close! So close! Almost made it!” And Stephen was like, sorry, sorry! And Jon said he had no illusions Stephen was going to get through that, and then was like, “I had no idea you were going to anthropomorphize the noises,” (haha, SIC) and Stephen said, “Here’s the terrible thing. I hadn’t read the stage directions until I was in the middle of that monologue, which, by the way, was nowhere near the end, and they say I’m supposed to do finger quotes around the animal sounds. But I had already started with the noises, and the next one was a whale, and I was thinking, ‘How the hell am I supposed to do a whale noise? Click??'” And Jon was cracking up, and we the audiences were totally losing it too. Jon said, “Yeah, when you did the sound I was like, Huh, interesting character choice!” And Stephen was laughing really hard. So they were like, okay, one more time. And started it all over, but this time when he did air quotes around the ‘purr’ in perfect, we were all thinking about him ridiculously wondering about how to do a whale noise, and I could hear Jon’s audience giggling. And once Jon’s audience started giggling, Jon started to lose it too, and put his hand over his mouth where he was really, really trying to keep from smiling but he was being very unsuccessful, and finally he giggled and once Jon giggled, Stephen completely lost it, and burst out laughing and put his head down, and when he came up again he was laughing so hard he looked like he was in pain. Stephen was saying, “Not fair! Not fair! He started laughing! Did you see that? That is not fair!”

So then they went to do it one more time, but by this stage there was basically no chance that they were going to get through it, and we were all laughing way too much at the “purrrr”-fect and all that, and Stephen lost it again, and Jon was yelling “Three strikes and you’re out!” This was the one they aired, and at that point in the broadcast version, they were just on Jon, but on our end when Jon said that, Stephen stood up from his desk and mimed a baseball swing.

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[Edited: to add the video of the aired portion, courtesy of Comedy Central’s Motherload.]


  1. Ms Interpreted says:

    HAHA! You beat me to posting this one, DB! I saw it, started reading, checked the site and didn’t see it, started a post, then saw you’d gotten it posted already before I was anywhere near done.

    Yeah, we’re not insane or anything here on the staff . . . :)

  2. Well, I had to post SOMETHING today other than downtown Dallas exploding. Because, let’s face it, I’m not nearly as interesting as Stephen, all praise and glory to his name, peace be upon him.

  3. … how would they have even written in a whale noise?

  4. Whale noise?! I would have been laughing till I was crying.
    @shruti – thats a good point but my guess was “Whheeeeeeeerrrrr, Click, Click, wheeeep” or something similar

  5. Ms Interpreted says:

    Well, Stephen *did* do whale noises (clicking and whistling) in his Charlie Rose interview, so the writers must have known he’d be capable of doing them . . .

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s what I suspected happened, but a million times better.

  7. They never got to the whale part, but I’m pretty sure it was the word “whale”, not a whale sound written out. Something like “a whale of a time”, maybe? He was just supposed to airquote the animal words, not make the sounds, so I’m sure the writers weren’t intending him to do noises.

  8. I loved that toss. :O) Jon promised they were going to put the rest on the internets. *looks around*

    Please, God, if you are there, make CC do it.

    Yours, Em

  9. Catharine says:

    That was amazing! Loved the toss and loved the behind-the-scenes info.

    I was going to mention that too, Em – Jon said they would put it online! But even as he said that I was thinking that it didn’t seem likely (he’s such a tease). And it doesn’t sound like they got a good take at all, so they wouldn’t really have anything TO post… unless they posted the bloopers, which would be AMAZING.

  10. nousblet says:

    Mmm…I’m wondering if Stephen also cracked up because it reminded him of the story he told on Charlie Rose–the SC cast member who started making whale noises then realized she had forgotten to inform her audience that her song was about whales. (Then everybody lost it backstage). Mebbe just the association in Stephen’s mind got him started…

  11. Murasaki says:

    *LOL* That’s just wonderful!

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