My souvenir from the BookExpo America

Ok, so I do my best to keep this a very professional blog, as the syndication is featured on news sites these days. But sometimes, every once in a while, I just have to get a teeny bit uberfan about Stephen. So please bear with me.

People often ask me if Stephen knows about this web site. Well, apparently, he does.

Today I got a very special package from WordsWithGrace, filled with all kinds of goodies from her exploits at the BEA. It included my very own blad … with a very special autograph.

This is an excerpt from the e-mail I got a few days ago from WordsWithGrace:

…The autographing line continued to move and at about 10:20am I reached the front of the line. They had had someone going through the line with a Post-it pad asking for the name you wanted your blad autographed to – then they’d stick it on your blad so Stephen just had to copy the name there. I’d said “D.B.” because I’d decided that if I had to choose just one of us because of time constraints, DB deserved something special for all of her work on the blog for almost a whole year now. So Stephen looks up at me and said “Who’s D.B.?” I said (handing him a cool NFZ business card), “DB is the founder of NoFactZone.”

I had a copy of the NFZ home page printed out & in my hand ready in case he seemed unsure of what the site was, but that was not necessary. He took a huge deep breath and broke into a HUGE dazzling grin that knocked me out. “I LOVE NoFactZone!” It was the same way a kid would say “I LOVE ice cream!”

To have that joy beamed at me a mere foot away — all rational thought was erased from my brain. Meanwhile, Stephen enthusiastically got down to business. “To D.B.,” he wrote, then carefully, “Your site is aw—” and here he stopped just a minute as if to recall what letter came next – which seemed so endearing – and then continued with the “esome!”

(p.s. later: I FINALLY figured out what the way he said “I LOVE NoFactZone!” reminded me of. It was the exact same way he said, “I LOVE the Decemberists!” on the Shred-Off finale, when he learned that the prize for winning was a copy of “The Crane Wife”!)…

And this is what I got in the mail today.

DB Autograph

So there you have it. WordsWithGrace ROCKS! As does Stephen, I suppose. :) Thank you for your patience in my bout of navel gazing.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Colbert-centric blog. We are all about Stephen Colbert here after all, praise and glory to his name, peace be upon him.


  1. Yay, DB! Woo-hoo! You rock, girl! Balloon drop!!!

    (You are way too modest!)

    Glad the USPS delivered that so fast!

  2. OH! I didn’t even TELL you! The friggin’ postal carrier took that package you sent me, and folded it in half, and then folded it in half AGAIN to fit it into my 4″ x 6″ postal box. Oh, I was livid! The life partner du jour will be calling the post office in the morning to vent. All that great stuff you sent? Bent to hell. Including the blads and the bumper sticker. (sigh) You can kind of see it on the scan.

    BUT – it’s bent, but in one piece. And you, my friend, are the modest one.

  3. Ms Interpreted says:

    Hee! I’m thrilled that it arrived so quickly for you, DB! When WordsWithGrace and I were talking after the BookExpo breakfast, I *knew* you’d just be thrilled and overwhelmed when you saw it.

    Three cheers for WordsWithGrace and Stephen for being so awesome. And, DB, thanks again for letting me in on the all blogging fun here at the site. :)

  4. @MsInterpreted:

    The site is so awesome because of you, and WWG, and TLE, and Jennie (if she ever gets out of that convent), and all of the wonderful people who send in tips and agree to be Roving Reporters at events (*waves at Truth*). We all make this site as “awesome” as it is.

    God, all of a sudden I want to sing Kumbaya or something.

  5. @DB:

    Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Postal Service = Dead to Me!!!

  6. TheLakeEffect says:

    To quote a South Park character…



  7. Well, we know know that if nothing else, the NFZ staff looks at the site on a regular basis.

  8. TheLakeEffect says:

    Oh DB, anything to have you showered with love from the Megamerican himself. :)

  9. Laaaura says:

    That is too awesome DB! And yes, this site really is awesome!

    I can’t believe that mailman! He should have sensed that something so precious was inside that package! Haha. Clearly a non it-getter.

  10. That is SO COOL! You deserve kudos from THE MAN, you’re doing a great job.
    (Sorry about the wrinkled mailbox though!)

  11. CONGRATS! You deserve it!

  12. Awesome indeed! Plus I love the photo of Stephen, haha, I can’t wait to see more when the book is released!

    Keep up the great work DB and thanks to everyone who contributes to this blog. I’m glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve!

  13. Way to go, DB!! What an honor—and well-deserved. You have crafted an impressive site, worthy of the “greatest living American.” No navel-gazing about it. Take the kudos and keep up the good work.


    Congrats. It’s amazing. I’m glad to hear Stephen has become familiar with NFZ.

  15. BALLOON DROP!!! It’s awesome that he’s familiar with the site.

  16. Katarina says:

    Ahh, this fills me with SQUEE.

  17. Murasaki says:


  18. That makes me so happy you can’t imagine, and it’s not even my site! Well now it’s official: he definitely positively knows NFZ. And I think it’s gots to be him reading here, not a staffer, because he wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic about something that someone else is doing and merely reporting to him. Yay x a million!

  19. Splendiferous_Zeppelin says:

    That is so sweet! WOOT and congratulations!

  20. I was peering over WWG’s shoulder while Stephen was signing that, and when I saw what he wrote I thought, “Oh, D.B. is gonna LOVE this!!” You deserve the recognition. And I agree with WWG, you should get your own personal balloon drop!!

  21. @Ann G:

    Yay! We have a witness! :)

  22. that is absolutely amazing, and like i said a week or so ago, this site is really fantastic.

  23. WEEEE!!! That is awesome, good job DB, you should be proud it is a great site.

  24. snoopypez says:

    That is awesome and adorable and amazing and other A words that are good. :D :D

  25. aw-esome!

  26. Gaia Faye says:

    Well, we don’t really need Stephen’s praise to know how awesome this site is, but it helps. ;)

  27. see, I told ya ;)

  28. Okay how awesome is that?! Stephen is too adorable… and awesome, because he LOVES THIS SITE

  29. I just knew he knew about this site! We’ve been debating this over at OSCLA for months! Yippee!!!! Congratulations DB!!! You and all the staff at NFZ are more than worthy of Stephen’s praise. :)

  30. imoldfashioned says:

    This is so cool! No doubt in my mind NFZ is the best source of info for the Nation. Thanks for all your work, you deserve many kudos from Stephen and all of us.

  31. I’m going back in time a bit here, but Wow! I hope it’s framed and hung on your wall somewhere at home. That’s just wonderful…brava!

    It’s so nice to see that even as famous as Stephen is, he’s still refreshingly down-to-earth and super-nice to his fans.

  32. Oh dude that is so cool!

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