Behind the Scenes as Comedy Central: CC has a “Balls Policy”?

This made me laugh really hard, considering that Stephen Colbert has perfected the comedic use of the balls on ‘The Colbert Report’. I’m guessing that the CC “Balls Policy” swings a little freer these days than in 1999 when this letter was originally written. From the CC Insider:

Behind the Scenes: What’s Your “Balls Policy”?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at Comedy Central, this email, sent out this morning by a departing exec with a wicked sense of humor and a gift for saving important emails, pretty much sums it up:

“I’ve thought long and hard about how to end this e-mail. Like all of you, I’m constantly asked “What is it like working at Comedy Central???” I usually reply by forwarding an e-mail that I received in 1999, which is attached below. It came from [Entertainment Cable Network], and was in response to concerns they had with a South Park promo spot I sent them to run on their air. I think it sums up the surreal nature of our world quite succinctly.”

—–Original Message—–

From: XXXX
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 1:42 PM
To: ‘XXX’; ‘XXX’; ‘XXX’
Subject: Comedy Central’s South Park Spot for w/o 2/8


Sorry, but our Standards & Practices team has rejected the South Park spot you provided for this week that asks the question, “Where did Chef suggest you put his balls?” Similar to the “fart policy” I uncovered last year when trying to clear a South Park spot, it would appear we also have a “balls policy,” whereby double entendres are not allowed.

So for your rotation this week, since we can’t continue to run last week’s approved “Chef’s Greatest Hits” spot as it refers to last week’s “An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig” episode, we’ll rotate the three approved Daily Show spots (“Ridiculous Places,” “Saigon – Courageous” and “Digs Deep”) one-third/one-third/one-third.

Please call or email back if you have any questions/comments.


It’s times like this that I *really* miss the YouTube vids. This would be a perfect moment to showcase the original ‘Colbert Report’ promo from ‘The Daily Show’ featuring the bit from which this blog got its name (“Come take a spin in the No-Fact Zone!”), as well as “Stephen Colbert’s new book, ‘Don’t Buy This Book If You Don’t Have The Balls‘ Well do ya? Do you have the balls?” Something to that effect. It’s really seriously funny.


  1. DB, you should know that we have those in the [super-secret NFZ project that’s getting closer and closer to launch] !!!

    Promo #1 (“Winner of the 2005 Peabody Award … if the voters have any balls”):

    Promo #2 (with “It’s French, bitch!” and “AirColbert”!)

    I remember “Come take a spin in the No Fact Zone,” but it’s not in either of these. Is there another one lurking out there somewhere?

  2. that’s funny! ah yes that book God i love that promo :) that def. didn’t get by on that wussy ass affiliate that wouldn’t air Chef! hell alot wouldn’t get on at all on CC if you say no double entandras-that’s an awful rule & unfunny garantee! if I ever work @ CC i’ll have to bite my tongue to people like that who wouldn’t be able to buy that book *if you know what i mean*

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